Removing authors own "reads"



Be honest - we all give stars to our stories :smile:


It can add hundreds of reads when you consider editing and replying to comments.


That’s not bad at all. It makes it easier to know whose actually reading compared to when I visit.

It helped when there was a huge drop between chapters and I looked back to know it sucked.


Advertisements help keep this site free—they get money from it and at least its better than us paying directly right?


I really don’t get this obsession tbh.

I don’t mind getting self reads since I should also count as a reader, maybe. I also vote on some of my own works and I don’t see it as a bad thing either. I worked hard on those stories so it’s not like I don’t deserve those few extra votes…

I have this book written that I’m sure only I read cx I have 7 parts, 24 reads and I’ve edited each chapter 3 or 4 times; what a coincidence c’:



If you’re writing because you love to, you shouldn’t really care about read counts as long as you yourself believes you’re in the process of creating the best book you’ll ever read.


I find it funny how these threads make such a minor thing seem so major sometimes ;u;

What should be more demoralising is how what the author think is the worst book on their wall having the most reads just because it’s a fanfic.


I agree this should be fixed, but I doubt it’ll happen anytime soon. My book isn’t even published yet and I already have a total of 28 reads. :joy:


I don’t mind it on other’s stories but if I’m just reading mine for editing purposes, it’s a pain in the ass


it makes me feel like ive read my book 172 times having anxiety about it


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This right here lol. Don’t care not one bit. It counts activity. Active readers are the ones that help propel your book. So i am going to comment on as many comments i get that i have time to respond to. I consider it an investment of my time for my own work to do what i can to make sure it reaches as many people as posible. And am unbothered that all that interaction counts. It should count. Everytime i reread a page of a book in my house that counts. I tell people i have read this book ten times. And all those times matter to me lol. It makes no difference that this is wattpad and not a real book. Ive reread a few books on here and yes those all count in my mind.


Lol i removed all mine. I swear the algorythms were taking foreves to update lol. Maybe it was just my guilty conscience hahah. I felt judged lol


This right here. starts a slow clap


Well I disagree because this helps reaching other readers. Who would like to read a book with zero reads? Even if you vote for yourself there is nothing bad in it you should be your first supporter, first reader and this is how people start believing in you and your work. :slight_smile:


yup. I’m def my biggest fan. I’m also my worst critic so it balances out lol :wink:


I don’t know about that completely.

It’s so exciting seeing ten new reads then you realize most of it is yours.


You do have a point. You also shouldn’t be able to vote for yourself.


Just don’t do it?
I haven’t voted on my own story because I want to see how many actual votes a chapter gets.
My reading count going up with my own reads, on the other hand, is not something we can control. So that is a problem that WP should get encoded in their system.


I’m gonna be that person and say, while yea, it’s frustrating to not know ones actual unique reads, at least I got some reads on my story, even if it ends up 50% being my own lol. IDK makes my story look like at least someone is interested, that’s kind of sad actually…
i’ll let myself out…