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I will write a torture scene for your book!
Just follow this format.

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  2. Name of book.
  3. Genre.
  4. Whether or not the book is listed as mature.
  5. Name of victim(s), and background on them.
  6. Name of torturer(s), and background on them.
  7. Description of where the torture is taking place.
  8. What type of torture do you want to happen.
  9. General description of how the scene will play out.
  10. Other details that you think I may need.

I reserve the right to decide wether or not I will not write certain scenes.
You will be notified within 2 days that your request has either been accepted or rejected.
your scene will be sent to you within about a week once I start on it. I will also notify you of any delays that might happen, due to illness, school, disasters, or

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Seven Fingers kept his sword at my throat the entire time we were backing away from my friends. When I couldn’t see them anymore, he took some black metal shackles out of a bag and tried to put them on me.

Like that was ever going to happen. I ducked out of the way when he started to clamp something around my neck and screamed at him, slashing wildly in the air with my claws, trying to hit him.

Then he shot me.

I double over in pain, clutching my stomach where the bullet entered my body, trying to breathe. Then I remember that I don’t need to breathe. It still hurts though.

At some point, the pain caused me to black out, and when I came to my senses I was in chains. Seven Fingers then yanks me into a standing position and tries to get me to walk. I stomp on his toes, causing several things to snap.

He slaps me across my face, raising red welts on my skin.

“You’re a feisty one.” Seven Fingers snarls at me, clutching his toes. When he recovers, he grabs my chains and drags me through the forest. This time I go without a struggle, not wanting to risk being shot, or slapped again.

He stops me when we come to a cave, and then brings me inside, shoving me into a cage welded into the rock that blocks off the view of the rest of the cave. I slump down against the wall and busy myself with removing the bullet.

I dig my fingers into the dime sized hole in my stomach and concentrate on finding where the bullet is. Eventually, I find the small pellet and take it out. That was a lot of pain from such a small object. It must have been made out of the leechbane metal.

I hear a loud noise and turn around to find Seven Fingers sealing the mouth of the cave with large stone doors. Once the doors are closed he turns on a light, casting an orangish glow over the cave. I hadn’t even realized it was dark in here. Only about a week as a vampire, and I’m already forgetting how it was to be human.

Seven Fingers turns to me, with a large knife in hand. “No noise is getting out of this cave, not with those doors closed.” He says. “So let’s see how loud you can scream.” I’m guessing now that all color left over after my transformation has drained out of my face.

“Yeah, girlie. You scared? Ya’ should be. I’m gonna get back at you for killing all my minions.” He unlocks the cage door and drags me out by my chains, only then do I get a good look at the rest of the cave. I see a long black table with metal bands on either end and racks of weapons that line the walls.

Seven Fingers chains me to the table and starts jabbing me with knives, asking me questions.

“How did you find my base!?” He yells at me as he cuts deeply into my arm, causing blood to wet my clothes. I don’t answer his question, trying to resist, despite the agony shooting through my arm.

“How did you find my base?” He inquires, jabbing the blade deep into my stomach. “The leechbane should’ve made tracking impossible!” I grit my teeth, trying to suppress a scream.

“Alright. I see that I’m not getting anywhere this way.” He walks over to the weapon racks and selects a more delicate looking knife.

Seven Fingers walks back over to the table where I am strapped and positions the knife near my head. “You are going to answer my question, or else you will learn what a jack-o-lantern feels like. How. Did. You. Find. My. Base.” I shake my head and hiss at him. “I’ll never tell you!”

“I’m going to pretend that you didn’t just say that.” He pauses, waiting for me to respond. I am silent.

Seven Fingers brings the knife closer to my face. “Hurry up now and answer, honey. You don’t have very long 'till this knife finds your skin.”

I remain mute, despite his threats.

“Oh well. It’s your face.” He touches the knife to the skin of my face, and traces around my lips, digging the tip of the blade into my flesh.

Blood flows into my mouth, and I spit the mixture of saliva and my own blood into Seven Finger’s face. He yells at me and wipes the gross mixture out of his eyes.

Seven Fingers storms over to the weapon racks, and grabs a long, curved knife, with a hooked tip that makes me hurt just by looking at it.

Seven Fingers comes over to the table again and starts raking the hooked knife through my skin. I bite my tongue to keep from screaming but am unable to stop the shrieks from escaping from my mouth when he starts hacking off large chunks of flesh from my limbs.

I scream. I shriek. I yell. I wail. I continue to cry out in pain until my throat gives out, but my screams start anew once my vocal cords have healed.

When he finishes torturing me, I have no idea how much time has passed, it could have been minutes, or it could have been hours. It could have been days, or it could have been weeks. It could have been months, or it could have been years.

All I know was that I was in blinding, burning, blistering agony for what felt like an eternity.

Seven fingers picks up and shoves me into the cage again. This time I have no energy left to fight him, and just grateful for the end of the pain.

I stumble and fall on my way to the cage, my legs unable to support my weight, and smash my head on the floor with a loud crack . It feels as if my skull has been driven over by a tank.

My body can no longer take all the pain and shuts itself down, my vision going black. I hear Seven Fingers laugh as I drift into unconsciousness.

When I wake up, my wounds have scabbed over, but have not healed. I do not have enough blood in my body to heal even a skinned knee. I try to sit up and cry out in agony. Seven Fingers hears me, and comes into my cage.

I would like to hurt him, but considering that I can’t even sit up, much less stand up, I decide against that course of action.

“Hello sweetie. You ready for another round of pain?” I almost cry as he says that. I don’t know how I can take any more.

Seven Fingers drags me out of my cage by my neck, and I get ready to bite him. This might be my only chance to heal, as repulsive as it is.

I claw at his arm and sink my fangs into his wrist. Seven FIngers throws me against the wall, but not before I get a few mouthfuls of blood. It’s not much, but it is enough to give me the strength to move without unbearable pain, and hopefully to outrun an average human.

Seven Fingers grabs my chains, and yanks me over to the entrance of the cave, careful to stay out of the way of my claws.

“Let’s see how you like the SUN, parasite!” He says, pushing open the doors, and throwing me out into the light.

This is my chance to escape. I get to my feet and prepare to run. Seven Fingers is confused by why I am not burning.

“I didn’t see any ring on you!?! Why won’t you DIE!!” He yells, furious with me.

I start running, off into the forest, faster than most humans. Seven Fingers will never catch up to me now, as long as he doesn’t have a vehicle. I may be faster than someone on foot, but I know that a car would have no problem getting to me.

I can make out the sound of an engine firing up, so I decide that the best course of action would be to hide, but where?

The trees are too obvious. But underground? I could burrow into the earth easily. Yeah, that’s the best plan.

I start to dig with my hands, into the moist soil, producing a tunnel in seconds and climbing in. I burrow down deeper and make a small cave. Then I seal the entrance.

Seven Fingers will never find me now. I gradually dig deeper, and deeper, sealing up the tunnel behind me with excess dirt. I reach bedrock and stop tunneling. I will stay here until at least tomorrow, or until David finds me.

I drift off to sleep while I am waiting, and start to dream.

This service is free, although it would be nice if you could take a look at my books!


I’m very interested in your services! I am starting a new book in a collection I’m working on called dark&twisted love.
Could I send you a pm with all the details. I can also do a shout out at the beginning of the book and a chapter dedication that has the torture scene. I may even need more done depending on the flow of the story. These are novellas so they are short usually under 15 chapters.
Let’s me know if your interested and if I can send you a pm. Thank you (:

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