Reviews in the summary? [POLL]

Will seeing reviews in the Summary of a book help your decision to read it?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Neutral

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If not I’d love to know why!

Just on a more general note, what are your thoughts on authors posting reviews or positive feedback on their stories in book chapters, summaries, social media, etc.?

Have you ever done it?

Do you find that it draws in more readers or simply bolsters your/the author’s confidence in their book?

Do you find it annoying or not really care?

Can a good review hook you on a Wattpad book more than a summary, cover, title, or other aspect of the book?

I’d love to hear all your thoughts!

To be honest, I generally don’t look at reviews for media when I"m buying it/looking at it.

Movies, books, TV, etc.

I used to… all the time. Before buy or read a book, I would look at what other people were saying and make my final decision based on that.

But then I realised… The people who reviewed the book may have completely different taste to me.

So, the author may put these glowing reviews below their summary or at the beginning of the book or wherever, but they aren’t going to influence whether I read the book or not.

The summary itself and the cover are what I’m looking at.

I chose neutral because it doesn’t bother me and it may sway other people.


Thank you for the input!

I’m helpful!

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Unless it’s on a published book, then nah. I don’t wanna see that in a blurb on Wattpad. Mostly because I don’t care what xXx1DGurlxXx has to say about this book.

Reviewers out in the real world hold some weight with their words - random people on the internet who happened to praise your book does not. So any review of any kind on a Wattpad book blurb, would make me annoyed. (Unless it was like a New York Time reviewer or something like that) Probably not enough to not read the book, but enough to probably drop the author a comment and recommend they remove it.


Thank you for the feedback.

What do you think of authors who publish positive comments elsewhere?

Do you agree with them expressing their thanks and or showing that other people enjoyed and were interested in their books?

On published books, yes. Especially if it’s another author I like providing the review. That is a huge plus from me.

But on Wattpad? I’m actually a little turned off from books where the author has a review in the summary (also when they display their top rankings in their summary). People on Wattpad are generally very kind, saying on fairly average books that it was the “best book I’ve ever read”. So to me, they don’t mean much.

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Thank you for the feedback.

What’s your thoughts on authors sharing “reviews” or positive comments on their books elsewhere?

I’m not too sure what you mean. Can you clarify this for me with an example?

If you remove usernames, then go nuts. I’ve posted some on Twitter (with the username removed) because some have been too good to not share.

But I also like to just keep people anonymous. Just because they posted on my book, does not mean they want Twitter to know about their existence. And if it’s sent in PMs and is very personal, I keep it to myself.

For example authors who post a chapter with positive comments thanking or acknowledging loyal and kind readers. Or authors who publis “reviews” and positive comments on social media to show thanks and to show that there’s interest in their books.

I usually ask before sharing positive comments on social media. Most people are alright with it but I like to get permissions first.

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That’s a good rule to follow too. I wouldn’t ever wanna cross anyone’s boundaries.

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Agreed, and I’ve never had anyone who wasn’t okay with it but if someone wasn’t then I could understand.

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I view that pretty negatively, to be honest. I think it’s enough for the author to thank the reviewer by responding to their comment directly.
But if the author creates a chapter dedicated to showing off their reviews, or posting the nice comments they got to social media, it just seems a little cheap to me. Like they’re just showing off, and that their main goal is to get popular rather than just share a good story.

Definitely. I write about some sensitive subjects and some have come out and told me a little about their own problems and how they could relate to the characters. That’s something I’d never share with anyone. That’s so personal. I’d not be okay with an author publishing a personal message like that - so I don’t do it to my readers either

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Can I ask why you view it specifically as “getting popular” rather than a simple attempt to let others know about their story so that they can share a good story? After all, promotion and marketing is a big part of indie publishing nowadays and getting discovered on Wattpad is hard enough without promotion, if it helps other people find a story they might enjoy, then I personally don’t see a negative.

I’m just curious to understand why you assume it’s for popularity.

That’s completely understandable. Most of the comments I get that I post are ones about people telling me that the story was impactful, well written, well crafted, and a good read. I don’t have any comments (I think) on the more personal level that I asked to post cause that’s not something to be public. If that person shares that’s their story, their life, their privacy and it should I be respected.

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Same. All the ones that are basically just ego strokes - those are the ones I share on twitter to gush over with my writer friends. :joy:

And definitely agreed to the rest.


I like to share the positive comments so people know I have a story that other people found worth reading and because it gets the word out. I’m not aiming for popularity, just doing my best to be discovered and hoping people will enjoy my story.

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