Removing authors own "reads"



I got 4 views from previewing my own draft chapter. There’s no other way it could have had 4 the moment it was published :confused:


I definetely agree. As a new writer, it came to mind as well. I am starting to find it to be very annoying. I still have hope that some day wattpad will noticed it and finally do something about it.


Yeah, I automatically ignore the immediate one right after I publish, or if someone finds a typo and I fix it. Keeping a mental count was strange at first, but I got used to it.


Yes! I have had that happen too!


Now, I’ve just quit asking. I just post the chapter and keep going. In all the intro stuff I read you were supposed to interact with your reader. So I read several and thought that was ‘the thing’. then I was like, Why do I have to ask? If one likes it, they like it. If they don’t, they don’t.


I feel the same but people tend to follow instruction, and I think asking so often is what works.

I don’t do this because I don’t care either, but I’m sure this is why they do this.


When we first join, I think we follow instructions just to navigate the site. I’m new(I joined in July) and honestly I’m happy with not begging at the end of each chapter. It makes me feel strange. Some readers just prefer to read and not follow, comment, or like. I mean, I’d appreciate feedback, but I also wonder why I have to ask for it, if that’s the purpose of being here?


Yep agreed.


If it’s feedback you’re after, consider joining a book club. You’d be reading each other’s works, with (in theory) the intention of commenting on each other’s works and improving. Finding a good book club can be a bit tricky, so you’ll need to shop around though. Wattpad has a few.

Current book club I’m in wasn’t impressed with the weird style I wrote in, so I’ve adapted the style… and made it weirder? Well, I think it’s an improvement anyway after I got feedback, so whatever :rofl:

There are other alternatives on Wattpad, like the editting services and folks who offer to read stuff in the community forums.


I joined in July last year and I admit it that I also found it a bit strange when I would get an inbox message or a newsfeed message in which someone would ask me to read their book. But it’s how normally works, I guess, people sometimes offer read for read on the community forums.

Agree with someone who said you could always join a book club or simply be a supportive reader of other people’s works and then in time they might decide to return the favour, as well.

Wattpad is primarily tool for socializing and the more you interact with other writers-readers the more followers and readers you get consequently but you need to invest time and energy.


YESSS TRUEEE - it’s been bugging me for a while. It seems strange to get reads for a book meant for other people to see


My works are currently all drafts on my account, but two of them have ‘reads’ due to how often I preview them to make sure everything is looking how it should. It honestly scared me a bit at first when I saw one of them had thirteen because: oh no, it’s not even meant to be out yet. How??? !!!(゚ロ゚ノ)ノ

Hopefully this’ll be fixed one day, it’d be nice if author reads weren’t included. If it doesn’t change though, oh well, at least I know how often I obsessively double check my formatting and re-read for typos, etc lol


A copy and paste from another thread.


Ugh…yeah it’s a really bad system. I edit a chapter, but then it brings me back to the chapter after the edit, which gives the piece a view. Wtf!

Can we edit without being redirected back to the chapter, so that it doesn’t count as a read? Simple fix. Just don’t redirect us to the chapter page, but maybe back to our works page.


agreed. even if no one reads my stories, i’d prefer if it said 0 and not include my read throughs to see if i can make it better somehow


100% agree


Seriously would love for this feature to be changed! Glad someone brought it up


I agree, it is especially irritating when I am still in the creating process and I haven’t even published my work yet, but there are already reads from myself on it.


Yesssss! I hope that they fix this soon


I support this