🗝 Requesting for A Cover 🕰

:old_key: Please use the following form when posting your request:

Graphic Type: Like an edited one, maybe

Title: Tick Tock

Author: JemU776

Genre(s): Mystery

Colours: Gray or golden brown

Idea(s): A watch/pendulum with like a victorian house in the background perhaps. The theme for the words can be in something you see on old Newspapers.

Story Summary: Detective William always wondered what happened to his beloved
great, great, great grandfather’s wife, who was murdered in cold blood many years ago. Solving the crime would please him but it’s a cold case now. What happens when he gets to solve the murder but not at all like he expected? blast from the past (it’s still in the rough stages so the summary is still being smoothed out or I might just keep it)

Payment (if offered): Will give credit (ofc)

Anything Else:

I’m entering a contest that deals with historical fiction and mystery, a killer involved, etc. I’d like for it to say “Written by Jem776x” at the bottom of the cover while the title can go at the top or middle, depending on where it looks better and yep, this is my first time requesting for a story cover on Wattpad :mantelpiece_clock:

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How about this cover:
(please look at it in the browser; this forum cuts the sides off)

Something like this?

Both covers are so beautiful, it’s going to be hard to choose, I wish I could use both :sob: :white_heart:

Well, how about you choose one and then make a chapter called “covers” or something like that so people can still see the other one?

Oh wait I hadn’t realized you wanted it to be written “Written By Jem776x” and not by JemU776 like was written in the form.
And here’s a mockup:

Ha ha I’m fine with either, I go by both :nerd_face:

And I think that’s what I might do, have a chapter called covers, thank you for the suggestion :white_heart:

Hello ! You need to create your own thread x)
You cannot use the thread of another person to post your own request :wink:

I was wondering if you are still requesting a cover?

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