Romance any one?

In the spirit of valentine’s, let’s talk about some romance. In every story, I have seen some sort of romance; wether it is the main point of the story or just a side plot. It is something that adds maybe tension or relief to a story. With romance there are things that people love and hate bout the genre, if that is having too much on the outside and not a lot on the inside for character, or the cheesy lines and how everything plays out. There is always some kind of romance in story, and if it is done well or not is questionable.
I personally try not to add too much romance as I am not an expert in it, nor have I been in many relationships. However, today I want to ask what all of you think about romance, how well is it done in different books, and genres. What cliches do you love and/ or hate about the genre? Which books play off the relationships well, and which ones fail?
I hope you all have a great day and a great valentines as well!

I personally love romance and have written over 30 here on Wattpad. I love the books that reunite characters after a period of time to mature, my leading men are never horrible or abusive and I have tied in other genre’s. I am a very sensitive person so it’s easy for me to get lost in emotion and I’m also funny so romantic comedies are a blast to write! I’ve been with my husband for almost 24 years and we met under circumstances that could almost be written as a romantic comedy.

I like romantic relationships that take time to build and develop. Unfortunately most romance stories out there involve instant attraction (purely physical attraction is fine) and love at first sight type thing, which feels so unrealistic.
These days I read mostly fantasy/adventure with a romance side plot E.g. I really like the way Sarah J Maas does it.
And the one I’m currently writing also veers away from the insta-attraction thing.

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I just wrote one that took over 20 years!

I’m highly critical of romance as I feel it’s overdone and a majority of its overdone-ness contains horribly predictable cliches, romanticizing of toxic relationships, or just makes no sense and are there for the “funsies”

I don’t completely hate romance, but I rarely find romance stories that I like (so rarely I can’t even think of any right now). With this, I’m not opposed to writing any romance but I don’t want to write it (at least with my current work) because not everyone’s life stories completely revolve around their romantic lives


That’s awesome I’ll check it out! But I would be very disappointed if it ends with “I realise now that I fell in love with you the first time I met you 20 years ago.” :joy:

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I personally love the romance genre, especially paranormal romance! My favorite stories involve both the hero and the heroine (or heroxhero or heroinexheroine) becoming braver, better people as a result of their romantic relationship.

One of my favorite examples of this is the movie Hitch. Both Hitch and Eva Mendes (blanking on her character’s name lol) become more mature, balanced people after falling in love with each other.

Just re-read a good historical romance! Heroine is taken as ransom by a Scottish outlaw; an earl whose kind of a mixture of Robin Hood and Braveheart. She was neglected as a child and puts on the spoiled brat act and he’s a former soldier who’s looking after a group of orphans, has the heart of an artist, and is battling his own inner demons. There’s a sequel that I plan on checking out soon.

Writing my own right now!

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They were ten lol!

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Love a good historical romance! Do you watch Outlander?

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Read the first book but the show looks a little too graphic for me. I plan on checking out the rest of the books though. I LOVED Poldark (two words: Aidan Turner) though and I am writing a fanfic that I thought up around season two or three.

I haven’t seen that one. Is it on Netflix?

Should be (I don’t stream!), it was a British show that aired on PBS and is based on a series of classic novels.

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Another good historical romance with a lot of steam: guy meets girl at a party and is instantly attracted to her. They run into each other a few weeks later at another function and he finds out that she’s being abused by her father. He takes the only option to protect her: elope and consummate the marriage. It’s kind of like they fall in love after they are married.

There was one years ago and I can’t remember the title. It’s where there was a magic desk that allowed a man from these times to exchange letters with a woman during the American Civil War. Wish I could remember the name.

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I’m kind of taking a new path from the historical stuff for writing. I have a fanfic in the works based off a UK medical drama. I haven’t watched it, but my favorite actor plays a character that really struck me and I got a great idea. I wrote a few scenes and it really flowed! If it doesn’t take off, I’ll just change the character names and a few plot points and turn it into a doctor/age gap/roommate romance.

Don’t you hate that?

Yes! Drives me insane and is getting worse the older I get. I wrote two historical romances. One is about a WWI Red Cross nurse and the other is about abolitionists during the American Civil War. I’ve only written two because there’s so much research involved.

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I wrote a fanfic based on Les Miserables. Good ol ill-fated romance with a happy ending.

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