Report getting automatically closed

Hello !

I try to report a story and I keep receiving this message automatically :

" Unfortunately, we’re experiencing higher than normal traffic. It is likely your issue has already been addressed, as such we will be closing our ticket with you. Not to worry though, if you find that your issue has not yet been resolved, please report the story again. We only ask that you fill out the requirements below:"

I reported the story again and I got the same message again.
What should I do ?

Hey! If you go into the support centre here and check your ticket status there, there should be the option to create a follow up comment to the ticket, where you can ‘bump’ the request if it hasn’t yet been solved :heart:

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No they are automatically solved.
And I tried to create a follow up but 1) the options in the follow up are not including a glitch about the Help center or problem with reporting a story 2) my follow up get also automatically solved !

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In that case, all I can really suggest is submitting a bug report here - :woman_shrugging: although hopefully somebody else will be able to advise better :sweat_smile:

That is what I chose when I did my follow up and it got automatically solved hahah

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@Sinadana I suggest you make a bug report stating that your reports are getting automatically closed, even your followups are automatically solved. You can link the closed report links for reference. Adding/Linking screenshots also helps Support identifying the issue faster :slight_smile:

I had faced this issue before and tried the same steps.

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I believe that’s exactly what Hollie noted in the post above Nabeela.