rixtyminutes' character designs [lineart]

important information

lineart only for the time being

to begin with, i’ll only be taking female character requests until I’m confident in drawing males. requests may also be denied due to the inability to produce of what’s been asked. apologies in advance.

payment is optional

have patience & play nice with others

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

  • headshot | half-body | chibi:
  • name:
  • age:
  • hair style:
  • piercings/tattoos/beauty marks:
  • clothes:
  • expression:


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x headshot or chibi (whichever you’re feeling)
x name - Scarlett Everestt
x age - nineteen
x skintone - medium white color. Just a casual tan color.
x hair color - dark brown (falls to upper - mid back)
x eye color - red slit (like a dragon)
x piercings - three lobe in left and right. Two carlidge in left and one industrial in right. (Perhaps they can be a bit lifted, like a vampire or a dragons?) MC is going through a whole curse stage rn Lmao
x clothing - dark grey t-shirt (perhaps a bit ripped up?), ripped blue jeans, and sneakers.
x color scheme -


Would you like something similar to Example 1 ?

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I love the first one I saw it posted on another thread and was absolutely amazed

I’ll get started on it soon, I’ll also PM you with updates so you can advise me of any changes you’d like.

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Awh you are so amazing

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  • headshot | half-body | chibi: I love example 1
  • name: Shelly DeLuca
  • age: 22
  • skintone: Olive
  • hair colour: Chocolate brown
  • hair style: Wavey layers with bangs (this is set in 2001 lolol)

  • eye colour: Brown
  • piercings/tattoos: Three on each ear, conch on left ear, belly button
  • clothing: Low rise flared jeans, crop spaghetti top with midriff showing and a pair of vans
  • colour scheme (include palette):


I will get to your request as soon as I’m finished with the first, thank you for your patience; also I will PM you with updates so you can advise me of any changes you’d like.

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Oh lord, no rush at all!

I’ve followed you (because who wouldn’t) but what else can I do for payment?!

If you use the image, just be sure to add a mention/credit wherever you’re able. That’d be plenty.

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your art style is gorgeous! would you be comfortable drawing a drag persona? :bluehearts:

  • headshot | half-body | chibi: (the same as the first example except without the extra person and the traits)
  • name: Victoire
  • age: 12
  • skintone: porcelain image
  • hair colour: dark brown
  • hair style: pixie haircut
  • eye colour: light brown
  • piercings/tattoos: N/A but she does have glasses image
  • clothing: image with blue ripped jeans
  • colour scheme (include palette): Champagne white color


If you could draw my character Wrath It’d be much appreciated.

Head shot
name: Wrath
Age: 12 -14
Skintone : Mediterranean
Hair colour: black
Hair style: warriors braid
Eye colour: brown
No tattos but scars on the face
Clothing: Medieval style shirt and and cloak
no idea the colour scheme.

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sorry wrong tag

i think you replied to the wrong person

Could you possible draw a couple if they are both women?


I will get to it as soon as I’m able to. I’ll also PM you with a rough draft, lineart, etc. to see if you’d like any changes made

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I’m willing to give it a go, if you fill out the form and add any references that’d be great.

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I can sure try, if you would fill out the form x2 that’d be great.

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