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RENThello and welcome to the new theme of my solo thread! i’m clint and i provide pure html threads for you for free!

the theme of this thread is based off the broadway musical, Rent.

don’t be a jerk! i’m human too, so please be polite.
uhm, just follow the form and that’s it lol
i have a life too, so be patient (even tho it’s a fake lolol)
threads are free, you’re welcome.
please note i might not be able to recreate all of my old thread designs! i coded them on the old wattpad clubs
IF IT’S REAL YOU MUST LINK BACK (send me a link of your thread)

forms | old examples |



title | start date | end date | creator
fakes please | 14 feb, '19 | 18 march, '19 | me
RENT | 18 march, '19 | n/a | me



how we gonna pay, how we gonna pay, last years rent? last years rent!



la vie boheme!


RENTnow open



real [x ] fake
Thread title?
bury a friend
subtitle? N/A
subthreads? Yes; Delivery, Bump, Accepted and Denied
color scheme Dark colours
inspiration This or something like this
images this or this Not mandatory
subthreads? yes
anything else? Thanks c: The title is based of a Billie Ellish song.


hi @shewroteinblack! before i accept, could you provide inspiration from either another thread maker or like a tumblr theme or something?? i just need a better idea of what you would like! thanks! :3


Maybe something like this with three boxes; Examples, Form, Payment. In your example thread, I loved the many box colours you had(I think it was the second link) Or we can go with something simple and aesthetic like with black/white/grey. Or something gothic-grunge-like. Do you need more examples?


alright (: i’ll see what i can do!


hi! so i’ve made something, i think it looks pretty good, but i don’t know where to put the images in? there’s also a scrollbar (:


That’s perfect the way it is!


awesome great! it should be ready in about 10 minutes!



Delivery for @person ! Click the link to be redirected to your codes! The codes are EXTREMELY packed, so if you need to know where to put text or whatever, I can show
you. And lemme know if you need help with coding!


Thank you! Will link back soon


Terrific! Thank you!


here’s something that has the codes highlighted where you start your text! (:


Bury A Friend


awesome! thanks! i’ll pop over there and request a fake (:


b u m p


Could I request for a second thread?