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of course! just use the subthread code for it.


hey here is the link to my thread, i almost completely forgot to link back:


real fake
Thread title?
subtitle? mood boards!
subthreads? yes please! (super simple!)
color scheme just shades of grey and black and white
inspiration ok so I want something super minimal and aesthetic – I really likes how bury a friend was like how it was padded (?) in the middle but if it’s cool I’d like to keep where the main text is dark and the text box behind the title lighter (oooh if it’s cool I would like the title kinda like how it’s in burry a friend – bolded and italic) idk I couldn’t find Inso but lemme know if u want be to dig in more
links? no thanks!
images nope
anything else? thx for considering!


hey ok it won’t lemme link in anything but for the color scheme shades of grey and black and white or


hey! sorry i’ve completely procrastinated coding your thread. but it’s late where i live, but i’ll work on it tomorrow!


It’s okay. Take your time



Delivery for @LaraXOX3 ! Here ya are! Don’t forget to link back.


RENTnew theme

whoo! new theme y’all


I had to tweak it a bit but I didn’t mess with anything else.



hey! i’m sorry! i completely forgot to do the cover thing. just add this:
<img src="LINK" width="200px">
or you can change the width size to your liking.



hi! accepted! (:
also - do you want any particular colors?? and um do you want a scrollbar?


Thank you!


Of course! Sorry I forgot about that, my bad!


Your html threads are broken on mobile devices.


hi I’m so sorry could I cancel my order I’m really sorry u can use it as a fake (?) I’m sorry