Romance cliché you hate

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What are some cliché in a romance story you hate and why?


Insta-love. I am all about that slow burn. Also because I am demisexual I literally cannot comprehend the idea of being attracted to someone solely based on appearances. It makes absolutely zero sense to me.


lemons. i am 100% vanilla lover and i don’t see the appeal of so much lemon? true love is never based purely on sex.


Totally agree, slow burn makes it more “realistic”.


I don’t read stories that are pure romance, but when it’s present in a book, there are some things that grind my gears:

  • Love at the first sight. Seriously. It doesn’t exist in real life and if it does, it mostly leads to toxic relationships which can’t last long.
  • Guys who are perfectly handsome and without any character flaw. Like the average, imperfect guys didn’t deserve love or stuff.
  • Hate-induced relationships. Only like 1 out of 10 works well.

Well, i guess most people want to read about lemon. I personally like it when it’s not too gross.

So true. As I like to say, sex can exist without love, love can exist without sex.


Abuse dressed up as love, possessiveness being shown as hot or cute, over the top jealously and a lack of trust in the other partner, miscommunication used as a plot device to create drama.


Agree on the first two, the hate-induced relationship is something i really love, but the road from hate (or a strong dislike) to love is long and must bell well developed, like there must be a reason why you don’t hate/dislike him or her anymore.

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The only case of well-written shift from enemies to lovers I’ve read was in Six of Crows, but maybe it’s just because I don’t read much romance stuff :slight_smile:


I have a few. The protagonist falls in love with 1D. That one drives me absolutely nuts. I can’t stand it. What are the chances of that happening in real life? In some cases, the “bad boy” cliche makes me want to throw my phone at the wall. But there are books that do this cliche really well (e.g. The Bad Boy’s Girl). Sometimes, in smut (I don’t read a lot) the male character is always dominant. WHY?! Why not the female character. And half the time, the relationship is one step away from being abusive.

Ok, rant over. Sorry you had to read that


Don’t worry, you can say whatever you want :slight_smile:
Honestly i’m not a fan of the “bad boy” cliché either, even if the story is written well.
About the smut thing i think that’s because people are not used to see a female as “dominant”.

That’s true. Sometimes it ticks me off. I don’t read smut, but if I do, I don’t want to see another Christian Grey. I did not like 50 Shades of Grey


Love at first sight.

I’m allll for the love between two people to slowly develop, and not instantly happen, y’know?


As i’ve already said, i agree :yum:

Well true. I kind of do believe in it, but not when it’s like “hi nice to meet you.” and then 5 minutes later “I love you so much.” and then they get married within a week

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That’s not even love. That’s lust that people think is love. People get those two confused so much when writing. Real unconditional love develops over a time. But then again, there are exceptions to the norm like always in life.


Oh yeah, I know that. I was just using a term I had seen others use before to describe it.

Really? Ugh. That annoys me to no end. Just call stuff what it really is. I guess people say that to sound more profound than actually something as simple and basic. Because that’s what lust is: simple and basic.


No the couple meets for like about three scenes in a story then pronounce their unconditional love to one another. That’s why I couldn’t stand the Wraith and the Dawn. The heroine falls for the hero who killed her so-called “best-friend” afte the THIRD day. The THRID day! Then all the revenge and hate she has for the hero just evaporates. I don’t know about you but if someone killed someone close to me, I going full-blown “Snapped” on their asses.