RIVERDALE fans! Hop in :D (WARNING: May contain spoilers)



It’s a great show but these kids… lawd. They’re written like 25 year olds.


Would make sense considering the fact that the writers are probably in their forties themselves- not that there’s anything wrong with that, but they just can’t relate to teens in this decade.


I missed the recent episode. Did I miss something worthwhile?


Yep. Usually I’m okay with that but the access these kids have to law enforcement and solving these murders, it’s too unreal.


Archie and Jug are walking on the train tracks, bags over their shoulder

That’s a small spoil there ^^


Who watched last night’s episode?!

I’m gonna be honest. I love the episode especially Betty’s but… Archie going for Hiram is just a dumb move and then the escape route Betty planned, maybe she didn’t know but didn’t no one told her after the save Cheryl plan?


Ugh. That whole episode was so stressful. Like Archie is out there telling his deepest darkest secrets to random strangers who HE’S ALSO MAKING OUT WITH RIGHT AFTER HIS BREAKUP, then Veronica had that moment where she was like wow, maybe my murdering drug-lord of a dad isn’t that bad, and through it all, and most importantly I think, nobody is wondering where the frick Betty is?

I guessed immediately that the escape wouldn’t work, but I wish that Cheryl had made a saving appearance at the SoQM with her bow in hand.


Yes! I didn’t watched the 10 min start but the rest was a little odd. Though the best part is Betty telling Ethel there’s no Ethelhead and her inner POV. I mean I welcome Ethel x Jug but always Bughead to me. And Veronica winning (by cheating) to Elio :joy:


Honestly the most horrible part of the storyline for me is Archie having sex with some random person just after a breakup, not only does it show shallow levels of emotion it makes me question how committed he actually was. And mind you he is supposed to be the good guy. Also I don’t get why just because he is going to Greendale that suddenly he and Veronica have to break up it seemed unrealistic to me. Also that scene in the mines ties into Sabrina if you guys have not watched it go and do so you will see what I mean. Also check out the YouTube theories why Alice might be a witch. Cheryl as well. Some were far out but some are pretty convincing especially when it’s actual quotes from things Alice said. personally I suspect some Riverdale folks originally came from Greendale so it’s not shocking to see if the cooper’s and blossoms are really witches.


Veronica is so hot and cold it irritates me. She says she’s against daddy drug lord but she plays double agent and slurps on the financial benefits.


Any videos you recommend? I want to check it out :joy: No wonder the babies floated


Goodness I haven’t been here for quite a while but I’m back now!


have to get back to you on that.


WB! :raised_hands: :hugs:


Thanks! :heart: I have an issue with forgetting to check this :joy:


I havent been able to watch any of the new episodes cause I ont have regular TV


Same here. Been busy these days.


Just finished s 3 it made me cryyyy


No worries. I just came here if there’s news, after new episode, or someone :joy:

Have you checked CW site or their app?



Varchie breaks upppppp