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Candy Gram



Nick Buckingham - the most unsociable theatre guy you’ll ever meet - has been “locker buddies” with the incredibly attractive all-rounder David Marquez for the past two years. Their school (especially adorable Josiah Richmond) is rather accepting of the fact that Nick is gay - so much so, David is willing to help him track down his secret Valentine’s admirer.

A Few Achievements

  • 2019 ONC Ambassador Pick and Long-Lister
  • Featured by lgbtq - “BoyxBoy Teen Fiction”
  • Featured by WattMulticultural - “Multicultural LGBTQ+”
  • Featured by talkthepoc - “Teen Fiction”
  • Featured by IAmStrong- - “I Will Rise Up”
  • 1st Place in the “Teen Fiction” Category of the 4th Annual Ohana Awards

"The girl stops mid-sentence when she sees the look our anatomy teacher is giving her. I think a blood vessel just popped out on his forehead. I put my head down and stifle my laugh in my bent elbow.

When I have myself sufficiently under control, I lift my head again. The girl is picking up her things from the floor. The textbooks and copybook are back in her arms, but as she bends over to pick up her pen, her phone falls out of her pocket.

“Dag-nabbit!” I hear her mutter to herself.

“Oh, for heck’s sake!” she continues as she trips over her untied shoelace on the way to her desk. “Why does this always happen to me?”

It’s almost impossible for me not to lose it as I watch her sit down. It’s like this every time she enters class. Every time. She’s like a one-woman show. I can’t wait for her to get here each day; I never know what she’ll do next."


it’s not a phase mom, it’s a form of art, it’s passion, it’s love. it’s angst.

it’s a sophomore in college that’s barely holding it together trying to make sense of her life whilst having papers due and getting very high and drunk in the weekends.

here is a story of a new adult with a little bit of trauma and a whole lot of awkwardness.
no kidnappings, no dangerous situations, no bad boy billionaire, just the harsh reality of college in a brave new age of technological revolutions.

because coming of age is never about winning a player, it’s about seizing the play by mastering yourself.

new chapter every week!


Book #1 in the Tristan series.

What happens when you ignore love at first sight? What about ignoring fate?

Find out as Damien and Lily find eachother once again in this steamy romance that takes you from their teenage years to their journey to parenting a young boy named Tristan. Blood doesn’t always run thicker than water as they both learn.

This story will make you laugh, cry and things do get a little hot.

Damien and Lily’s story is a mature read, intended for people over the age of eighteen. As with all my stories the music attached means something to the book. I would advise listening to the songs when they’re attached to a chapter.

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Hey @gracemadden1234 and I are hosting a book that allows easy access to undiscovered books on wattpad. It also helps writers to get their work out there so more people see it! !

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•Laugh Out Loud Romance•
•Sexy Irish Musicians•
•Second Chance•


Meet Thea: a quirky girl with a terrible sense of humour who’s life turns upside down when she meets royalty.

#53 in Teen Fiction (4/12/17)