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She was the angel that fell from the heavens. Her wings had been clipped and charred, her body marred with scars by her abusive father. On the verge of seeking death’s fatal kiss, Carina desperately needs a miracle to save her from herself.

That miracle was Neil Nolland.

Carina had never met anyone like him. He healed her wounds and kissed away the nightmares until she forgot they existed. He was her remedy, her salvation. Though, with secrets of his own stashed away in a closet stacked high full of horrors too awful to imagine…

He would also turn out to be her doom.

• • • • • • •

He knelt before me and I froze, knowing just what he was about to do.

❝Neil, ❞ I pleaded. ❝No. ❞

He remained unspeaking, his eyes trained on mine as he kissed my navel. I clenched my thighs, wet heat pooling low in my belly. I gasped as he reached forward, trailing kisses along my waistline, tears leaking my eyes when I realized that he was kissing my scars.

❝Please… ❞

❝Yes, goddess? ❞

❝My safe word, ❞ I spoke breathlessly. ❝Icarus. ❞

Mature Romance - Mature Audience [18+] - Strong Language - Sexual Content - Trigger Warning

#187 in Romance ❧


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She has waited until marriage, but now she’s afraid that she won’t be good enough for her husband.

Tawny Monae is your average 22-year-old Scottish girl from the countryside. Coming from a small town, all she is expected to want from life is to find love, find a home, maybe have a dog or two, and start a family.

So far, all is turning out as planned. It’s the morning of her wedding day, and she seems like the luckiest girl alive. But nightmares of intimacy have plagued her for weeks.

It’s not that she doesn’t love him. She just wants him nowhere near her body.

Her heart is telling her to run away. What if there is more to life than this small town? But what sins are worth her freedom?

Hello all you mature romance readers!

My story “All” tells the tale of Abi & Noah - Abi is a naive but savvy singer at music college, whose life changes when she meets gorgeous blonde guitarist Noah. Things get steamy as Noah teaches Abi a whole world of things she’s never experienced before, but eventually it seems she’s the one teaching him… how to love.

Hope you like it if you choose to give it a go :blush:

ALL by Lucille Dixon


:1st_place_medal: FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Red Rose Romance Awards 2019 :1st_place_medal:

:2nd_place_medal: SECOND PLACE WINNER (ROMANCE) - Majestic Inc Universal Awards 2019 :2nd_place_medal:

All [adverb]; completely, without exception.

When 18-year-old singer Abi meets blunt yet beautiful guitarist, Noah, at music college, she soon discovers the tattoos on his skin are covering more than a colourful past.

Thrown head-first into Noah’s world of secrets, passion and excitement, Abi begins to learn things from him that she’s never experienced before. However, as their relationship grows deeper by the day, it seems as though Abi has been the one teaching Noah all along… how to love.

When the fickle hand of fame comes calling, the walls slowly start to crumble between them and Noah’s secrets can no longer be contained. When it comes to choosing between love and a lifestyle many can only dream of, will Abi and Noah ever truly be able to give each other their all?


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If you are sensitive to stories about abortion do not read this story. (This character does not have an abortion but it does make a huge impact on the story.)

Michaela Ryan took a big chance when she left her home for New York City. Her future and curiosity led her to face him. The one man that could destroy her both professionally and emotionally. True love led her to the Big Apple but will it help her stay?

Secrets and last minute decisions brought about her existence but the truth changed her in a very profound way and her life will never be the same.

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Title:Fight For Me (Complete)


You have no idea how much I need boring.

Two years after the murder of her parents Caia is finally ready to start anew. New name, new town, new school. Desperately wanting normalcy and longing to put down roots again, she’s determined to stay on the straight and narrow and avoid anything or anyone who poses a threat to her new life. And that includes steering clear of Liam ‘Beast’ Paine. The hot-tempered, adrenalin seeking mountain of muscles is precisely the kind of person she wants to avoid. Should be simple enough. And it would be if only she could keep a clear head when he kisses her.

Run my little Bambi. The beast is on the hunt.

Born with a will of steel and a silver spoon in his mouth Liam Paine is used to getting what he wants, so when he sets his sight on the shy and jumpy Caia he does what he always does: go after her with a single-minded determination and about as much finesse as a bull in a china shop. However, it soon becomes clear that the unassuming girl, who looks at him like a deer caught in headlights, has demons that need fighting. And if there’s something Liam does well, it’s fight.

I’m ready to fight for you.

But the past doesn’t always stay where we want it and Caia’s is always lurking just around the corner. Ready for the next round.


