Removing my wattpad book and publishing as free e-book

Any implications? Will it show up as plagiarized or something for amazon, even if I remove the wattpad version?

I didn’t have any issues, even if it was still on Wattpad.

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Oh that’s great! Did you publish it under the same name, or different? Because I plan to use a different name

Same. The only place I had an issue with was D2D, but that’s because of a middle initial I had on the cover. :stuck_out_tongue: If you hold the copyright, you should be okay but there are probably much more knowledgable people here than me

It’s not a problem. You’re the copyright holder so have the right to publish it anywhere you want under any name. You don’t even have to take it down from WP (unless the place you’re publishing demands exclusive publication).

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It’s no problem UNLESS you’re using a platform that demands exclusivity like KDP-Select.

It depends on who you go with and it won’t be plagiarism, since it’s your work. I published Ranger Training via Kindle Direct Publishing and have Select included. Per the contract, I can share no more than 10% of my story on any public site. I have an excerpt on my Wattpad page, but stay within the 10% margin. Had I not included select, I could post as much as I wish.

Considering people have plagiarized wattpad stories and published them on amazon for money with no trigger, I think you’re okay lol. I keep manuscripts on my google drive though for time stamps.