Removing authors own "reads"

Honestly. Teen Romance/Drama Novelists are some of the best ones out there.


I think all genre is great to explore

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I agree

I know for fact that at least 2K of my reads have come from myself and I hate it. It’s impossible to get an accurate fact on how many people have been curious enough about my book to read it (which is something I think too much but that’s not the point). Isn’t that the whole point of reads or have I misunderstood something again? I have tried to get this fixed for a long time but nothing has happened.

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:open_mouth: I thought It would only count my reads once! I was sure I red somewhere that Wattpad would not register me more than once on any chapter. I’m sad now, thought I had more readers! :sweat_smile:

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I agreeeeeeeeeeee

Yes, but that way you would gain false popularity by reading your own story many times.
I know users who do that for gaining false reads

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Wow, this thread is still around, ain’t it?

Yes. This is essentially a loophole in the system that allows ‘cheats’ for lack of a better word. A writer shouldn’t be allowed to give his or her own stories multiple reads. (This could add up to hundreds of self reads over time) I personally like to check over my own chapters of my main project/story multiple times, because I want to make sure it still reads ok. (And edit if I need to) This makes it look like I’m trying to bump up my own story. I wish this was fixed.

As far as voting goes, I do believe the writer should be able to vote for one or two of their own chapters if they’re really proud of the work.


Absolutely. I was on WP for a while some time back and part of why I left is because along with no comments despite dozens of reads, I couldn’t tell which were just my edits. So I’m back because I decided WP is my best option on the web, but showing self-reads is still counter-intuitive and makes no sense.


I noticed that too! I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed by this! I’m new to the site, so initially I was nervous posting my first work, and I edited my submissions tons of times before I posted it to the site, and well, that apparently gave me a few reads, which is just not fair. :sweat_smile:
I am not able to tell who has actually read my stuff so far, or if it was just anxious me editing a few sentences. :joy:I hope Wattpad can fix that, because I don’t want to have my edits counted as reads either


Most of my views on my story are because of my constant editing lol it’s annoying.

I agree also! Everytime I read my story i read it through edit on my phone to make sure it’s not counted as a read. I like to know that i have an audience that is other than myself, lmaoo

When you reply to a comment, does that also count as a read?

I think it does.

But have you ever thought about the ones whose books aren’t popular at all?
Like no one’s read it ever!
But they do need some inspiration to go on… which may be their own reads and votes

Exactly what I do. If I edit through my phone it won’t count me as a read. If I edit through the website it counts it. It took me a while to learn this with my first book, but now with others I only go back when I have to answer a comment. If not, I don’t go back to my stories and make edits on the phone.

Yes, it does. I used to answer every comment I got in my first book until I learned this piece of info. Now I go back only if necessary to answer a comment.

I believe there are other ways to get reads. You need to be actively promoting the book if that is the case. Giving yourself reads is not really encouraging, in my case it was disappointing cause I wanted to know if my book was actually good. Not get a false sense of success.

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