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Hello there! You might be wondering, β€œWhy has Euro created a thread on research resources, when I can just Google it?”

Well, to make it easier to find necessary information without going on a wild goose chase for information, which can sometimes be difficult to find :slight_smile: Also, so that you can do more writing and less searching!

So, basically, how this is going to work: As I, myself, find plenty of resources on topics (most likely specifics), I will be categorizing them into general and sub categories (once I get a significant amount of sources)! Use Ctrl + F (Cmd + F on Mac) to use the search function to look for a tag or keyword. Hopefully this will be helpful for everyone!


  • Soldier Combat Skills: Soldier Combat Skills is a website that covers the essential skills that soldiers will need to know. This is everything from survival tactics to environments and their conditions. Tags: Military, Soldier, Army, War

  • Military Fiction Field Manual: These Reddit posts by u/Nate_Parker are designed to be a resource in writing military fiction in sci-fi, fantasy, and other genres.

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a government website that provides statistics, roles, and the requirements of hundreds of jobs. The types of jobs in the handbook range from medical professionals to industrial workers. The website is part of the US Department of Labor. Tags: Jobs, Occupations, Working, Workers

  • Pay and Leave: This Pay and Leave fact sheet provided by the US Office of Personnel Management offers extensive information on holiday-related work activities for US workers, both federal and non-federal. Tags: Holiday, Jobs, Workers, Working, Occupations

  • What Happens In a Coma?: This YouTube video by Seeker explains what happens in a coma. Tags: Medicine, Coma, Sleep, Health

  • Police Radio Codes: This PDF is a list of typical codes used by police to report a crime, status, or action. Please note that the codes used may vary from precinct to precinct. Tags: Police, Code, Crime, Officer

  • Why It’s Important To Remain Conscious after a Concussion: This Reddit comment explains the importance of remaining conscious after a concussion. Tags: Concussion, Sports, Doctor, Medicine, Health, Sleep

  • Sample Flight Attendant Script: This sample flight attendant script is designed to give you idea of the standard announcements used by flight attendants. Note: airlines often have their own custom script that they use. Tags: Job, Script, Airline, Aviation, Flight Attendant

  • Information on Japanese Schooling System: This Tumblr post from natsubutart is an excellent resource on the Japanese school system. It provides information on uniforms, school years, and more. Tags: Japan, School, Education

  • Hospital Series - Terror Attack Victims: This BBC documentary from 2017 covers the 2017 Westminster Attack from the perspective of hospital staff. The documentary is a great resource for medical procedures of a β€œMass Casualty Event.” Note: There are scenes of blood, surgery (exposed scalp, etc.), and other stuff so if you don’t like that stuff, don’t watch the documentary.
    Tags: Hospital, NHS, Mass Casualty Event, Doctors, Nurse, Patient

  • Concept of operations for the management of mass casualties: An official document from the UK’s National Health Services (England) on the standard procedure for operating under a mass causality status.
    Tags: Hospital, NHS, Mass Casualty Event, Doctors, Nurse, Patient, Documents, Procedure


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