Requesting a Cover for my Teen Fiction / Romance Story!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my thread and possibly take a go at creating a cover for my story. I have posted the current story cover below, as well as a summary of the story to hopefully give you all more ideas. It also has a “request form” for things I would like to see on the cover, however, I encourage you all to use your own ideas as well! I am really open to anything as my ideas aren’t always the best, haha. All the info is below! Thank you to everyone.

Anything Else: Gregg Sulkin has been cast as Aiden Parker; Lily Collins as Emery Hall; Grant Gustin as Evan Andrews if you would like to include them on the cover.

Story #2:

Title: Who I’m Meant to Be

Current Cover:

centered image


Abigail "Blair" Wilson has spent two years knowing that her best friend, Jake, is in love with her. He's always known that she doesn't feel the same way, but that's never stopped him from holding out hope. So, what happens when she meets the mysterious and charming, Jordan "Adams"?
Abigail has had a rough life: a father who's been in and out of hospitals, a family drowning in medical bills, and a best friend who's been in love with her for as long as she can remember. Despite it all though, she is popular and loved by everyone at Central High School. But why then, has she always felt like a part of herself has been kept hidden in the shadows? Like she can never truly be the person she's always wanted? Her best friend, Jake, has painted an image of her that gives her little room to breathe and be herself. She feels trapped. And as time goes on, she can only find herself wanting one thing -- to be free. Free of judgment.
So, when Abigail runs into Jordan "Adams," a recent transfer to Central, and the school's newest star quarterback, she begins to fall for his confident, care-free recklessness, and the way he cares so deeply for those closest to him, defending them to his dying breath. He challenges her day-by-day, and cares for her as though he's known her his whole life. She feels oddly connected to him, and as time goes on, she realizes that there is more to Jordan than he is letting on.
But will secrets and lies keep them from being apart? Or will Abigail finally let her heart take control?

Author: Katy-C

Genre(s): Teen Fiction, Romance

Colours: Any colors are welcome as long as there isn’t too much pink!

Idea(s): I would like for the mood to be slightly passionate (but not too much); Abigail and Jordan’s story is one where they are both fighting for everyone’s approval to be together, so I guess it is kind of like a “forbidden love” type theme. Some ideas I thought about were maybe a guy and a girl in love with their foreheads pressed together. The guy is basically “all in” to the relationship, but you can maybe tell that the girl is reluctant to be with him. Abigail is really fighting herself on whether she should be with Jordan, so I’m hoping the cover can convey that tension and internal struggle that she feels. (Abigail has dark brown hair and Jordan has dirty blonde hair.) This is just my idea, but if you have any you are welcome to try them!

Payment: A permanent follow for all those that try, and if I choose to use your cover I will give you credit in the story summary, copyright, as well as dedicate a chapter of the book to you. I will also give you a follow!

Anything Else: Good luck to everyone, and thank you!


I’m trying to get better at covers so I’d like to give these a shot!

Awesome! I can’t wait to see them!

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I’m making some for you!

Okay, thank you so much!

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These are such cute covers! They’re not exactly what I was looking for, but I still think they are great!

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I genuinely like the first cover you have not sure why you need a new one :heart_eyes:

Haha, thank you, I appreciate that!

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Here’s my attempt at the first one; if you like it I’ll try the second one. :slight_smile: let me know ^^

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I do like it! It’s not quite what I was looking for as a cover, but I would love to feature it as a banner on one of my chapters!

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Would love to try! :slight_smile:

I’m a cover mood right now, lol, so I’d love to give these a try! :hearts:

Awesome, thank you!

Okay, thank you so much!

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Thank you so much for trying, but I am looking for something a little different! I appreciate the effort though!

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