Requesting beta readers for an Epic Fantasy novel (anti-hero MC)

Title: Kingmaker

Genre and sub-genres: Epic/Low/Dark Fantasy - political intrigue


Kinsha is a criminal, and a troublesome one at that. While living in the town of Seca, he has grown accustomed to the constant smell of death, as well as the thieves and brigands scattered around the place, like a harrowing plague, dead set on making life a living hell.

When he enters the local tavern for a mug of ale, he finds a stranger lurking in the corner, who offers him an impossible task with the highest of risks: the murder of King Nilah da Beral, the King of Hope.

I would like for whoever is reading this to focus on the plot, the pacing and the tone of each pivotal character. It would be great if you could spot the differences between them and alert me if they sound similar or have any inconsistencies. Also, please look for plot-holes. Lord knows I’ve tried many a time to find them myself, but they keep continuing to elude me.

In-line comments are fine, as is messaging me directly. Thank you all in advance. I can’t wait for everyone’s feedback. Regarding the issue of payment, I would be happy to follow/shout out whoever is interested and give comments on a few chapters of your choosing.

i’m totally down for beta-ing your story! it sounds super interesting, so i’ll be sure to check it out :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:

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