Romance cliches - share your thoughts


What kind of romance cliches do you like? Do you think they’re overrated?


I think each trope has its own set of cliches.

If you are referring to tropes, I love forbidden romances with an age gap. It’s pretty much all I write. And I don’t mind a bit of a bad boy so long as he isn’t labeled as such. For some reason putting labels on character’s irks me.


Nope. Don’t think that at all. They work for a reason, don’t they? It’s all about execution, honestly. If you can make it work there’s no problem.


If we’re talking tropes, then yah I have some pretty cliche ones. Forbidden romance. One is a god, the other mortal. Or the supernatural with a mortal.

I write a lot of supernatural romances :joy:

They’re probably overrated if they’re badly done. Nothing is overrated if they’re done well.


i think forbidden romance is the real deal with the male being poor and the female being wealthy …


I know what you mean. I feel as though as it’s done right then it’s good, but lots of people don’t like cliches period. It’s practically what I write. :joy:

I checked out your story. Added it to my library! :slight_smile:


Yeah. Totally agree. Just have to throw some twists in with them!


Supernatural with a mortal is one I haven’t done yet!


There’s a twist! You don’t come across that too much.


Oh you gotta! It’s so good. “Oh we can’t be together, because I’m Magic!”

“But our love will concur all.”

“Oh yes yes, it will.”

** they kiss **

^^^ pretty much all of my books :joy: just with a lot of other plot things going on and torture. And gore. But also cute kisses.


I totally want to write a fantasy with romance in it. I just haven’t found the time to get it done yet. It’s super time consuming. And I already have a WIP going on right now with frequent updates. :grimacing:

I may need to look at these stories of yours that you’ve written. :joy:


As a fantasy writer with romantic subplots, I can definitely and toooootally objectively say, it’s tons and tons of fun. But it does take a lot of work. I do a lot of research for my WIPs depending on which influences I have. For one I’m currently working on, I have a huge inuit and Canadian first nation inspiration. So that’s really fun to learn more about :smile:

Haha thanks! If you do, I hope you enjoy them! :sparkles:


Yup. And have good, developed charcters.


I like to read your fantasy stuff. I’m a sucker for that genre.


I like “opposites attract” - it’s the broadest trope and can mean rich/poor, famous/unknown, bad/good, younger/older, god or supernatural/mortal human, wild/tame, etc.

I also enjoy a “love triangle” but I prefer to call it a “like triangle” because to me it means that the character in the middle is trying to work through their emotions and decide if it is actually love with one of the options.


Yeah, you make a good point on the love triangle thing. Awhile ago, I read a really good love triangle one on here but I don’t remember what it was called. It was pretty good though!


I’m slowly starting to read more and more fantasy. It’s a genre that I never used to read. So it’s still new to me. :grinning:


Yeah, I feel like Fantasy takes A LOT more time and effort. Just because there are so many details. It’s not your average, girl meets boy and they fall in love story.


It definitely can be. Especially if you write Urban Fantasy (fantasy set in our world in our time)

So it all depends on the subgenre :smile:


Yeah, urban fantasy is probably the kind of fantasy story that I’d write. And romance would definitely be my subgenre. I can’t not write romance. :joy:__