Reputation of Wattpad published books.

For people who want to publish their stories, does it ever worry you that Wattpad has such a bad reputation when it comes to published books that started life on Wattpad? What do you guys think of it and do you guys agree? Why and why not? I’m curious as someone who started on Wattpad and would like to traditionally publish one day.

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I wouldn’t say there’s a bad reputation. I mean, books like After are bestsellers.

Though that could just be me being biased as I am represented by Wattpad (similarly to have After’s Anna Todd is) and got a major book deal. Debut’s out in 4 months. Working with Wattpad is super great, too.

I don’t think people should be shits just because a book was on Wattpad. Among other things, we all start somewhere.


Meh, haters are going to hate. It’s all part of the process.


Huh, I haven’t read After by Anna Todd but I can’t say I’ve heard good things about it. I’m not one to judge because of what others say. I should have a look at the book myself. Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin is one I have looked at and I could not understand why it’s so popular but that has a lot to do with it not being in my preferred genre. What’s yours like? And congrats for getting published as well!


I mean, it’s not my thing but you can’t deny that it is a bestseller and has sold well and had multiple sequels. Does it necessarily have stellar reviews from critics? Not really. But it still sold super well and has lots of dedicated fans which to me is a sign of success.

Stuff can be objectively terribly written but subjectively be loved and popular.

My book is a YA high fantasy. It’s called White Stag.

And thanks! Working with Wattpad is probably one of the best decisions in my life. They’re all super friendly and personable and they really care about me and my image of my books and characters and helping me achieve that. I couldn’t work with better people. They’ve advocated only the best for me and my writing and I’m so excited to share it with the world.


I’m actually really curious about how you start working with Wattpad in that sense. I’m not entirely sure it’s the route I want to take and besides my books still need a ton of work before they’re anywhere close to publication level but I’m still curious.

I guess I just have very high standards for my books and I can’t help comparing to others. Sure, I hope for my books to be popular but mostly I wish for them to be well received, especially since some of the topics I include in my stories are fairly controversial.

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They approached me. They also have a program called Wattpad Stars which can be applied to, I believe.

Oh, yeah, I totally get you. I really want my book to be well received as well! I also have controversial things and from the reviews I’ve seen (As ARC copies are out) it seems to be hit or miss depending on the reader but it looks like it’s doing okay. I’m not really allowed to look at the reviews for my own wellbeing. I’m an anxious mess about being published already without worrying about reviews.

But yeah, IMO, being both well received and having a large fanbase would be the ultimate dream. I WANT people to like it and the themes and the way I crafted words and whatnot.

So I totally get it.

But that’s not the only type of success out there.


That’s true. You must have a lot of strength to not look at reviews, I love reading about what people think of my story either good or bad. I normally have to stop myself though because I have a really bad habit of spoiling my own books hahaha. That must have been an exciting message to get from them.

I don’t think that you need to worry about it. Personally, I think that the support gathered from the Wattpad community that reads your books is actually important.

If your book is good on Wattpad, then wouldn’t the community want to support it out of Wattpad as well? And there are a couple of books out there that started out on Wattpad that does very well out of Wattpad. An example is ‘Uglies’…

As long as your book is good enough to garner a huge fan base, then it would be welcomed out of Wattpad, too.

Lol, I don’t know much about this topic so pls correct me if you think I’m wrong :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, neither do I that’s why I was asking what others thought haha. Becoming popular on Wattpad itself is tough, I can’t say it’s a particularly easy feat. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far but sometimes it sucks seeing newer books going viral. I guess that’s reality though, there’s no guarantee that your hard work will be seen by others.

You can’t apply to Wattpad Stars anymore, it’s invite only now.

I was wondering how many people would be applying for that. Kind of glad they changed it.

Back when it wasn’t well known, I assume it wouldn’t have been too bad. But as soon as those badges went on and the program popped, it would have been a crazy influx of people applying (and re-appplying).

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I always thought you could only be one if a book went viral or if you consistently wrote books that gained reasonable attention. Didn’t really occur to me that it was something you applied for really.

Agreed! It’s always a little painful to see fresh books and newer users suddenly receive a great amount of votes and reads while writers who have been on Wattpad for years fade into the background.

But I think it builds up stamina and determination. It’ll make older writers more determined than ever to fight for reads and votes :'D

In the beginning of the year, I tracked down as many profiles as I could find to see where everyone sat follow wise and there were a fair few profiles with low amount of followers (some with below 1k). When I applied, I thought there was nooo way I’d get in, but they ended up PM me on Wattpad since I never checked emails back then XD

I think if you’re consistent it helps as well because readers who enjoy your stories will follow along to others as long as you’re consistent… I’m not consistent so I lost a lot of readers but I needed the break so ah well. I’d rather quality over quantity when it comes to my writing.

Sometimes writer’s need a lil competition! Most of the writer’s who I used to follow back in 2011/2012 don’t write anymore :’(

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I only check my emails because my phone is very insistent that I do that. I don’t think followers reflect reader count though.

Ah so that my work ha a bad reputation, never mind mistaken necrophiliac cowgirls and blatant anti-Francophone imperialism.

But seriously, I’m not even sure if I would publish that outside of wattpad.