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A conversation space for those who help keep our Repository in order, so we stop overtaking the ECPU.



To those who aren’t tagged in the first post and have stumbled across this thread, hi :slight_smile:

The Repository (or Rep) is a collection of all plot, character, and general information relating to the Neo-Tokyo ARG. It’s our way as citizens to keep track of both the city and everything that has happened in it. It’s a massive wiki thread, and keeping it organized takes the teamwork of a number of people. We here are the main Repository team. We decided we needed our own thread after construction on the Rep proved difficult to coordinate in the fast-updating and multi-thousand-post ECPU.

If you have Rep suggestions (including how to make the ARG Newcomer Landing Page more hospitable—newcomers, I want to hear from you!), feel free to post them here for consideration. If you feel like chatting about things other than the Rep, there is a thread for that already in existence. Thanks!


Observations from the Repository: Request for Info

OftR is an ongoing theory-recap series featuring evidence-backed theories and patterns observed in Neo-Tokyo. Evidence is the key word here, and the best way to gather it is to recruit more sets of eyes. If you spot clues or see connections relating to any of the topics in the posts below, drop them in the NTEF. If you present them anywhere else, I’ll see it unless that ‘anywhere else’ is the ECPU (I follow all threads except the ECPU). If something shows up in the ECPU, do tag me or transfer the knowledge somewhere I’ll see it.



Topics that have already garnered enough backing to make it into an OftR post. Because these are theories that have an evidence base already, they are of special interest. Any new info on them is appreciated.

  • Links between Elgin and Neo-Tokyo
  • Neo-Tokyo as a possible, physical successor to Elgin
  • Paul as Monty’s dad
  • Main Network AC485: connections between The Order, the note found under the stadium, and Hominibus
  • Hominibus and the net
  • Which storylines ended

Previous OftR Updates

OftR #1 (August 10, 2019)



Topics I have gathered enough information on to merit inclusion in an upcoming OftR post. The evidence base—and in some cases, my stance—on each is under construction, and will benefit greatly from any clues you can provide. Because I am seeking new facts, opinions and arguments on these, I will refrain from providing commentary that might sway fresh eyes and minds and narrow the clue-hunting field.

  • Should we still be concerned about Ma?
  • Are the Dragon Knights holding Untouched citizens captive?

Of Interest

Topics I’ve seen promise in. These have little to no concrete backing yet, but they also aren’t out of the blue: they are connected to events in the story in ways that make me want to keep an eye on them. New information—facts and observed connections—will help shape more useful theories around them.

  • What do the followers of Daran want with the Fist of Ghieer?
  • Should we be concerned about the Fringewalkers?
  • How are Ghieer people using their magic ‘wrong’?
  • What are the Dragon Knights up to more breadly?
  • Anything connected to the Trader’s notes

Lumi and I seem to have run afoul of a rather dangerous, magic-wielding NPC, so if we suddenly disappear from the game, you will know why.

If this sad scenario occurs, please leave a plaque for us in the Rep, where I at least would like to be buried.

Thank you.


Things to be done

  • recaps need to be updated
  • new NPCs need to be added
  • new storylines need to be added
  • Headmaster page should be updated
  • group info is missing information
  • a list of riddles?

Fixed; thanks :slight_smile:

I find it both annoying and incredibly helpful that the url of a thread changes by post. I had that one on a bookmark, but I must have scrolled a couple pixels before I copied the link :roll_eyes:


Woohoo! Thanks, Nick! Okay guys, no more timer; we’re free to chat as needed without worrying about keeping this unlocked.


This is great, thanks Smoke for making the thread!


T’was a collective decision xD
We were clogging up the ECPU again


We weren’t clogging it up. It was just hard to find things because timezones.

Anyone… we need to overhaul some stuff so we can add the new NPC, right?


true true XD
I guess I could help Jane with recaps here then…

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We basically invaded it when we first started Rep construction. There’s some fifty posts that are almost entirely us mixed with Joy trying to keep another conversation going.


Things need rearranging to accommodate 1+ new NPCs. Spider suggested bumping the NPC posts down to the bottom of the top to leave room for more.


Ya I saw that post… should I do it now or later?

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Spider was going to do it tomorrow. You’ll want to talk to her.

Also, if you guys don’t mind me asking, what timezones are you in? Just so I know when to expect you all online. I’m EST; it’s 11 pm for me right now.


I’m in PDT but my sleep schedule’s a mess, so… don’t expect me online in the mornings.

I slept 12 hours last night, too.