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He knelt before me and I froze, knowing just what he was about to do.

❝Neil, ❞ I pleaded. ❝No. ❞

He remained unspeaking, his eyes trained on mine as he kissed my navel. I clenched my thighs, wet heat pooling low in my belly. I gasped as he reached forward, trailing kisses along my waistline, tears leaking my eyes when I realized that he was kissing my scars.

❝Please… ❞

❝Yes, goddess? ❞

❝My safe word, ❞ I spoke breathlessly. ❝Icarus. ❞

She was the angel that fell from the heavens. Her wings had been clipped and charred, her body marred with scars by her abusive father. On the verge of seeking death’s fatal kiss, Carina desperately needs a miracle to save her from herself.

That miracle was Neil Nolland.

Carina had never met anyone like him. He healed her wounds and kissed away the nightmares until she forgot they existed. He was her remedy, her salvation. Though, with secrets of his own stashed away in a closet stacked high full of horrors too awful to imagine…

He would also turn out to be her doom.


:3rd_place_medal:THIRD PLACE WINNER of Star Author Awards 2019 :3rd_place_medal:
:3rd_place_medal:THIRD PLACE WINNER of Galaxy Awards 2019 :3rd_place_medal:
:3rd_place_medal:THIRD PLACE WINNER of Disco Awards 2019 :3rd_place_medal:


YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ THE FIRST BOOK TO UNDERSTAND THIS ONE… But the third connects them two, so it’s up to you.

A Puzzle of Trust and Lies (Wolf Secrets book 2)

For years Jared thought that his relationship with his high school crush is nothing, but casual meet-ups and secret nights, spent together. Until the moment he realizes his feeling will not be returned, no matter how much he tries. He can’t bear her two-faced attitude, public rejections and sour words.
Deciding to leave his miserable life behind and start anew, Jared is violently pulled back into Amely’s dirty game. She is capable of things he has never even expected. And she’s not letting him go.
Amely is much more than Jared has ever thought. She’s cunning and clever, so much more hiding under her beautiful shell. And she’s not human. Just like their infant child that Jared never thought existed.
Now, a war is brewing, threatening to destroy everything as they know it. Their enemies are closer than ever and their plans are much more dangerous than anyone has ever thought.

WARNING: This story contains matures topics such as sexual references and violence.

Updates: twice a week.

Title: The Sapphire Project
Author: @elusive_6788
Status: completed.



:revolving_hearts: New!

She was her best friend, her rock and favorite person on the planet. Their friendship was timeless and when Cora Ashley was offered a job in her hometown, it was hard to refuse. Lisa’s hometown was close to Cora’s and they would sit for hours and talk about home, but Lisa had no interest in ever returning.

Not long after Cora returned home she received life changing news and also suffered a loss, a loss that sent her on an adventure to learn the history of her best friend.

Blaine Lowell is the son of a famous and very prominent family in New York, he is also the brother of a missing person. His sister disappeared years earlier, until a spunky meteorologist came into his life to help solve a mystery. He is conservative, she has a secret but together they must solve the mystery of not only his missing sister, but the disappearance of his sister’s child.



:revolving_hearts: NEW! Posted September 15, 2019 and completed September 27, 2019.

Shorter chapters so don’t let the amount of chapters keep you from starting this story.

A romantic comedy about true-crime reporter, Nora Tate. She comes from a privileged family and has no desire for a long term relationship. She travels as she digs into the worst of crimes to share the victim’s story on a cable news channel.

She also has her own sleuth style crime channel on Youtube where she and others try to crack cold cases.

Someone enters her life that quickly sends her on a whirlwind and changes her entire life.

After a very awkward trip to the doctor and her cousin’s wedding to her past lover, she herself must escape her worst nightmare…true love.


( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) :kiss:

It’s Weird, it’s big, it’s a bit of a monster…it’s Chéri!
Don’t know how I think this sick sh^t up but hey…

This is a story for certain types of reader!

Title: For The Love Of Chéri

Status: Ongoing, nearing the end

Average Chapter Length: 2k

Current Size: You’re LATE to the table honey, 398,998 words (But I enjoyed every shocking letter)

Genre: LGBT / MxM / BISEXUAL Thriller / Obsesseive Romance :rainbow_flag:

Rating: :purelyaliyah: Adult :purelyaliyah:

:warning:WARNINGS: :warning:
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

WARNING: MATURE Adult Obsessive Gay Romance/Thriller.




