Removing authors own "reads"



It’s nice that I found this thread on my first day here :joy: I noted I shouldn’t click on my story cause I’d love to see honest reads :speak_no_evil::thinking:


I’d be hilarious if they implemented this and all of a sudden million plus reads books lost half their reads in an instant.


I would like to know about the actual reads but on the other hand, showing extra reads can’t hurt visibility. I’m a newbie so I could be wrong.


Couldn’t agree more. I would love a writer’s reads not to count. I want to know the true reads.


It also does this to me and it drives me crazy. I would love it if they changed it. Or at least gave us the option to opt out of having our own reads counted.


I agree. I found this very frustrating when I first joined Wattpad and it still confuses me sometimes.


I dunno. I’m sort of unbothered. There isn’t a chance in hell i reread my stuff enough to boost my reads that much and more importantly if more comments increase the reads then visibility increases. HIgher visibility means that real readers, who littlerally stalk the most popular books and only read those, the kind who will invest in completing the story, will have a higher chance of finding me/us. And ultimately that’s what I want, someone to actually finish the book. So the true views are a bit eskew but that’s how the higest ranking people got there. Because a good chunk of people finished those books and those people commentent into oblivion and then people came and commented on their comments and so on and so forth. Interection breeds more reader/followers. I’m cool with this.


True! If your book has more reads and less votes, people will surely think the book is bad. So, wattpad should diffrentiate. Even one more, one account should have only one view. If I view one story more than once, then the view should come once not as much as I checked!


I actually disagree with others here, self reading adds in one or two reads… and that encourages others in reading your book. Who wants to read a book with 0 reads?


Well, my story doesn’t have much comments so its purely a readers view not mine. :laughing: but for the most part, writers love comments/votes because its a pat to their back like saying ‘you’re doing good’. Comment/votes also help in rankings. If you rank, you’re book is expose to more potential readers.


What about giving yourself a star on your story? Its not fair neither.


I give myself a lot of reads (not on purpose) because of editing, and rereading parts to make sure my books still makes sense. I try hard to avoid rereading and editing (after I’ve edited a few times) just because I don’t want to give myself more reads from me.


Yeah, it gets really annoying when you’re editing :persevere:


I agree with this completely. I find a lot of mistakes and tend to go back to fix them. I’m starting to think a quarter of my reads are from me lol.


Just adding my vote for eliminating the self-read-counts-as-a-read ‘feature’. I notice people have been complaining about it for a while. Someone even opened a petition about it.


Omg yes, someone said it


OMG wait what??? I didn’t knew that your own reads count to dnfjdxfkjdsf shit… Then probably more than 1k is from me, because I reply on my comments a lot ndfkjdskjfdsnjfjdsf


I completely agree. I find myself believing that I have readers, only to find out that it was just myself. It would be much more encouraging to think that all reads are from actual people reading, not just me.


That is frustrating. I go to stats in create tab and count the unique readers to get a better idea.


Is it bad that i don’t care how reads i made myself? :smiley: The only thing that i’m focused on is the writing. So, don’t worry that much about things like this.