Removing authors own "reads"



I actually never vote for my own stories but lots of writers do. I just think it defeats the purpose of getting feedback on one’s writing.


Agree and disagree.
Agree, because it does not show the truth and the real number of readers
Disagree because in this way you’re never starting from 0. I feel like people may say “Well, that’s what I want, starting from 0 readers” but i don’t think 1 or 2 can make a big difference. It’s a little sparkle you do for yourself.
at the end, good stories gain fame because people think “Oh, a lot of people are reading this, this will actually be so good”.


Even self votes makes more sense to be frank. At least you can do it only once and if you do you can keep track of it, not self reads though…


its so incredibly frustrating. I want readers, i want to see what they think and get votes and i know half of the reads on my story are mine. I know this by going into my story details and seeing that chapter 1 has, lets say 25 reads, chapter 2 has 6 but then chapter three has 49. Like it doesn’t make sense, obviously half of those reads on those chapters are mine. Going back to make edits, reply to comments. Its stupid, there should be an algorithm in the website that automatically knows that its your reads from your own account and then doesn’t add them to the actual total reads…or have a different reads section (only visible to the author) that says this story has 260 reads - author reads 97/260.

Like on the story i just started posting the 70 reads it has, i guarantee that 90% of those reads are my own :expressionless:


Votes used to trigger the ranking. Not sure if they can now. Self voting and unvoting to revote might still work, but with how slow the algorithm is with all these updates, I doubt it works anymore.

In saying that though, the rankings are a waste of time. They don’t do anything…


If you’re trying to keep track of actual reads, it’s frustrating. It would be simple to add a toggle so the author could opt out of the count.

I’d guess that the reason it’s not been fixed is that it overstates the activity (i.e. # of reads and readers) on the site. Since those numbers are used to attract investors, generate ad income, etc. it’s certainly to WP’s financial advantage to keep it in place.


Really? I thought rankings increase visibility. I’m curious of your reason for saying that.


I hesitate to say things like that because it makes me feel cynical, but I’m glad to think I’m not the only one to have a sneaking suspicion. People have been complaining for months (maybe years?) with no change, so it does make one think. It’s possible to automate giving yourself reads, too, so when I see the 50th billionaire bad boy werewolf alpha story with over a million reads, I wonder. But surely that’s just being cynical. People truly love billionaire bad boy werewolf alphas. I should write one.


Here’s a difficulty with changing the current rule that the Wattpad folk probably have to consider: to keep complexity and storage costs down, the system might not remember who voted for a chapter in a way that’s recoverable; just the total. So if they changed the rule now, there might be no practical way to adjust the scores of existing stories.

New stories would see a big penalty - far fewer reads - compared to old ones. Now combine that with a ranking algorithm they already admit is broken, and what do you have? Long-established 10mm read stories keep their millions of reads and stay ranked at the top, new ones start with 0 reads and stay at the bottom where they aren’t visible and can’t get reads because they can’t be found.

Might be better to fix the ranking algorithm first, then address self-reads. Assuming they care to address it at all, of course.


It just confirms my feelings that reads shouldn’t be used to judge anything, but rather votes and comments. At least those are controllable :confused:


Exactly! I am so sick of my friends being like “Oh, look how many reads you have!” and half of them are mine. Plus it’s kinda cheating when you’re in trending for how many reads you have and some of those are yours!


Yes! It is so cheating to be able to vote for your own books!


My most popular book (if you want to call it popular lol), stopped ranking completely and I still got the same amount of reads as if I were ranking. I do no promotion at all for that book. I’ve actually given up with promotion in general. I find it’s a waste of time here because of how the algorithm pushes works that get read hence why getting your first 1K of reads is very hard (unless you write Romance/Ten/Fantasy/YA/NA, which is obviously about 80% of the readership on Wattpad. It’s a shame actual good content never gets noticed).

As for visibility, that’s a load of shit (excuse my language). The only way your book will get noticed is if it pops up in people’s book for the recommended/similar to this book tag you see when reading books. The tag ranking does absolutely nothing lol.

From what I’ve observed and noticed, (which is one of the reasons why I barely bother anymore), is the fact that once you hit a particular threshold of reads, the less promoting or trying you have to do. I’ve seen this happen with quite a number of books, so most advice that people give isn’t that grand to be honest.

It all depends on what the readers of Wattpad bulk read and the consistency of what they read is what pushes findability. That in itself has nothing to do with tags.

One thing to ask is, do you think readers find works to read based on tags?

Fun fact - did you know that the search engine for Wattpad isn’t randomized and you have to use a hashtag to get a more specific search regardless of using parameters to thin the search down?

I really wished the search engine was more random. Gives writers here a better chance at being found :confused:


Or even the old (make a new chapter and place it in front of the book and cut/paste the chapter with loads of reads into the new chapter) thing works like a charm. Although it skews the data for your book, it makes your read count change quite substantially.


Sometimes I wonder why I even bother checking the threads anymore…


I I believe the ranking algorithm changed recently. I’ve seen the folks at Wattpad say it now ranks based on the relevance of the book to the different tags it has (wonder how they figure that out though), and I’ve got my very first ranking ever since they changed it that way even though I’m not gaining that many reads nowadays.

I always assumed people don’t search according to tags, but I’ve read the opposite recently and I’m giving it a shot. I generally don’t add tags for visibility though, but just for the sake of it, lol. I used to promote in the club’s and it used to make a difference everytime I did, but theoretically, I don’t think anyone goes to the advertisement thread for reading recs, so I always wondered about that.

I always thought that the search engine worked based on relevance to search so it isn’t random. I mean, it’s the whole point of search engines, isn’t it?

Gee, I just realised there are a lot of stuff to think about regarding this. The #1 way that worked for me to gain reads and engagement though, and I’ll recommend it to other people, is to be engrossed in the community. Read other people’s books, comment and vote. THAT increases your reads like nothing else does. Tagging, advertising in clubs, making beautiful covers, throw aaaaaaall of that out the window and just immerse yourself in the community. You’ll see wonders.


agree 100%


As much as it is annoying, the fact that an author’s own reads are counted towards reads in total cause a lot of damage in the algorithm. For example, some people would republish their own story multiple times, causing people who deserve to be on people’s home screens to be taken down for a spot by this story.


I totally agree with this. I just posted a new book and every time I go in to correct grammatical errors, I get a read from myself.


I agree. I don’t have your problem but sometimes when I first publish my stories wattpad sometimes counts me as a reader.