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Reviewing short poetry for free

I just really like poetry and it doesn´t get a whole lot of attention so I figured, hey! Poetry reviews! For free! Anyway if you want you CAN check out my book; Poetry by the One and Only Wonko Me, but that is in no way shape or form required. Also, no worries, im not mean (I think) I´ll point out flaws but I´m not going to roast you. Comments or PM you choose. :slight_smile:


How lovely of you! We need more poetry-lovers on Wattpad :smile:

You can check out any of my three poetry novels:

  1. Teal Nostalgia

  2. Alpha Beta Poetry

  3. Paradise Found


Do you critique poems only or also stories that alternate poetry and prose?


Thankyou! Comments or PM?


I´de only do the poetry parts but sure!


Comments will be greatly appreciated!


Here is mine if you’d like to read it.


Oh… okay. Then you can check Deception: Alternative Version. It’s a collection of ballads (right now, it has only three). It’s based on the main story Deception, but it can be read as a stand-alone, don’t worry.


I was looking for poetry reviews :smile:

Do you have any topics you would rather not read?

If not, I would appreciate if you checked out RAW

Or, if certain topics do bother you, in Foxwood Forest

Thank you for considering :slight_smile:

Oh yes, as comments, please.


Would you take poems that I haven’t published (I can move it to google docs)? :nerd_face:

  • Side note: I might not re-upload to Wattpad :eyes:
  • Has Mature Rating
  • Would like in google-doc commentary




Sure!! PM or comments?


Ok! Pm or comments?




ummm, you could copy and paste into a pm to me


Comments are fine.




Preferably comments


I’m jsut gonna link my latest poem


If you’d like I only recently got back into writing poetry after a very long break. I’m a little rusty and would appreciate it if you could take a look and give me some feedback.