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When Grid, a treasure hunter, meets Orion (aka Jewels) at the ‘Jupiter By Day’ Festival, little do they know, The Gods have something dark and twisted planned for their future. However, before the Gods ruin their lives, two unlikely people must first fall in love…





"Don’t give me looks like that, little pet," he says, but his tone seems different. Playful, perhaps? He bites his lower lip and looks down at my lips, sending a wave of heat through my body. “Get out of bed. Go make me some food,” my Master commands me.

Saiea wants to escape. All her life she’s had the weight of being a tribe leader’s daughter on her shoulders. Her father has tried to tell her what to do, how to behave, and who to marry.

Hoping to temporarily escape all of the pressure from her home life, she runs out into the forest for some privacy. But the forest is dangerous at night and slave traders lurk not far behind.

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Lila works under her arrogant boss, whom she discovers is not human. It started with a drunken kiss.

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Hello Everyone! I am currently writing a Romance/Fantasy novel called “To Protect Dragons”
There are currently 21 chapters out and I post very frequently!
Description: Over 400 years of peace reigned between the Kingdoms of the North and South. The South’s abrupt, vicious slaughtering of the dragons could launch both nations into another bloody war. Northern Princess Kana must stop the killing of the dragons and protect her people.


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(LGBT M/M Epic)

Fifteen years ago, a clever soldier trespassed the sacred land of Guilin under the guise of a wandering artist. He beguiled the beautiful guardian of the land, fell in love with him, and betrayed him. To this day, their hearts still bleed–and there is no time, among the new threats and imminent wars, to stem the flow.

A tale of family, dynasty, duty, ambition, and fierce, undying love.

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Kangmin is known as an emotionally detached neurologist at Jeju National Hospital. A past trauma has left him scarred physically and mentally, leaving him unable to willingly open up to anyone. His resolve slowly crumbles away when he meets a mythical selkie, Aria, who also happens to be running away from her past.

Aria is a selkie that is used to migrating from place to place with the sole intention of security. Since she was young, she has been told that the humans don’t respect their home and will do anything they can to obtain the aged magic contained within their cloaks. However, she quickly discovers that not all humans are bad.

Through prejudice, jealousy, turmoil, and misunderstandings, Kangmin and Aria learn that love can be painful, but it’s also something that should be cherished no matter how difficult it may be.

Friday Updates

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Hey Guys! I just started posting a new book, I’m a new Wattpad writer and would love your support if you can take a moment to check it out :slight_smile:

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“She was held down by white ether chains stronger than any metal while they tore the wings from her back. The ache of the loss filled her like the whole span of the sky, and the pale, fading gold of her feathers stained a blood red that drenched her lungs. It hurt so much that she wished to die. So Azurasi died.”

Sex, battle, and drunken fireside gambles - for two hundred years, Zura has been running from the scars on her back, living for only pleasure and thrill. She would have been content to die this way, but fate stumbles her across a face from the past: Ilheo, the man who once stole everything from her. Revenge is all that Zura wants, yet when Ilheo turns out to be amnesic, she is left clutching at empty vengeance.

But Ilheo does remember one thing: an unconditional devotion to this brilliant, dangerous, hurting woman. From old hatred and fierce love arise truths Zura had not faced in centuries - until her scars are laid fresh once more by murder, massacre, and a war to end all magic.

This is a rewrite of Vhanaiel, originally posted on Fictionpress in 2016. You can find reviews here:

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You should read “White shining skin” on #wattpad #vampire


When their eyes are locked she thought that his gaze would swallow her up completely. His eyes were scanning her body.

She barely breathes some air a d then looked away. Even he found something strange in her.

She sat in her seat and started to scan him. His eyes were dark black, and he had a glittering white skin. It was hard for her to look away. She had a feeling that she knew him for years, but she is seeing him for the first time.

He was still looking at her, her beautiful eyes, nose, and that rosy, juicy lips. He was craving for something. His eyes were intense.

“It’s a strange feeling, what’s happening to me”
She was asking this question to herself. From the corner of the cafeteria, he was still gazing at her. His eyes were flickering and glowing.

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A Myth. A Curse. A Prophecy.

When Taylor Henry meets twin brothers, Castor and Polydeuces Jones, she’s instantly drawn to them, especially Castor.

As Taylor becomes closer to the boys, and eventually falls for one, she realizes their namesake and family drama isn’t just coincidental. It parallels the mythology of the Dioskuri, Kastor and Polydeuces, way too well. Which leaves one question for her love story.

How will she get a happy ending?

A modern twist on a favorite myth.

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Nova’s family has one enemy. An enemy so powerful, so far-off and impossible to face, he doesn’t even seem like a real person anymore. He is simply the Dragon King. It has been so easy for Nova to hate him from afar, remember the atrocities he committed, all the thousands he slaughtered before signing peace treaties with all mortal races, and renouncing his savage ways.

