Removing authors own "reads"



This sounds like another glitch and I can name quite a few. Like the inability to pull up past reviews. That’s huge. If a chapter is updated, there goes comments. It gives a total but you sure can’t read them. We won’t even begin to talk about the difficulty of leaving an in-line comment. It is harder now than a year ago and many have stopped trying. The majority of my reads never leave anything, not a star or comment. They did before the glitches. That falls on the programmers.


@SueHart2 When a paragraph is edited, the comments from it move to the bottom of the page, and they remain in the sequence in which they were posted.


Is that alloted time figured on the word count per chapter? Variables here that seem ridiculous. I write 2k w.c. per chapter. Many write less. Wattpad suggests 2k w.c. as an average. So are shorter chapters given ‘less’ engagement? Then there are those who read the book first, then go back and give stars on each chapter. I get that a lot!! So do I get less engagement and more reads? Interesting that the entire system is totally bogus.


Yes, and you don’t know what paragraph they were made to either. That’s not much help if you want to see who said what.


On a computer screen, you’ll see a teal-coloured scroll bar progressing across the top of the story as you read, and it will show a minutes left message from time to time. This shows me that the chapter length and time to read are taken into account.


I know that bar is there. I thought we were speaking as to the time alloted to actually read the chapter. If you engage with the in-line comments (waiting on WP to let you post) the time takes longer to read the chapter. Logic dictates that many don’t have that luxury. I’ve begun to weigh it myself and limit time commenting. If more writers read how each action can be negative for them, that will change as well.


Totalmente de acuerdo, ya que nuestras lecturas no contarían como reales.


I was hoping for an answer at the bottom of this thread. Sigh.
I’ve started checking the read count before logging off after editing so that I don’t get excited when I log back on and think someone has glanced at my work. Instead for kicks - I check the stats occasionally and if someone from a different country or age bracket shows up, I give myself a mini high-five -yah!
I’m such a newbie.


I totally agree I hate it its so annoying


I fully agree! Every time I look back at my own work I get excited until I realize it’s my own view -_-


no, I read several times of this one chapter and the read still counts one
so I guess, wattpad count every account differently


Apparently for each chapter there’s a limit of one read per day per person


hum, actually I read that the next day but still one idk, maybe we should ask ambassador?


About self voting, i saw a profile I’m following in my notifications that said,

*** voted on (her book**)

then I stared at it for seconds, idk what is it lol is that even possible? Lol


When will they be removing this? Almost all of my views are from my editing, if not can they let me edit even when it’s published?


I don’t think i feel it in my account. I edit it but my reads remained the same… Idk.


@AbsolutelyShe000 yeah, it is odd. I noticed that in my newsfeed a fe times before I tried it myself. Makes bumping the ranking in your book pretty easy if you have a lot of chapters and spam vote yourself in one go. It’s pretty random.

@DuckLarry I doubt they’ll remove it. My understanding is they’ve alqays had it. And I agree with the publish bit you mentioned. But in saying that, i don’t think they’ll change it. If you think about it, the books with millions of reads would change drastically, but it would be a lot of effort to identify how many self reads there would be. After all, when you comment/reply to someone in your book, that counts as a read too lol


Some people do that for a reason. I vote on my own stories because I worked hard with making it perfect for everyone and anyone to check it out. Even a couple of popular authors do it too.


Is that so,… I really dont know about it lol.


Yeah, it must be. Why wattpad is making self-read by a author?