Removing authors own "reads"



It counts the author as a unique reader/normal user. Pretty sure the system cannot tell the difference


I suppose this is why authors ask for votes and comments so often in author’s notes.


Hello All


I like going back to my work, time to time, and reading what I conjured up…but that only ends up inflating the reader count. :worried:

It makes the ratio of views vs votes disproportionate, and makes your work seem as if it was poorly rated :anguished: :disappointed:


Yeah, I’ve been doing the same thing with the edits and massively inflating my reads. Decided to stop caring about how the reads looks like: the true benefit of Wattpad compared to other places to ebook centres is it’s a community of writers, not just readers. So gonna focus on leveraging that to improve the book.


I never care cos I thought my story too racy to read


Isn’t there also a potential for abuse? Say someone just kept editing and re-editing to make it look as if their story has a whole lot of attention? I mean, not exactly a big problem, but I’m sure its been done.


Well the fix is easy do, just redirect the user to their profile page once an edit is done.


Ooooh, why didn’t I think of that? Wonder if we could direct this to an ambassador?

…Flag this post for attention? No, that’s a bit extreme. Maybe if I just tag em like so: @SweetAngelx

Hope that works


But I didn’t do anything wrong, I’m just mentioning what I would do.


Yes, I thought that idea was brilliant so I’d get the attention of someone official by flagging it. Very quickly realised that would be a bad idea >.<


Ah ok gotcha, was a little confused.


Sorry about that! Must have made you worry :sweat_smile:


Eh I’m a worrywart anyway! ^ ^


Yeah… It’s true…

Especially as a new writer, I tend to read my published work a lot due to insecurity and other stuff, and when I see reads that I don’t know if they are mine or not, it’s kind of annoying:expressionless:


I noticed this myself, aha. I had to train myself to stop getting excited whenever I updated, because it was just me contributing to the “new” views.


Hi all! This is my first Wattpad group!


Agree. 100% agree.


I also agree. It’s hard to gauge the interest of other’s if I can’t tell who’s reading.


Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, or maybe it’s just my own thoughts, but since the data refreshes daily, a writer is technically capable of giving themselves more reads everyday. If I had the time and the desperation, I could scroll through all 70+ of my chapters every day and get those reads counted. JUST my theory. :thinking: I think most of my “unique readers” are the same people, since they come back to reread chapters.

I’ve ignored the data for the most part. I care more about comments (and votes half the time).