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No worries! Thanks! (:




yo, all my coding thingz are free. also i need practice so request fakes please.


real fake [ X]
Thread title?
The Joker
subtitle? Why So Serious?
subthreads? Yes
color scheme Green, white, purple.
inspiration Similar to your RENT themed one. The letters distorted.
links? yes ; 3 ; Form, Example, Payment
images Here
anything else? I’m literally avoiding coding my forms because hassle, so enjoy the fake.


thank you so much @laraxox3



Delivery for @laraxox3 even though it’s a fake


Could I request another one? This one is a duo thread?


Of course!! Go for it!


real [X ] fake
Thread title?
Bee-utiful Graphics
subthreads? Delivery, Accepted, Denied, and Bump. Can you make the delivery the size of a cover so all we have to do is add the link and it’s sized perfectly.
color scheme Yellow and black. Bumble Bee
inspiration Something like your current thread. I don’t have many ideas. Just need a simple thread. I can give you examples if needed.
links? yes ; 3; Examples, Form, Payment
images Maybe just a bumble bee png at the top
anything else? Thanks.


<span style=“font-size:10px;display:block;width:442px;margin-left:80px;background-color:#4d4d4d;color:white; padding:30px;text-transform:lowercase;” title=“cb-”><span style=“font-size:20px;display:block; font-weight:bold;text-align:center; color:salmon”><i>request!</i></span> <span style=“font-size:10px;display:block;text-align:justify;border-left:3px solid pink; padding-left: 3px;”><b>real fake Thread title?</b> quincy tyler <b>subtitle?</b> n/a <br><b> subthreads? </b> accepted/denied/bump/delivery <b>color scheme</b> pale green for the text and white for the bg <b>inspiration</b> similar to your leo valdez one in your examples. <b>links?</b> yes ; 3 ; rules/payment/form <b>images</b> no images <b>anything else?</b> thank you


@clintbarton sorry i don’t know why it’s not working? do you know what i’m doing wrong?


Hm I’m actually not sure. but accepted!


Hiya! Do you want the thread to be similar to the Bellyache one I made?


hey there @qquincytyler ! so light green on a white background isn’t legible at all. see you can’t really read this! so i’m either going to make the background darker likethis color or something so it’s actually legibleor if you want you can let me know what color you want for the text.
i also might just do black on whitethanks! (:


Yes, please


I don’t mind really. Whatever is easier for you. Thanks


I can do whatever. So I’ll just surprise you?


Yes please. Thanks



Delivery for @qquincytyler ! Here ya go hun! Don’t forget to link back (send me the link of your thread) when you’re done coding. Also, here’s a link to something that might help you when coding! Lemme know if ya have any questions!


thanks so much. there amazing. I was wondering if i could create a cover form with the code you made me? I will keep the credit at the botton of the code. I just forgot to ask if you could make me a cover form before. if it’s not okay I totally understand. thank you again.