Featured in Wattpad Block Party 2017

Acting is Leah Johnson’s escape from a painful reality. Very painful.

Twenty-one-year-old Leah Johnson’s world has become rather isolated since she started dating Zach three years ago. He likes it that way because then the focus is on him, and if her attention to him wavers, his fists are quick to refocus her. Leah hides to survive, hides the bruises and her shame and relishes in those fleeting moments when she’s on stage and deep within the mind of another character. Those are the rare seconds where she feels safe; a feeling that’s become all but foreign to her.

Yet, issues arise when one of her charming co-stars, Kaleb not only has too keen an eye to Leah’s bruises but also stirs something inside of Leah that she had pushed so far down over the years she thought it had disappeared entirely.

Hope for a Zach free future.

But Zach isn’t the type to let go of something that he believes belongs to him. In fact, he’s willing to kill to keep it.

:exclamation:This book contains possibly triggering material such as abuse, violence, and domestic rape. Read at own risk :exclamation:

Alexander Price, a well renowned billionaire and business tycoon, may seem to have it all in the eye of the public. With one failed marriage on his belt and another deteriorating one, he has closed himself off from love and happiness and has dedicated his time to only his work.

Unfortunately, he cannot remain that way when the acceptance of a merger with another prominent company brings about shocking reveals of deceit, theft, betrayal, secrets and death from a past he chose to forget.

Will he be able to overcome the challenges ahead of him? Will he be able to forgive himself when he finds out the devastating truth?

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Roxanne “Roxy” Parks is the black sheep of her family, a party loving, seductress who has never had issues getting guys, she has moved through her life going between meaningless flings and one night stands. Not wanting to commit to anyone, she loves the freedom she has. Not having yet managed to find the man of her dreams, she meets a stranger one night who awakens something inside her. As it appears she might have finally found him, there’s a catch she’s about to discover when he turns up In her life In a most unexpected way… In a web of lust, secrets, sex and love, let the games for their hearts begin, but someone’s might just get broken along the way.

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My very first Wattpad novel is almost finished (half up on Wattpad, the rest booked in with my editor) and I’d love to have some more readers and get some more feedback.

Thawed after two-hundred years.

Cured of a life-threatening condition.

Eliza should be thrilled to be alive again, but this paradise of the future isn’t what it seems and her new life has come at a high price.

Can she adapt to her new role in this world of consorts, debt-slaves, and almost perfect long life?

Is anyone truly happy when everyone can live for hundreds of years?

One thing is for sure, Resurrection is just the beginning.

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Larissa Donovan is one of the country’s most valuable intelligence assets, working in the shadows where few know of her existence and even fewer know her real name. When she’s not working to keep the country safe, her focus is on tracking down the mobster responsible for her parents’ grisly murders when she was a child. However, after twenty years of murder and secrets, Lissa is tired. She agrees to take one final assignment for the FBI…go undercover and get information on a college professor with ties to the same mobster she’s been hunting all these years.

What starts out as a simple spy mission quickly turns into something much more complicated. Between fighting her attraction to her target and trying to solve the mysterious connection between him and the mob, she finds herself tangled in a web of secrets and lies. When one of those secrets leads back to her father, she realizes there was more to her parents’ murder than she ever imagined.

         Two boys ,one girl,       Arun,Alan, and Diya. Arun loved her, Alan lusted her, Love or Love ?  what to choose  ? that was the main question for Diya. Please read the story to find out who will be the final winner. Your comments and feedbacks are the fuel for this story(:


“So?” he taunts provokingly, letting his hands fall to my shoulders, “would you still let me touch you?”
“Yes” I whisper so silently, that the word isn’t even audible to myself. I clear my throat.
“Yes, I would” I repeat forcefully. One word. One damn word and my whole world falls into place.

"I’ve lived my whole life with a constant feeling of not fitting in or belonging anywhere. As an orphan and with no other family, I’ve fought my way through life alone, always felt insecure and never dared to trust anyone or love anyone - because those you love die. Apparently.

