Responsibility sucks


I’ve been having so much fun writing Magnus Knights, but I just realized I have eight months to have the third Amber Silverblood book written, edited, and ready to go public. Amber Silverblood is my most popular series. It’s also my least favorite story. It also also sucks. Responsibility sucks too.

This has been “Adam whines about being a grownup.” Tune in next week to hear Adam whine about something equally stupid!


I haven’t been able to write anything on anything since last summer because my current job is so stressful and time-consuming. I’m home sick today only because stress has worn my immune system to nothing and my head feels like it’s about to rot off my neck. I really wish that I could write something while I’ve got the day off, but all I can think about is how much I should be using this time to fill out a 10 page application for a different job, even though I already have another job lined up. My parent’s aren’t happy with my next job choice and want me to apply for something else.

Adulthood: Where people pause and take a moment to consider how much they really want electricity and food each month.



Just change Adam to Angel and grownup to almost grownup


Ah yes, the old battle between joy and responsibility. Or to put it another way; weekend vs. work week. Sure wish the number of days in each were switched. However, a man’s gotta make a living so suck it up and push on through. (At least that’s what everyone always told me) :wink:


I feel that. I took customer service calls at the Walmart home office until a couple years ago. For an introverted, confrontation hating guy like me, that job was a nightmare. Luckily, I was still able to write, and that was my primary way of getting out of my job’s mindset after… or during… work.


Try being an introverted teacher with 100 students in an inner city school where you have to be 100% engaged with people all the time in order to maintain the crowd and occasionally break up first fights.


I work front-counter at Popeyes, people get pissy when food takes awhile because you are the only one up there to take orders AND make them, clearly able to see into the kitchens and see how many people are there and that we’re all overwhelmed. One guy once said I was lying about his order and began yelling, a manager told me to stop yelling back and I was going to, then the guy PURPOSELY began yelling AGAIN.

I broke down crying as soon as my face was turned away. Then I got yelled at again the one day because a guy had to wait because I was overwhelmed, two of my managers handled him, I barely managed to not cry and that same day someone complained to my manager and my manager said he was being rude, he then said he’d leave a bad review and she said “go ahead, doesn’t really hurt us”. (The other Popeyes here where I am has a horrible reputation and bad food is what I’ve heard, most people are happy and love our store, one person complimented us and some of our customers even understand because they themselves used to work fast food).

My anxiety goes through the roof at work so I nonstop talk. Makes me good for front counter but that’s exactly what makes it worse. Not that any other station would be better.

My stress has been keeping me from writing.


Talking to customers (especially Walmart customers) over the phone is a job nobody can do right. Your managers say you must solve a customer’s problems before hanging up, but 90% of the complaints you get aren’t things you have any control over. No, sir, I can’t fire the associate who didn’t give you a refund on the item you didn’t buy from Walmart. No, sir, I also can not give you a refund on the item you didn’t buy from Walmart. No, my manager can not give you a refund on the item you didn’t get from Walmart. Yes, sir, my existence is completely pointless. Yes, sir, I am worth less than the dog poop you stepped in this morning. Yes, sir, I’ll be sure to tell my family you’ll be burning their house down with them in it later. Yes, sir, I will regret not firing that associate when you do that. Is there anything else I can help you with? Okay, have a good day sir. Please rate my service after I hang up so my overall score for the week will nosedive and my managers can tell me what a horrible person I am too.

They can yell at you, insult you, and threaten you, but you’re not allowed to hang up on them because that isn’t good customer service. And as soon as you finish one call, you immediately get thrown into another without any time to recover from your last one. Not even joking, call center workers have some of the highest suicide tendencies in the world.


This reminds me how the one night I heard my dad speaking to customer service. He literally told the person who took over the call they need to higher smarter people or people who can speak better english because he messed up a few numbers, sometimes voices get muddied on the phone, happens all the time when I’m talking on the phone, most of the time I can’t understand who I’m talking to.


My MC Sarah gets a lesson about child sitting in the coming chapters lol.


If it doesn’t bring you joy, then reconsider it. Maybe find a way to make it bring you joy.

The old saying of fish or cut bait applies.


Damn, I’ve volunteered doing that. I don’t think I’ve ever come out of a week so exhausted. So much power to you.

Also, I can’t claim to know your situation, but I think your parents can lay off. At a certain point, it’s your life!


I visit the food bank twice weekly so I can afford a cat, haha. Priorities :man_shrugging:


Ah, my parents just being overprotective. They won’t lay off until they’re dead. And even then, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they haunt me just to say, “You know, maybe you should go into radiology. I hear that pays well and it’s just 2 years of school.”


Man. On one hand, that sucks, and on the other, it’s nice that they care… Well, best of luck! Hope your next job is less stressful :frowning_face: