RIVERDALE fans! Hop in :D (WARNING: May contain spoilers)

Welcome to the Community Chat for all things Riverdale! You asked for it, and Wattpad has listened! Finally, there is a page and thread for all you Riverdale fans out there! Whether you be a fan of the comics, the TV show, the TV show AND the comics; a die-hard fan, or a newbie, we don’t care. We are all Riverheads here.

We do have a couple of rules here-

  1. No heavy spoilers. You can spoil a little and have theories but for sake of new people let’s not ruin too much :wink:

  2. Be nice to other users.

  3. Have fun!

Step on in and give us a quick introduction of yourselves and respond to another to get this convo going! Also, if possible toss us a follow to learn about brand new news and contests coming your way!


@Angelic_Vamp ^^

I’m here! Although I’ve never been here on this site before haha

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A warm welcome @cmroth76 :slight_smile:

You’ll get used to it in due time. It’s really nice here =]

I keep mistaking Riverdale for Rivendale.


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Hey there :slight_smile:
Welcome =]

Thank you! It does seem nice so far!

Haha that’s okay! Welcome :slight_smile:

I never heard that one :joy:

@Nablai Thanks for tagging and now we can blur spoilers! :raised_hands:

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Hi people!!

Hi and welcome! :smiley:

Haha… :joy: But does Rivendale even exist?

Yup, we can, Angel :slight_smile: Lauren @LaurenLeto has done a grand job :heart: :clap:


Thank you!

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@all Im almost to the end of season 2 and I LOVE THIS SHOW

Awesome! Tell us which season is better for you :laughing:

Which character is your favorite :slight_smile:

Personally, I like Season 2 better. =]


What’s everyone’s favorite characters?
Mine is probable Jughead, Toni, Sweetpea, and Cheryl :stuck_out_tongue:


Everyone but Betty is 1 and Jughead 2. Bughead! :joy:

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Yes!! :joy:

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