Roast your own fantasy novel



Also, is your character extra af? That would make it a 3 for me if I were to give it a low review :joy:


Sorry, seriously off topic but I think chonky animals is the best thing the internet has ever compiled.


He’s a huge military dude. So he’s a big dude.

But this other character I have… He’s thicc. And he’s all soft and thicc and bear’ish.

ooohhh, he could not be more extra :joy:


Omg yes, my whole thing is liking fat animals! Aside from being a loser who tries to write and draw.


Fat cats. Fat cats is what gets me through a rough day.


I put my cat on a diet because the one day she was just sitting there, she hadn’t even done anything and was wheezing…I looked at her and said, “hey babe, you need to lose some weight.” then adjusted how much food I fed her (she was not happy at first and would bombard me anytime I walked into the room, but now she doesn’t care, still trying to get used to her not being chunky, she is thicc though, so she will always look fat, but she isn’t really)


Look at deez thicc bois. Hello bois…




Oh my gods, I am dead!





So effing cute!


aww fok yeh


We’re so distracted right now lol


Okay, another roast.

Frej Rising

Vampire novel? Really? Because that hasn’t been done before. And don’t think just because there are Vikings and Aztec deities that distracts the readers from the truth. This is just a super gay romance with tid bits of vampire and Fantasy stuff shoved in there.

1/10 because the Aztec deity is thicc.


This conversation and how distracted we are is my every day life due to my ADHD mainly because I pick up on everything around me, a light flashing in my peripheral that is barely there? Yup, gonna look there, it won’t stop. Oh, is that a message? Let’s go see it!

It gets real bad real quick but I can’t take medication anymore because it effects my driving so that I only focus on one thing at a time. The way my brain is so active and such is exactly what I need when driving, when on my medication I will end up focusing on my left mirror, or my right one. Maybe my rear view. A lot of times I focused only on my spinometer or the road. Back then I had my dad to snap me out of it. Then I had my doctor take me off and my driving improved massively, I no longer focused solely on one thing. Now I have nobody in the passenger seat. I don’t need any tickets or getting in any accidents,


To be fair, bmecha was the one who brought up chonky animals.
I made the mistake of allowing Wattpad community to alert my PC so I’m trying to do edits on the sequel to Psychic and I keep getting notifications. No ADHD just curiosity but your situation sounds scary. Lucky for me, I don’t drive. I just pay other people way too much money to do it for me. At least I don’t have to buy a car.


My dad got my car (I am starting to love the beat up, kinda piece of shit thing as of right now but working on getting all the repairs it needs, still safe to drive though, just have to be careful of how I turn it off or risk my battery dying and stranding me)


My dad hates me.

Sorry tmi but for real tho.


Mine told me I owe 200 for it, I know (due to some other fees and also for repairs to my car) I owe at least 300 (and now because of low sales my hours are being cut, as are everyone elses so I’m gonna have to tell my dad his payments of 100 a month have to wait because I have to have 160 for car insurance, plus about 30 for gas to be on the safe side and money for my personal expenses, most of which went to my cat as my dad waited until I already bought over 20 dollars worth of cat food and litter for both cats it was only for my own cat from now on as him and my step mom would get their cat it’s own now that I could buy my cat stuff)


Not too happy about the cat stuff, I could have used that money for other stuff and just bought a small bag of food and small thing of litter to last until I got more money to actually spend on her as she only eats every other day while the other one eats everyday and still wants more (my cat is less active and super stressed so she gains weight easily, both are due to a certain dog I effing hate)