Romance books with character growth


I’m a bit of a romantic at heart at times and I’m feeling up for some romance. I want stories where the characters grow, as people, as a couple. It doesn’t matter their sexuality and it doesn’t matter if the content is mature cause I’ve read Anita Blake. The Tairen Soul series by C.L. Wilson is pretty great. I also totally loved Rachelle Mill’s Clayton if that helps. So while I am a sucker for paranormal romances I like stories that are like the Mars comic with an artist and a “bad boy” (who isn’t so bad boy).

I just ask you don’t send me stories involving cancer or mental health as those stories hit to close to home right now for me, especially the cancer. I’d rather not turn into a bawling mess. Or if you do, just let me know it involves those two subjects and I might check it out for another day when I can handle it.

While happily ever after doesn’t exist, I want some romance with happy endings.


I have two stories that could be good for you:

✓ 1000 and More Calls on @leighyeann (29 chapters; completed)
✓ Love Has No Secrets on @Rhittee (27 chapters planned but only 3 written; ongoing)


Hello, I offer you this, I can assure you that when it is completed, the ending will be happy, maybe not conventially happy, but peaceful nonetheless and the couple does get together. Definitely not the type to end it all in doom and gloom. While this is a tragedy of sorts, there must be some type of leverage.

The road to this leverage however…is not pretty.

Writing an LGBT historical vampire romance novel.


Elijah Marks has always dreamed of marrying the love of his life, Irina Snow. His dream is finally coming true and in the upcoming months, he’ll be a happily married man. On more than one occasion, his plans are thwarted at the arrival of a stalker in the night, who leaves Elijah with bloody bites and wounded confidence. In an effort to capture the monster and prove to his family that it’s not human, he sets a trap and uses himself as the bait. It is Elijah’s greatest mistake that leads to his greatest obsession.

Features an unworthy protagonist, satirical elements, religious turmoil, a girl who deserves better, a philosophical and tragic vampire, lots of absolute drama, and illogical actions.


This one is something of a paranormal romance. The MC goes form ‘unsure unemployed millennial’ to ‘capable leader’. Dirty Lying Faeries (Complete) Dirty Lying Book 1 #wattpad


My book has a little bit of romance in it, so you might like it; it’s a fantasy novel (if you enjoy reading it, feel free to keep on reading!)

**Summary:**Sahara is a young woman living in the kingdom of Dasos, a ward to the royal family and foster sister to the young prince Nashoba. Found in the woods with her grandmother years ago, she is shunned by others for her poor origin, scarlet red hair, and a scar that most believe to be a consequence of witchcraft. While she longs to forgo the loneliness that never seems to leave her heart, she is resigned to live out the rest of her life in unhappiness and solitude. However, when Nashoba is abruptly kidnapped by shadow-like creatures and a mysterious branded woman, she throws aside her fears in a momentousness decision to follow her brother’s abductors. Suddenly thrust into an enchanting and spectacular world, Sahara must overcome her own insecurities and trust in herself and others to save her brother from a horrendous fate.


This is absolutely a story of growth from both ends. There’s a lot of external conflict for the relationship so it’s a real fun to journey to watch. It’s currently only 6 chapters in but gets updated once every 1-2 weeks (and will get more updates sooner in the next 2 months).

My other story Blood Type R I think you already saw and that’s definitely one of two people growing together, but it’s a lot different than Judge’s Vanquish. I’d say JV is more traditional romance and BTR is a lot more action/fantasy


Romance subplot, however, they are still the main characters.

The male lead is laid back and is considered a problem to society(despite not really doing anything wrong, it’s just how he’s born). The female lead is stiff and upright. Her job is originally to capture him. Because they have a similar goal to defeat the villain, they work together, but their differences and ignorance make it a struggle for them to get along in the beginning.



As an innocent young boy, Dmitri was known as the “white cambion,” the strongest sorcerer to walk on earth. Many hated him for his background as “unpure,” born dead and able to wield magic. Some praised him for defeating the power-greedy tsar of Kiva.

Now an irresistibly handsome young man, Dmitri spends his time drinking in taverns and wreaking havoc in parties and gatherings, attempting to wash away the regrets of his past. Suddenly, a female exorcist named Greta gives him an ultimatum; either he helps her take down the “black cambion,” or he spends his time in special confinements for witches to sleep for eternity.

His return to a new journey marks Dmitri’s new misdirections, exorcisms, monster hunts, and reflections to his old life. With new partnerships in the adventure, he slowly realizes how much he’s changed, and the risks he’s willing to take for someone he loves.


My fav romances on the WP, that I think would totally fit your criteria:

Lead Me Astray by @lesserknown1
More to Life by @Voyageavecmoi

I have not finished it, but I think @LizLaneWrites book, Your Friday Night is also what you are looking for.


Here’s my recently completed novelette. It starts with mild depression that’s self-medicated by alchohol, but character growth actually resolves that.

Stacy is an alcoholic mother. David is the father of their toddler. Lulu is the trans woman he cheats with. Maybe that’s a good thing?


thanks so much! i do like to think my book shows character growth :wink:


Most certainly does.


I have been working on an LGBT romance novel since november that might interest you. I hope so, at least lol.


