Removing authors own "reads"



It would be cool if they removed out reads but also advertisements on our own stories :sweat_smile:


yeah I agree !!


I agree, and since I’ve just published a book and have no idea how this whole author thing works, I’m not sure if my book is actually reaching people y’know?




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I feel like they have it set up to show reads publically so it looks like other people have clicked it- artificially making it look like it’s “alive” by making the read count larger than it actually is. But if that’s the case, then the stats page for the author should include “unique views” and “views” as two different counts. Unique should be lower, since the author and repeated IPs would be tracked there, as opposed to a generic “view” ticker.


Absolutely. I am new to wattpad so I had no idea that my reads and the reads of others were shown as the same. I didn’t even know that your reads counted for anything. Now I’m confused as to how many reads I actually have.


First off, I didn’t even know that my reads are also being accounted for. So thank you guys for that highlight.
Second off, I’m not entirely new to Wattpad, but to posting books on it? Oh yes, I am.
Maybe, they could have the “Unique views” as @nostalgicroxas suggested in the Book List -
(My Works), to show the unique number of readers (excluding the author)… instead of adding all the “chapter views” together.
The author would know how many times they have edited their book since the changes made would be displayed in their Account’s Activity Panel.


Same! I’d love for Wattpad to change this. I’m pretty sure half of my reads are just from me :woman_facepalming:t4:


Isn’t there a place where we can submit suggestion to Wattpad? I remember scrolling past it somewhere, just can’t remember where exactly it was. >.>


Um, just realized this post is old and the feature is now in overview. Yay and sorry!


The feature is now in overview? What do you mean by that?


I find this so annoying! Whenever I see that I have a read, I get so excited. Then I realize that it was just me editing my story. I wish that this would get fixed.


You can see stats on unique readers.

When you go to your story, hit the cog to edit, there should be a “Stats” button underneath “Continue Writing”.


I disagree because it helps. it’s like expecting people to believe in your work when you aren’t. No one might wanna read a book with zero reads


Well life is dam life but all is wrong and right


ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 무슨 말이야??


You do know Wattpad counts you as a unique reader right


Yes, but I also imagine that as you get new readers you’ll see more than one.


I back this up completely… I would love for reads to be differentiated please!!