*rolls around*


Hello Cafe 2.0


@SWKata -poke-



I’m just looking around.

So far, I’m not a fan of how much white space there is around everything when viewing on my phone.

Is there a compact version?


No compact version, but there are three different themes.

You can change your theme by clicking here.

Edit: For any lurkers, that link is specific for @SWKata


I switched to the dark theme. Still feel it’s too much black, but it’s sooooo much easier on the eyes.


I think I’m going to send @UncleL the style sheet I edited and made similar to the current forums to see if it can be implemented (at least for a test theme)


Worth a shot. Now is the time to play! If it can’t be done, it can’t be done.


This is the stylesheet I created for Discourse (this software) to match the old style. I’ll get the code together again and see if it can be put in there :wink:

(Posting the screenshot in case someone else didn’t see it)


That’s basically perfect IMHO So if they can get a dark theme of that (because this really is easier on my dyslexia and my eyes) and do pages instead of endless scroll, I’m happy.


@Makaylasophia @Prisim Wasn’t something like that already added as a third theme option?


Just switched to the clubs theme, and you are correct (actually forgot the club theme was there :rofl: )


But I do need a dark themed version of that :laughing:


@Lumi Ohh, I totally missed that! That’s better then :slight_smile: I’d still like the borders to be between posts and the border radius upped, but that’s just my brain trying to follow aesthetic xD



Colours dont really improve it much tho.

I hate to complain, but I find the whole site quite clunky.

What’s the general vibe from everyone else?


My main complaints at the moment are lack of pagination and lack of advanced code.


Hrmm, the reply function isn’t that obvious either.

Unless i look up in the corner there, I miss that some comments are actually replies.

@ mentions are better.


@ gives me a pop up list!

Okay, thats the only improvement the new site has, it’s won me over. Haha

@Lumi just testing.

Tho my onscreen keyboard does cover all but the first name in the list.


Definitely needs some cosmetic clean up. But Like the quoting feature, will make helping people with blurbs SO much easier. Like being able to preview the post and the increase in character limit. I need pages. The endless scroll sucks. And I would like a counter to say how many words I’ve used of the current limit so I don’t have to guess anymore. :rofl:

It is not perfect. I’m probably forgetting other things I’ve suggested already, but with the right tweaks I could live with this.


Ohhh, and it tells me @Prisim is writing a repy. Niice


@Prisim is there a post limit to a thread? Cos scrolling is deff gonna be a pain considering how our threads just go on and on, lol.


At this point, I’m not sure if there is an auto close of threads like the previous software. If there is one, we haven’t reached it :joy: But you get 5K characters in a post instead of the 2K we get on the older software. And the quote feature is amazing! Seriously you have to try it out. It’s like christmas (okay I exaggerate)