Here’s the summary:

After losing his parents in a tragic accident, eighteen year-old Charles Dupont is being fostered by Norah Bergmann a widow who lives with her son of the same age, Timothy Bergmann. At first this latter is less than thrilled by the newcomer’s arrival. When romantic feelings between the two get involved in the picture, the stakes become too high.

Character growth:

-Charles is very reserved, withdrawal and has problems trusting and interacting with people.

-Timothy has problems dealing with his own emotions often projecting them onto other people.

These traits will end up disappearing/improving (as it is possible) for both as the story progresses. I’m now at chapter 36 (around 65k words in).

However, there’s a few reservations:

1- Charles has been involved in a tragic accident and has, sometimes, problems dealing with his anxiety.

2- As I’ve mentioned, Norah Bergmann is a widow. Her husband who is mentioned one or two times in the story died of cancer.

If these two are not enough to turn you away from it, then enjoy ^^

Wattpad profile name: CloverSeason.



Good things come to those who wait. At least that’s how the saying goes. The whole truth is that shit happens. Good things, bad things they happen to everyone. There is no way to predict it or move out of its way. Life grabs hold of us all and clenches tight. So tightly that eventually we all break. Some sooner than others. Dianna and Bo didn’t see a thing coming.

Break Away


Thank you so much for recommending my book! I’m honored :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
I agree with you in that character growth is great to read about. It really makes the story feel worthwhile.
At this point my writing partner and I have two romances up, both of which see the characters learn and develop over the course of the story. The info for both novels is below (although Teaching the Heart is new, there is certainly growth to come). :slight_smile:

Written in the Stars (Has quite a few chapters and is something we’ve been working on for a while)
Vanessa and Nathan’s parents have been saying for years that they would wind up together. As best friends this seemed unlikely. But when the novel Nathan’s been working on scores him a publishing contract, he decides to move back home after spending years abroad. Could the candle Vanessa has been carrying for Nate be snuffed out by his stubborn refusal, or will he use it to light the path forward for them both?

And our brand new upload (one chapter online so far)
Teaching the Heart
Young, enthusiastic teacher Derek Aguilar moves to a small town to help pull the local elementary school into the twenty-first century. However, when he gets to know the recently divorced mother of one of his favourite students, he realises that he will have his own lessons to learn before the year is out.

Jessica Wells, hot-mess-mom to two young and energetic boys, is just trying to make ends meet. Dealing with the fall-out of her messy separation and divorce, she is left her wondering how she can possibly get back to having a ‘normal’ life. When she meets her son’s new teacher, she realises that she still has a lot to learn about life and love.

Teaching the Heart is a contemporary romance that tells the story of Jessica and Derek’s budding relationship, about how they find vulnerability through bravery, and the unending giving and restraint that parents and teachers have to keep their children happy and healthy.

~ Liv


Is it possible for two people to be cut from the same cloth? Elena Matthews is a young girl trying to start a new life for herself while running away from her past. Tobias Quinn is a stubborn, rude young man trying to forget his past. Will they find love or will their stubbornness get in the way before both their past catches up with them?

-My story is still ongoing but I try and update twice a week :blush: I hope you see if it is something you like!


ooo i hope my story would fit in this but i have a story called Be Alright, which is about a couple who’s relationship is falling apart because the boyfriend cheats, but it travels through time to see how their relationship started and what went wrong.

also, this isn’t my story, but i found the book Forces of Nature to be an amazing romance novel that gives you so much more than you could ask for. It developes a little slow plot wise, but it is honestly worth the read. The character development is also pretty decent in this :slight_smile:


Hello! Hope you’ll like my story :slight_smile:
Lots of love, D.


On the same day my fiancé broke up with me, he forgot about me.
I don’t take it personal, because he also forgot the last ten years of his life.
But me? I remember everything, and maybe that’s bad, because when your memory is filled with so many things, you tend to forget others.
And I… Well, I forgot how to get back Home.


~ Warning: This story does involve overcoming (sexual) trauma :no_mouth:

Dark Romance // Mystery/thriller // Historical // LGBT // Novel // Completed

Fleeing from tragedy, Meya travels east in the hope of finding a better life. Instead, she's captured by a slave trader and sold to Lord Deminas, patron of the local lands. Known for his cruelty, she dreads having to work as his chambermaid. Yet, when he drinks her blood, he uses his own to heal her wounds. All the previous chambermaids have disappeared and Meya fears, will her fate be the same? Or is Lord Deminas playing a different game with her?


My novel, I recently republished it. The main character develops as a person in a new environment. I hope you don’t mind that it is teen fiction!

Title: Dissonance

Summary: Colleen Baker is the black sheep of a neighborhood-envied family. While the gated community offers the Bakers an elevator lift to the top of every social ladder, Colleen clings to the lower rungs. This is much to the dismay of her people-pleasing parents, who seek nothing more than the forced friendships as self-validation. When her unorthodox ways pose too great a threat to the indomitable Baker name, it is time for her to be shipped off to boarding school.

Upon arrival, Colleen’s entire outlook on life is changed. Amidst a haze of fragmenting relationships, she collects her serrated remains and pieces them together to discover herself, all the while becoming familiar with what true pain and love looks like, leading her to the friendships of a lifetime.

Follow Colleen on her obstacle-ridden journey to realization in ‘Dissonance’.