Romance Book recommendations?

Hey everyone! I’ve become recently interested in reading/writing in the romance genre and am looking for recommendations. Things I am into: realistic dialogue, dark stories, explicit scenes, maybe demon/vampire/monster related. I’m looking for both stories on here and also to purchase online. I don’t have kindle, I prefer actual copies. Thank you!!! <3


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My romance book list…
(Anything by Colleen Hoover. My personal favs by her are…)
Ugly love - Colleen Hoover
It Ends With us - Colleen Hoover
Verity - colleen hoover
Before we were strangers - Renee Carlino
Wish you were here - Renee Carlino
Archers voice - mia Sheridan
Most all of you - mia Sheridan
The edge of never - J.A. Redmerski

How to fall in love - Roastedpiglet
Perfect Illusion - Claudiatan
Perfect Addiction - Claudiatan
Holding Onto You - Unsinkableships (This one was one of my favorites but now its paid story)
Storm and Silence - RobertThier
Shes with me - AvaViolet (its paid story now and published)

I havent got around to reading these yet but If you like steamy I heard they’re great…
The Siren - Tiffany Reisz
Bared To You - Sylvia Day
Wallbanger - Alice Clayton
The Mister - EL. James
The Storm Inside - Alexis Anne


While I’m at it, I think this one could interest you. It has realistic dialogues, explicite scenes, it gets dark and heavy at time, but nothing paranormal, though.




When she moves to Seattle for a job in programming, Andy doesn’t expect to have her heart torn between the sweetest and kindest man she knows and her rude and arrogant boss.


Andy is a nerdy young woman who has just secured her dream job as a programmer for Kelex, a company she has long admired.

Working there comes with some unexpected perks, much to Andy’s delight. One being Oliver, her new colleague who is the embodiment of everything she’s ever wanted in a man. However, her affection for Oliver is tainted by the overwhelming attraction she feels for her new boss, Alexander.

Alexander “Lex” Coleman is cold and arrogant, but she can’t even blame him for it, considering his big brain and movie-star good looks.

Now, Andy is stuck battling her inner demons and desires while trying to build a successful career and have it all. It becomes a choice of mind over flesh. Right over wrong. Eventually, something has to give and it’s only a question of when as Andy struggles with life and all of the crazy complications that come with it.


Click here




I have a werewolf romance with explicit scenes here and there.
Can I link my own story up for you?
I’m over 40 chapters and 90k words atm

Title: Selected
Status: 40 chapters, ongoing, updating twice a week on Monday and Friday (90k+ words)
Genre: Werewolf Romance
A story of trial, honor and love

Against her wishes a wolf changeling is called forth to be tested as a potential mate for a Beta of the Ghuardian, the Alpha King. Meanwhile, the Beta completely disapproves of this arrangement, refusing the last few candidates. As the two struggle to follow their own desires, while traversing the trials ahead of them, can they find a common ground? Or are they destined to fail?

selected klein test

warning: Sexual explicit
Note: Written in two POV’s, switching between male and female POV

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I have something with thrill and mature scenes.

sb ad


This one has some mature scenes later on and certain serious topics undisguised under a fun cutesy story XD

cupid gw
gw ad 2

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I recommend anything by @ccstarfield. She’s a top notch romance writer in my opinion.


I have a dark fantasy story you may enjoy… But I can also recommend @/kmbell92 's story called Love, Tom

Fractured Red

Redaliya learned quickly that the world doesn’t give second chances. After an ill-fated choice, her time is ticking; she goes in search of the only things she can’t have. A cure.
A gift given, and the balance tipped;
there is always a penalty to be paid.

Longer Summary

Redaliya wasn’t her first name. Before she changed it, what seems like a lifetime ago, she was called Opalescence Alkingsly. This is her story. One that’s been forgotten by many in the sands of time. The path she followed help build a foundation for the future.

After making a choice that leaves blood on her hands and bringing a curse upon herself, she is on the run. Travelling around to find a cure for her curse, Red stumbles upon a young shifter, Everett. Unable to leave him to fend for himself, she takes him under her protection. With even more of a reason to live she’s desperate to survive. When Everett shifts early, Red brings him to the healers to make sure he’s all right. While there she realizes her time really is ticking.

There are consequences of one’s actions; there are no second chances.

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@SabrinaHexley - this one’s dark, funny, and far from typical. My couple begin this story with a breakup - and they don’t get back together:
. . . . .
One week after Margaret pulls the plug on her relationship with Vincent, a decade-old video of their performance as a musical duo called Citizen Samurai goes viral, and they’re hired as an opening act for an aging British boy band’s reunion tour. Their romantic collaboration is kaput, but Vincent and Margaret seize the chance to achieve creative dreams by portraying themselves as a dedicated couple, singing intimate songs onstage while finding separate ways forward during a European summer tour.


excerpt - Chapter Two - MARGARET

That was the day I left the apartment for good.

