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Yeah! Of course!


real [X ] fake
Thread title?
subtitle? Shop: Open Closed
subthreads? Delivery/Accepted/Denied/Bump
color scheme Yellow/Black
inspiration I had a very hard time finding examples, but could I have something similar to the current one. Maybe have two boxes on the side for either a gif or photo. Could I have an example box, too? Maybe have the code sized to fit covers and banners so they aren’t gigantic.
links? yes ; 4; Forms, Examples, Payment 1, Payment 2
anything else? Thank you. I can find examples if you really need them.


request!real [X ] fake Thread title Effy’s Graphics subtitle? Open Closed or n/a
subthreads? delivery/acceptance/denied/bump color scheme surprise me i have no clue inspiration I really liked your Poisedon theme!. links? yes ; 2 ; forms/examples images i really don’t have a specific preference but maybe something ocean themed? anything else?Thanks so much! Please create whatever thread you want, I really don’t have a huge preference!


<span style=“font-size:10px;display:block;width:442px;margin-left:80px;background-color:#4d4d4d;color:white; padding:30px;text-transform:lowercase;” title=“cb-”><span style=“font-size:20px;display:block; font-weight:bold;text-align:center; color:salmon”><i>request!</i></span> <span style=“font-size:10px;display:block;text-align:justify;border-left:3px solid pink; padding-left: 3px;”><b>real [x ] fake Thread title?</b> Ravenwood Academy<b>subtitle?</b> A Graphics thread<br><b> subthreads? </b> yes Forms, Accept/denied and delivery <b>color scheme</b> Id prefer Navy and gold but open to anything <b>inspiration</b> I really like this one OR . This<b>links?</b> yes ; three ; examples forms Payment <b>images</b>1 2 3 <b>anything else?</b> You dont have to use the pics, also im not really picky tbh


@shewroteinblack i’ll get started on that right now!


more info please!
hey @starlet ! i’ll need a bit more information for that please! i understand that you want it as a surprise, but more of a general idea would be nice. if you could pull some inspiration from either other graphic designers, or heck even tumblr themes. after that, i’ll see what i can do! thanks!


hey @southpuffle ! so the two references you gave me would be really hard to code (especially with the new threads) and also i’m not sure i could give your thread justice. i’m very sorry! good luck!


hiya! does this and this look okay?




Okay, so that’s basically what you were looking for?






I really love it. It’s perfect <3



Delivery for @shewroteinblack ! Click the link to be redirected to your codes! The codes are EXTREMELY packed, so if you need to know where to put text or whatever, I can show
you. And lemme know if you need help with coding! CODING HELP (yellow is your text, green is width the pics)


Thanks so much! Will link back soon




hey @LaraXOX3 ! just a friendly reminder to link back! (:
i’m not mad or anything


a preview of my upcoming theme!


Oh I’m so sorry! I haven’t set it up yet. I am tonight!


Linky! (not done yet)