When I was pulled into a strange world of power, sex, death and survival, you would think that I would be terrified and feel like a stranger. But it was like coming home. That’s the world I’ve always belonged in but never knew even existed. The man of my dreams revealed himself in the most peculiar way, and even though the road to happiness is long and filled with obstacles, love is worth fighting for." - Arya

CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT! Do not say I didn’t warn you …! It’s like 50 Shades meet The Black Dagger Brotherhood - or so I would like to imagine :wink:

Cover-photo is a no-rights/free-to-use by photographer Emiliano Vittoriosi

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It’s Weird, it’s big, it’s a bit of a monster…it’s Chéri!
Don’t know how I think this sick sh^t up but hey…

Title: For The Love Of Chéri

Status: Ongoing, nearing the end

Average Chapter Length: 2k

Current Size: You’re LATE to the table honey, 300,000 words (But I enjoyed every shocking letter)

Genre: LGBT / MxM / BISEXUAL Thriller / Obsesseive Romance :rainbow_flag:

Rating: :purelyaliyah: Adult :purelyaliyah:





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My Desire

Jessica (24), was working her ass up, being in the position where she is right now. Fate brought them together as Brent (28), took over his granddads Company.

Besides being handsome, he was also known for being ruthless and having a wicked life, battling his own fight with himself, having nightmares. He finally find’s someone who can handle him and his flaws, turning his life upside down.

How are they going to manage their roller coaster relationship, facing the consequences of the past…? Find out here…

“Do you trust me Jessica?!” he asked me aggressively, gritting his teeth together.

What’s going on with him? I didn’t know what to say… yes… no…?

“Answer me!!” his grasp tightened forcing me to say something.

“Brent please…” my eyes filled up with tears, but still holding it back.

He abruptly let off and turned around, leaving me near the cliff.

I felt my tears running down my cheeks. I couldn’t stand anymore and just sat there looking at the waves which were hitting the cliff.

He never was acting like that towards me, being strange, but why now? What changed him?
Find out here…

Title: Hotel Mishaps

Summary: Bronte just needs to get away, but things get a little crazy when her accommodation is doubled booked.

“Two weeks,” she paused. What if he was only asking as a means to learn how long she would impose on his space. God, two weeks seemed like such a long time. “But maybe I should cut my trip short. After all it’s been such a disaster already.”


Bronte turned to look at Ethan only to find he was already looking at her. His eyes were striking and she couldn’t find the strength to look away.

Before she could argue, he continued, “You will stay for the full two weeks, with me.”


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“She was held down by white ether chains stronger than any metal while they tore the wings from her back. The ache of the loss filled her like the whole span of the sky, and the pale, fading gold of her feathers stained a blood red that drenched her lungs. It hurt so much that she wished to die. So Azurasi died.”

Sex, battle, and drunken fireside gambles - for two hundred years, Zura has been running from the scars on her back, living for only pleasure and thrill. She would have been content to die this way, but fate stumbles her across a face from the past: Ilheo, the man who once stole everything from her. Revenge is all that Zura wants, yet when Ilheo turns out to be amnesic, she is left clutching at empty vengeance.

But Ilheo does remember one thing: an unconditional devotion to this brilliant, dangerous, hurting woman. From old hatred and fierce love arise truths Zura had not faced in centuries - until her scars are laid fresh once more by murder, massacre, and a war to end all magic.

This is a rewrite of Vhanaiel, originally posted on Fictionpress in 2016. You can find reviews here:

Read here:


She is an accomplished professional and sex addict who loves dominating.
These three young men are fresh out of high school and trying to find their place in society.
She sees boy toys.
They see an epic opportunity for sex, fantasy and maybe even love.
Same path. Different directions.
Is collision inevitable?

Enticement (Completed)

Lena Plastique didn’t dream beyond the Burlesque stage; she was happy performing where she was. She was a third-generation performer and didn’t find the main line performances to be up her alley. That was until she was asked to perform with The Romans, the biggest act in The Strip’s history.

Benji Proctor aka Gladiator & Lito Maverick aka Centurion felt that performing with women didn’t add much to their performances or relationship. When they noticed Orchid, Lena, performing on the burlesque stage they couldn’t help but what her.

Would performing together help their careers or would it ruin their acts? Can Lena, Benji and Lito build a work relationship without ending up as more in the process?

Natalia Henderson and her best friend Elena Thompson are famous VS supermodels. They happen to be at a party for celebrities, which includes singers, actors, models, and even top business men and women.

Little did Natalia know was that her life was just about to change in a matter of 24 hours…

Hatred, sadness, and maybe, just maybe will love blossom from one person she meets at this certain event.

There’s a problem… they both have an agonizing past they want to forget and avoid.

Will their past allow this relationship to bloom or crumble?

Can two people really work together to forget and move on? Well, I don’t know… that’s up to you to find out!

In order to get your answer, you shall read on and let fate decide their paths…