The moment it became clear I’d put faith and trust in someone who obstructed my development? Prevented me from connecting crucial dots? I didn’t need a self-help book with a sternly worded title to understand I was living with a fucking bum and it was time to execute a remedy.

I delayed the arrival of that hard truth using all the tools in my child-of-divorce skillset.

A criminal talent for twisting the truth, honed through a lifetime of master classes taught by my mother. A carnival barker’s smiling knack for sensational promises and ripoff marketing inherited from Dad.

That was a constant and demanding hustle. Dressing up an old act with a fresh wrapper, new lighting and selling myself another season ticket to the same shitty show. Pretending the years I spent waiting for childish hopes to harden into something real weren’t squandered, but wisely invested.

If you can lie to yourself and make it stick? That’s how you know you’ve earned your black belt in bullshit.

Nothing is more effective at blurring or burying the borders of the real, authentic You than feeling responsible for someone who gives back like a black hole. That’s the power of denial. It creeps up on your critical thinking, gets it in a cozy Stockholm headlock and chokes reason out cold.

Escaping that delusion was like surviving a deadly disease. Instead of walking into the white light I woke the fuck up, immunized against further infection. After that it was impossible to justify the cost. I’m talking about the cost of me, spent day after day in big sums and small change.

Sound familiar? Not sure?

Then you better run the numbers. Make an honest evaluation.

A personal profit and loss statement will reveal connections that generate worthy returns on your investment of self. These are the parts that press together tight in all the right places to turn your hustle into special sauce, that fuel that wakes you up and makes you go.

A thorough audit will also identify negative sums written in red ink at the bottom line.

These are the things that take and drain. Paths and choices, individuals and organizations unlikely to convert the life you live now into the shiny new scenario you dream of waking up in someday.

Once you identify a deficit, you’ve got choices to make. And you’d best keep it scientific.

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Hi! I just completed my story!

After recently losing the love of her life, Harper Brady goes back in time to high school. She finds that her ten-month-old baby has time traveled with her as well.
Harper is delighted to find that her soulmate is still alive. She believes she’s been given an opportunity to save him, but when people start getting hurt, she can’t help but start to worry.
Maybe time doesn’t like being messed with.

Link: The Time of Your Life

Thank you!

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I think you’ll like this romance story
Heart on fire by Jae~J

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I have one historical romance/fantasy - it switches between 2019 Edinburgh and 1919 Scottish seaside, featuring selkies. If you wanna take a look, it’s called Seacliff. Ongoing and I update every weekend.

Ingrid is my femme fatale protagonist, I have several completed stories with her, which get darker and more explicit as they progress. Whiskey Latte is the original, New Adult PG-13 novella, Vodka Espresso follows right behind it and Tequila Americano also has some thriller/suspense elements (it’s also been called noirish :woman_shrugging:).

They’re a series but I tried to make each standalone. Plenty of realistic, witty dialogue. The last two are more in adult territory and marked mature.

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I see you’re into demon romances. Well, mine is a romance with the Devil and it also has explicit scenes. :slight_smile: I hope you like it! :heart:
Title: Tainted Wings: Book One
Genre: Supernatural Romance (Mature: Sexual content and strong language)
Status: Completed with 53 chapters and Book Two is currently ongoing with weekly updates.

We all know Lucifer is the one who despises all humans, but little did we know that the Devil himself would fall in love.

When God banished him from Heaven, he was saved by a powerful human witch. Virago gave him a home, showed him how to love, and birthed his very own children, but sometimes everything we love has to come to an end.

Thousands of years after Virago was killed, Lucifer finds her again, but without her past life memories. Afraid of the consequences her memories could bring back, Lucifer tries everything to keep her safe, but his sons have different plans. They spent years wishing to feel their mother’s love again.

Now that Virago has been reborn, the Princes of Hell are faced with a choice – to revive her memories and risk her life again, or let it all be?
Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 6.05.52 PM

@Tanya3231 @CEJeffery


I have a book that has a romance subplot if that counts. It also has vampires and is pretty dark. :sweat_smile:

Title: Flytrap

Blurb: A once promising, young detective starts digging into her soon-to-be stepmother’s elusive past and finds she might be the reason why men are mysteriously disappearing around the city.

After a tragic accident leaves her crippled, Barbara Gordon must return to the city she thought she left behind for treatment. Yet, the happy reunion she imagined with her dad is anything but when she meets his new fiancee. Convinced the woman is not who she seems, Barbara begins her own investigation and discovers she might be responsible for a recent string of disappearances.