Now he sits pretty in a brand new castle, in a brand new Capitol City he built to erase the memory of his own past. Yet to Nova’s family, he will always be a threat. When they catch wind of his plan to demolish their family’s home in the remote Heavenly Birch Forest to make room for his expanding treasure horde, Nova decides she can no longer sit back and do nothing. She sets out to the Capitol City, and works her way into a position as the Dragon King’s maid. There, she hopes to blackmail the powerful beast into sparing her family’s forest, and their lives.

When she finally meets the legendary Dragon King face to face, she finds a man so much more powerful - and beautiful, and lonely, and complicated - than she had ever imagined. Quickly she realizes all is not as it seems, and that everyone, even an ancient and terrifying Dragon King, deserves a second chance.


Anna is a wolf shifter without a wolf. After transferring to a new pack, and away from her abusive parent, she discovers what it truly means to be part of a family. Just as she meets Zach, the pack alpha, Anna is kidnapped and learns that her past is based on lies and she’s not who she thought she was. Anna and Zach need to join together to make sure that their family and their pack will survive what is coming.

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Lily Winters believed her life was perfect. Everything was going so right until she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with one of her closest friends. That’s when her life starts to spiral out of control, but the worst has yet to come because she’s done being the nice girl. She done letting everyone walk all over her. It’s time she does something for herself. Time to Rebel a little bit.


Murder: commenced everything.
lust: visually impaired me from what was real.
love: manipulated me.
Hate: guided me.
Vengeance: held me down to earth.

Sometimes I wonder-- If I truly saw him, would I have felt the blood that stained my hands?


If I truly knew him, would that blood have been his?

My name is Alaska and I was normal once. I had a mom, friends, dreams, peace, and happiness. but that all left me in different ways.

Happiness? It abandoned me along with my dreams. It left me slowly, ruined me to a point where every time I closed my eyes or tried to see the road ahead, there was this vast, empty nothingness or overwhelming darkness that drowned me and destroyed me. i change my mind, it left me cruelly.

Peace? It left me stealthily. I hadn’t known it was slipping away until it was gone.

Friendship? It left me coldly–the mundane ones–normal ones–and without them, I lost my humanity.

My mom? I grew apart from her the day I felt the blood that stained my hands. I lost her because-- I didn’t want her to see what I’d become. I left her gracefully.

  • action

  • comedy

  • fantasy

  • hate

  • lies

  • love

  • lust

  • murder

  • romance

  • secrets

  • twists

  • vengeance

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Hello, everyone. My name’s Cecília. I’ve been writing fiction as a hobby for as long as I remember.

I want to write a story about a girl cursed with bad luck falling in love with a girl who’s really bad at casting spells. If you’re a fan of Diana Wynne Jones, this approach to spells and magic might feel familiar. If not, well, I invite you to give it a go. Please tell me in the comments what you think of it.

For some reason, I can’t include the link, but it’s called Stubborn Spells, so just search for it here in Wattpad if you’re interested :wink:

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You just need to participate in a few more posts and you’ll be able to put a link!

That sounds really cute hehe. Love witches! <3

The first book in a saga about Bonds Broken made a new.

They met in the darkness. Brandon a mortal. Ezekiel a Shifter.

Their meeting will be the first dominoes in an epic saga that branches through not only time, but blood as well. Broken Bonds will come too light. A new Bond will form in the stillness of the night. And trapped beneath the cogs of fate will be Brandon and Ezekiel. Two beings that were never supposed to meet.



Ezra’s been hurt by peers, “family”, a demon ex, and more, but now that she’s got the black wings and dark magic, you know she’s messed up. Ezra Diali, a 20yr old historian of Egyptian and Nigerian descent, is left broken and distressed due to her dysfunctional past. One visit to an ancient museum in New York changes her physical nature, and destroys any good still left inside her heart. By giving in to a tempting offer on a mysteriously hidden exhibit that promised to “fix her problems”, Ezra unknowingly sells her soul to the Hades and must do his dirty work :smiling_imp: Will she use her newly acquired powers to revolt against the Hades and be a hero, or will she embrace this curse? Whatever the outcome, a certain handsome demon prince is set to bring Ezra back to her old ways.


Torn Apart (Convergence Series Book 1)

As a priestess in the service of the dragon goddess, Halea must roam the land hunting demons and sealing tears caused by the Chaos Dimension that seeks to converge with their world. She has sworn an oath to devote herself only to her goddess, and if necessary, will even die for her mission.

One day she discovers that her beloved childhood friend, Varg, has survived the devastation of the last convergence and has since risen to become the alpha of his people, the lycans. Together they battle the forces of Chaos, but when Varg wants Halea to be his mate, she is torn between her oath and her desire to be with the Wolf King who loves her. Only a blood sacrifice can stop the coming of the next convergence, and with Halea’s life on the line, Varg will do anything to save her.


Now COMPLETE! Book 2 of the Convergence Series. CLICK COVER TO READ!!!

Blood Bound (Convergence Series Book 2)