Removing authors own "reads"



Honestly. Teen Romance/Drama Novelists are some of the best ones out there.




I think all genre is great to explore




I agree


I know for fact that at least 2K of my reads have come from myself and I hate it. It’s impossible to get an accurate fact on how many people have been curious enough about my book to read it (which is something I think too much but that’s not the point). Isn’t that the whole point of reads or have I misunderstood something again? I have tried to get this fixed for a long time but nothing has happened.


:open_mouth: I thought It would only count my reads once! I was sure I red somewhere that Wattpad would not register me more than once on any chapter. I’m sad now, thought I had more readers! :sweat_smile:


I agreeeeeeeeeeee


Yes, but that way you would gain false popularity by reading your own story many times.
I know users who do that for gaining false reads


Wow, this thread is still around, ain’t it?