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Shorter chapters so don’t let the amount of chapters keep you from starting this story.

Follow Eloise in this story as she grows from a hard working tomboy to a WWI veteran nurse, widow, and mother.

The year is 1913 in Montana where Eloise travels from one ranch to another as her abusive and alcoholic father loses one job after another as a ranch hand.

She is easily mistaken as a young boy in her dirty hand me down clothes but what’s under those baggy clothes and newspaper boy cap? A beautiful blond young woman with a brilliant mind and a drive to become independent of any man’s control.

Leo Standish is back home on his father’s ranch after his passing. He is bitter and hates being on the ranch. His fathers will stipulated that he must remain on the ranch for some time before he receives his inheritance and can sell the ranch and return to the city.

As a young attorney, he longs for the high-class status he held in Boston until the day he finds the most beautiful woman on the planet and for the first time in his life he does not get what he wants because this woman refuses to be the woman he needs. He learns about true love and the feeling of loss as he must put her on a train to go chase her own dreams.

The first portion of the story will be read in third person just to give you the history behind the girl Leo ends up chasing. The last portion is back to my screenplay version. This story will be published in two parts but it will be the same book.



We know a lot about the American Civil War. We know about the battle at Gettysburg and how Sherman burned Atlanta but do you know many individual stories?

Follow Oliver and Naomi from their arranged marriage through the war. It will be quite a journey as Naomi faces the war home alone and Oliver fights battle after battle. She will face one of the cruelest band of the southern militia army as she tries to protect the people she loves most.

This is a story about the ones left home during the war. The one’s who earned no great merit or place in history. The forgotten heroes of a bloody war that stood for freedom and equality for all Americans.

I based some of facts in the story on writings left behind by my family that lived here in Indiana in the 1860s.

My ancestors were Quaker and they were abolitionists in Indiana. We still have their homes used in the underground railroad in our family. My other side was endangered servants from Ireland and my great-great-grandfather was, unfortunately, one of the soldiers that came to Indiana while serving under John Hunt Morgan. He was the rest of my family’s enemy.

Please keep in mind this story is based in America during the 1860s and it was a different time.


Beauty of a Thistle
In Regency era Scotland, Jennifer goes to work as a maid at the castle of Lord Young. She meets his son, Valian, who had been left disfigured in a fire, and things don’t start off so well. However, as time goes by, they learn to trust one another and, eventually, fall in love.

“Do we all live to watch and wait for the world to end?
Is the suicide worthy for Our Savior to defend?
Do we deserve to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven
If we can’t take good care of the Garden of Eden?”
—From Kildare: Smart vs Intelligent, a musical historical fiction novel with romance.Try guessing the tune of the song.



Dear Axel Ackermann,
On August 1st, 1936, I met you.
With Love,
A German Girl

In 1936, Lucienne Müller visited the Berlin Olympics. Not only did she see how the Nazis improved Germany, but she also developed a crush on a certain young officer, Axel Ackermann. It’s a school girl crush, vented out through her diaries where she writes to him, letters that are never meant to be sent.
When he returns to her life six years later, she realizes he’s not the fictional character she made him out to be in her writings. When the lies give way to truth, Lucy doesn’t know which side is in the right, and which is wrong. Will she choose correctly?✓-with-love-a-german-girl-ww2-romance

She Kills Elephants and Men

Ismar of Palmyr, an aging mercenary leader, has to defeat younger, sassy rivals, in order to keep her lover on his usurped throne.

Yes, she does! The romance though? Oh, it’s there, and it is magnificent. I do not do dainty, I did not write this for the dainty of heart. I wrote this for the bold.

She Kills Elephants & Men is not your average historic rom-fan.

This world is ruled by women - no wink, wink, nudge, nudge, she just wants to love her Great Man here.

The world is ruled by women. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

You know that sassy teen who picked up the sword to defend her tiny town? Watch her rival hand her enough rope to hang herself.



In the fall of 1994, Martha Beckett starts her first day in a new high school in a new state. She is terrified and alone until a strange boy introduces himself. James is confident, kind, and in Martha’s opinion, more than a little cute. But something feels off. His attention feels too good to be true. How can she form such an immediate connection with a boy she just met?

Her skepticism proves justified after James confides in her his secret. This was not their first meeting but roughly their 200th due to James’ remarkable condition: after he dies, he is reincarnated as himself to live his life again and again and again…

Retaining all knowledge and skill acquired in his previous lives and with a general understanding of future events, James is effectively superhuman. And while Martha enjoys the inherent perks of associating with such a boy, she comes to learn of the despair and exhaustion underneath it all. With no permanent consequence or hope of release, James struggles to stave off nihilism with Martha his one tether to humanity.'t-believe-in-love-songs

Auf Deutsch und Gewinner des diesjährigen Watty Awards!

Die Tochter des Brauers

Ein mittelalterlicher Roman. Um? Nun ja. Die Tochter des Brauers.
Eine Geschichte über Liebe, Blut und Bier. Immer wieder Bier…


Ach ja. Erwachseneninhalt! :blush:


The Early Eve

Evearly was a lost child, found deep in the forest by two brothers in the early evening of April 15th
She grew up a normal life, surrounded by her friends and the two brothers who became a father and uncle to her. She never stopped to consider what happened to her biological parents or her heritage.

Who would have known that her past contained magic; that she was magic, and that a whole world of magic awaited her.

Follow Evearly through her story, how she finds her roots and her past, her friends and enemies, her heart breaks and loves. Watch her fall and grow tall to become the Queen a kingdom needs, a Queen she was born to be.

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