Removing authors own "reads"



Computer. You figure it makes a difference?
Try this. Make a few changes, republish. Come back after a moment (it takes a while to register). Did you get a new read? I did.


I didn’t?


It stayed at 31.


… I really hope you’re right because it would mean I’d actually have someone reading my work! But I don’t think that’s the case. You’re using a phone? I’m using computer


Yes! The number of times I visit my own story (answering question, fixing a typo, etc.) isn’t important to me! :smiley:


I’m on a computer too


How odd! Maybe it’s the difference in our service providers? Well, I’m not the only one in this thread who’s reporting that our own reads and editting bumps up our reads. Glad it doesn’t affect you.


I just wish I knew why so I could help yall out. I see a lot of people complaining about it.


@MoFoMi Uually, it only happens once every 24 hours on each chapter. So say you have 30 chapters, you can give yourself 30 reads every day by flicking through your book. Try it out and see if anything happens. Note that sometimes the overall read count can be a little delayed so wait a bit and then see if anything happens.


like I said, it’s just the programming. that’s how wattpad counts reads. it’s not changing anytime soon


It’s the programming and it’s not that big of a deal for Wattpad to reprogram the website.

Just pretend at least 5 reads per chapter are you and you’ll be set :rofl:


Totally! My first chapter has like 100 reads only because so many commented on it that I kept being counted as a “Reader”


I am pretty sure half of my reads are mine lol XD. This feature has to go


Yeah. I edited 6 chapters and then published the edits and 6 reads popped up. I’m hoping that it’s only a coincidence…


This is happening again? Wattpad did away with this years ago. Every user, for awhile, would get only one read on that chapter. So even if someone was rereading your story, your read counts wouldn’t go up. Granted, they didn’t take away the previous reads you’d given yourself.


I think it’s funny when I see my book being in the “You should read this” suggestions.


Really?? You’d think if people are commenting that would be considered more. I wonder is that’s why I have lower engagements on some chapters.


It’s not a coincidence I’m afraid. Happens to me too.


Yeah, unless one spends the ‘allotted’ time ‘reading’ the chapter, it counts like an incomplete read and lowers the engagement score. It makes no sense that the more interaction with comments, the lower the apparent engagement. :thinking:

dealing with unsuccess

That sucks!