But if Barbara wants to get closer to the horrifying truth, it’s going to take a lot more than just crime-solving for this once would-be detective. She must make a deal with a devil… or else, learn how to destroy one.

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My YA romance, Gilded Cage, has realistic dialogue, dark themes, and explicit scenes. No paranormal or supernatural elements, though. Hope you find some great reads on this thread!

Title: Gilded Cage


“Cages aren’t made of iron; they’re made of thoughts.”

Sixteen-year-old Cate’s life appears ridiculously perfect on the outside. She’s rich, beautiful, and top of her class and continues to maintain this facade until an old classmate’s return to Ashton Wellesley Academy turns her world upside down.

With ink, piercings, and attitude to match, Zac is no longer the boy everyone used to bully in seventh grade. They become rivals from day one. Chaos ensues as egos clash and sparks fly.

Cover - Gilded Cage

Hey! I’m working on a gay romance novel where a guy falls in love with the sun. I only have a prelude up right now, but I’m editing the first chapter and it gets pretty explicit. It’ll get a lot darker later on when more dangerous gods are introduced. I think you might really enjoy it!



Helianthus was a small-town boy, most comfortable in the company of sheep and horses out on a wild mountainside. Though he left home to join the Royal Legion, he was never a soldier no matter how easily he took to battle. When he saves the town from invaders during his first visit in ten years, the title ‘hero’ is nothing more to him than a ridiculous nickname.

At heart, Helianthus knew he would always be a small-town boy. He just needed to solve all of his town’s problems, let the dust settle, and give everyone some time to forget he was anything more than a reclusive farmer. Until he finds himself face to face with The Sun.


“Your praise means nothing to him, our King among Gods.” He said, meeting her eyes with a strange intensity. His speech was quiet and raw from crying, but there was a natural power to it. As though his voice was meant to carry across miles. “All your years serving him with such devotion. All these people, all their praise. It falls on unfeeling ears.”

“Who are you to claim such things?” The priestess had never felt the need to defend her faith before. She’d had to reassure people suffering loss that The Sun still watches over them even when they don’t feel it. They were often angry and nihilistic and she’d learned to help them in whatever way she could without taking personal offense.

“Not so different from you.” He smiled. The cruelty of it seemed out of place on his firm, handsome face. “I also served him. I offered him my entire life, forsaking all earthly bonds. He left me in a puddle of my own tears. You won’t be given even that courtesy.”

“Who are you?”

“Helianthus, consort of the Sun God.”

Content Warnings:
Blood, violence, death, sex.

I have a paranormal romance that has mystery/thriller thrown into the mix :two_hearts:

story ad

[WARNING: contains sexual, graphic, gore and violent content]

Hi @SabrinaHexley

My contemporary romance stories tick all the boxes you are looking for, in terms of realistic plots and stories and explicit scenes.

All the protagonists in my stories are around mid to late twenties and my stories are about love and in my definition love is not just romance, there are so many relationships that shape us, our family, friends, carers and neighbours.

And In all my stories, my characters development in influenced by all the above and how they deal with dynamics of different relationships,
My story “For You” deals with three protagonists, very different from each other, and how they deal with crisis in their adult life. And they show maturity beyond their age.

Saudade… the love that remains is an angst filled romance where you get to see the character arc of the protagonists from their teenage to adulthood. All my romantic stories, highlight the real life problems the protagonists face in their adulthood and the dynamics they share not with each other but the rest of their family and have detailed backstories.

Title : For You

Status : Completed

Genre : Romance /Action Thriller


Ajay, Vidya and Amrita

This is the story of three people, their childhood friendship, their teenage turmoils and what happens to their love and ideals when they become adults. How their values about friendship, family and love are tested, and what it means to be fighting against injustice and corruption, when one of your family member is ruthlessly taken away from you.

They say everything is FAIR in LOVE AND WAR…

Which is fair? Thirsting for a quick revenge where all the forces of power are resting in the hands of corrupt Politicians or fight and fight till justice is avenged in a lawful way.

Find out by reading “For You
Title : Saudade
Genre : Romance, Young Adult
Status : Completed

Link :



Saudade… the love that remains… longing for someone you have loved and lost, even though they might never return.(Portugese)

Advay Singh Raizada, Innovator, Brilliant Techie who did his best to shield his broken heart and restless soul behind a Casanova image, had only one girl in his heart.

Chandni… his soulmate.

He promised himself, to love and cherish her, and hoped her love would make his empty life whole, only to realise that, like all other things, she became his enemy, his ruin.

When they met accidentally after seven years in his office, It was difficult to define the feelings on Advay and Chandni’s faces as they gazed and assessed each other, after the initial shock !
Hatred ? Loathing? A Sense of Betrayal ? Or was there somewhere a suppressed feeling of

Saudade, the love that remains… in spite of everything.