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Not My Story.

Title: Extraordinary Ordinary
Genre: Romance
Completed: No WIP chapter every 10 days.

A chance meeting with world famous Adrian Axel is a life-changing experience for Wren, but maybe not for the better.

When stardom is starting to take it’s toll on Xavier Clint, his manager takes action. She hides him in a dying little town in Virginia.

Chris Severson has had her fair share of troubles. Not believeing that she is worthy of loving she hides herself from the world.

When the two of them meet everything changes for them and they learn new truths about themselves.

Go on a journey with Xavier and Chris in A sweet tease novel series.

Previously named the masters of fanservice inside the music industry, GRiD is planning a huge comeback after disappearing for nearly three years.

This is a story about an imaginative kpop group, dealing with fame all over again after completing the mandatory military service. It’s a story about five close friends. Five stories of change. Five unique romances. Five different takes on the music industry. Five struggles with the downsides of fame.

Start the journey here


>>> LINK <<<

Minjae has been in love with his best friend for years. He also happens to be the lead dancer of a worldwide famous Korean idol group called GRiD. The only problem is, that the said best friend is also Minjae’s bandmate.

Getting back to the scorching hot spotlight after a three-year-long break is going to be tough as is. But it also forces Minjae and his longtime crush to live under the same roof at GRiD’s dorm once again.

The dancer is facing a choice. He must either hide his true self forever or deal with the consequences if he can’t.

Longlisted in the Open Novella Contest 2019

C2-Secrecy C3-Sincerity

C4-Sacrifice D5-Serendipity

“I dare you to go behind the boulders for seven minutes in heaven with Jenny!”

My heart stops. Did Siofra just say those words out loud for the whole crowd to hear? I’m going to kill her. It’s like she’s pulling out every bad party game ever invented tonight.

I shoot a glance over at Walker. He looks like a deer caught in the headlights. You could hear a pin drop it’s so quiet. Cian is silent. He glances towards the beach, refusing to look back up at us."

Alyssa’s Second Chance [Completed]’s-second-chance-completed

Alyssa LeClerc seemed to have a perfect life. She was married to her college sweetheart and quickly started a family. She has always been driven to succeed. For the young mother that meant balancing the needs of her children with her promising career. When Alyssa thinks that she finally has her life all figured out, tragedy strikes leaving her to pick up the pieces.

Amir Khadem is a successful executive focused on his career. Driven by his own tragedies, he has spent his life climbing the corporate ladder. His professional success has been at the cost of a personal life. He is content with his choices until fate steps in.

Attraction is unplanned and falling in love may seem easy. Not everyone gets their happy ending. If you want it, you need to fight for your happily ever after.

Breve conto sobre inseguranças e aceitações no início de um relacionamento hommossexual.

Adão & Ivo — de peito abertoAd%C3%A3o%20%26%20Ivo



Have you ever dreamed about meeting your favorite book character in real life? Think twice before saying “yes” out loud.

Gabriela Jennings is a 21-year-old aspiring author. She dreams of becoming a popular and successful woman. While dealing with “boy” problems and trying to maintain her journalist studies Gabi meets her main character, Quinn Harriet… in her room. Their meeting pushes Gabi to question everything she knows about her existence. She is torn between two worlds - her own and fictional.

Quinn Harriet enjoys living her life to the fullest. Her perception of a flawless world shatters when she meets her supposed “creator”. Now she is after Gabi trying to learn what is going on and how she can get out of this long nightmare. Only her destructive and conflicting feelings towards the girl mess up her chances of saving.

Quinn’s innocent travelings from her world to Gabi’s open the door for other characters. Not only for the good ones. So what happens if someone evil comes to visit? What happens if someone is trapped in a fictional world? You’re just about to find out.

[WARNING AND ADDITIONAL TAGS]: Referenced Drug Addiction/Usage, Explicit Language, Bullying, Cyberbullying, Depression, Violence, Non-detailed descriptions of sexual assault and harassment, Emotional Manipulation, Coming Out Struggles, LGBTQ+ themed plot.