Requesting a Fantasy Cover [closed, cover decided]

closed to submissions, cover undecided
I’ll be looking through the covers once more and deciding the chosen one in two days
2/13 23:59, Tokyo, Japan time will be the last day.

Hi, so I’m looking for a fantasy cover and here’s how I’ll do this.

The top three covers I like: a follow, a feedback on one chapter from a book of your choice (not a mature book).
Everyone else: a follow unless I’m already following you.
The chosen cover: credited of course. And you will get to ask me to read/comment on an additional chapter from a book of your choice (not a mature book).

NOTE: This book will only be published once I have a good summary and cover. If you feel like you can make more than one version, that would be awesome :slight_smile: Once the top three contenders are chosen, I’ll be marking the chosen cover as the solution and closing the request :slight_smile:

Graphic Type: Cover

Title: The Prince of Thagarmius
Subtitle: Three realms, four lives, one true heir.

Author: Enna L. Foxwood

Genre(s): Fantasy, Adventure

Colours: Green to yellow gradient. Think Emerald City with a little more yellow. Also gold.

Idea(s): The title should be big and almost the main thing. Since royalty is involved, I would like a diadem (headband kind of crown) that has emeralds in it and is gold. If not, a silhouette of something like this:

Story Summary: (I have not written a summary for this yet, so bear with me.) An evil king’s soul is kept behind a shield in a small country called Noier. One day, the darkness explodes out of its shield putting all of Oz in danger. Or does it? Is there more to this evil than meets the eye?

And what is really going on here? The capital country Thagarmius’ reign over the other four countries of Oz begins to crumble to reveal the man behind the curtain. Three people’s lives and three realms collide in this epic Ozian adventure with an evil ruler, backstabbers, and spies. The three Ozians involved and the one American, must find the true heir of Thagarmius before it is too late.


Follow Calani Gallows, a teen who fails at magic and is shoved into the realm of America when the explosion happens. She is worried about her family. When she meets a boy claiming to have met her in his dream, she soon finds herself entangled in something more complicated then ever imagined. Saving her family is easier said than done.

Follow Jasper Crow Galestorm, a normal American teen, living in a post-disaster town called Summertown. Since he was little, he has had dreams of Oz and never believes they are real. Not until he meets Calani, of course. When he enters into the realm of Oz, he soon finds himself entangled in the mysteries surrounding the darkness. But that’s not the only thing–the king captures his brother and now it’s not someone else’s problem.

Payment: Already specified above.

Anything Else: If you can claim the cover can be posted outside Wattpad (e.g. my author’s website, instagram, twitter, possibly facebook) without infringing on any copyrights, your cover will most likely be chosen over others.

If it happens that none of the covers work for me, I will still give you all a follow and you can ask me to read a chapter from a book of your choosing. I know how hard it is to make a cover being a covermaker myself. I will acknowledge hard work :slight_smile:

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Hey i’m so happy to try this for you. Based on the actual graphic itself - are you thinking more of an object based cover (like Four Dead Queens, check out ) or do you want people/silhouettes (like The Selection, Sorcery of Thorns?) should you want people; are your royals men/women/teens/children? And a character description would be great! Any other ideas or covers you like would be great inspiration to DM me :—)

Here is a possible cover for your story.
(Look at it in your browser; this forum crops my images.)

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Hey, just a question, is the image you posted as an example free of copyright? Otherwise I found an image but I’ll have to change the colors.

i’ll try meh luck!

Here’s what I made. There are two versions, one with and one without a golden border.

This took wayyyyyyy longer than expected. :joy:

I made it primarily gold with only hints of green due to my lack of tools. However, I hope you like it ^^

Links to where I got the images:

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soooo this was my first attmept (sorry if it’s kinda bad oof)

The Prince of Thagarimus first try

imma try some more :sweat_smile:

That font though! :heart_eyes:

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I also had a go at making you a cover! Love your concept here. :slight_smile:

P.S. It is entirely royalty free and can be uploaded/used anywhere, even published, as all images are safe to use commercially.



No, not free of copyright.

I was thinking object-based or typography style. I’ll send you some covers for inspiration :slight_smile:

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Sooo… I did this​:no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:


So, I can’t seem to find you on the Wattpad site, I’ll send you some here.
These are just inspos so I’m not looking for anything exactly like these.

Inspo 1

Inspo 2

Inspo 3

Inspo 4

Inspo 5

That’s a nice font on the title :smiley:

Ooooh, this is nice :smiley: Is there a possibility you can make the author name stand out a bit more? Maybe a lighter color?

That’s pretty cool. Is there a possibility you can change the font of the author name to be the same as “The Prince of” font?

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Oh yessss

Ooooooh. I love this one. Except maybe change the color of the author’s name to white or gray? It’s a little hard to read. But other than that I love it. Nice job.

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