This a complicated story involving themes like homosexuality, murder, prostitution, violence and other adult themes, aswell as themes of resilience, loyalty, fate, love and destiny.
Apart from the above, there is comedy, irony and laid bare are all of human natures follies.


A quiet, and religiously devout, Longhaul Truck Driver called Lennon, flies in from The United States Of America to do some hauls in the United Kingdom. Leaving his personal heartache and issues, he meets a strange and troubled hitchhiker, who is not all he seems.

The weird and wild passenger Chéri, is a near fantasy figure to the shy and wholesome American, as he toys with the emotions and inhibitions of the sexually repressed, and closeted Lennon.

Lennon falls hopelessly in love with Chéri, and is soon lured out to Spain, where he learns about the strange happenings, in the large compound where Chéri’s family live, with different groups of staff, all of different nationalities.

Lennon’s first instinct is to take Chéri and run as he starts to meet the unusual, but large personalities that inhabit this world and operate above the law.

He also finds himself at odds with the large security team that protect the family, led by a highly charismatic svengali figure, in the form of a French man named Marcel L’Estrange.

Lennon immediately falls foul of an intricate web of drama, lies and agendas as things spiral out of control.
Power struggles ensue and loyalties change as more is uncovered about the strange young enigmatic teenager, Chéri

NOTE FOR READER : Nothing is meaningless or insignificant. A keen eye reveals hidden plotlines and secrets.

( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Aria was working at Hoots and hollers a popular bar in Miami as a bartender. Her boss is a dick head and a total creep, but she has bills to pay and can’t find another job since no one wants to hire someone who has been to jail.

She meets a handsome man named Pierce at the bar while her boss is giving her a hard time, who goes by the nickname “Trigger” because he takes no bullshit from anyone.

He gives her an offer she might not be able to refuse. Work for him in his illegal car transporting business, and get paid enough to swim in pool of money.

Will she take accept the deal from this handsome devil?

Elise is a 25 year old woman who has been given the chance to start a new life after her drug abuse came to an end. She lived in Sacramento California, and moved to Dallas Texas to begin her new life in a tranquil farm house, far from people, far from temptations, and far from her hot ex boyfriend Travis, the lead guitarists in his band, and man who drove her into a hellish addiction of heroin. Elise is healthy now, she is happy, and high only on life, she may have even met the man of her dreams in this new life of hers but will her ex come back to ruin her happiness again? Or will he come back with an entirely different purpose? (to make amends)

Note *This story starts off written in Elise’s POV, Then it changes to Travis POV farther along in the story. This story is not intended to glorify drug abuse, or encourage it, it is actually intended to raise awareness of hardcore drugs, and how it affects people’s lives. Please enjoy!

Ryland Beckett has a secret. By day, she’s a tomboy, hiding behind oversized clothes and a rough exterior.Driven by lust and longing, she transforms into a lingerie wearing goddess under the safety of moonlight.

She does what she originally thought unthinkable… she takes racy pictures of herself all for a boy, August.

When the photos get leaked and she becomes the talk of small town gossip. Private browser tabs and pop-ups have caught her in their sites. Ryland finds herself delving deeper into the mysterious world of online sex. Before she can stop it she has gone completely and irrevocably
v i r a l .

Click here to read

Against my better judgment I answer, “Look I told you, you have the wrong number,” I say a bit too harshly. “I wish I was the girl you were looking for but I’m not.”

“You do, huh?” His husky voice fills my ear again and I shiver.

What the hell is he going on about?

“What are you talking about?” I ask confused.

“That you wish you were the girl I was looking for,” he says amused.

I groan remembering exactly what I said and palm my face, “I said that huh?”

“Uh huh!”

I want you to meet, Fallon Mathews. A waitress who works entirely too much to have a social life, let alone a romantic one.

She pretty, smart and definitely not shy.

Now meet Alexander Grant. The own of one of the top clubs in the state, which just so happens to be the same club, Fallon likes to go to.

He isn’t a player, but he does sleep around a lot. After all he is single.

What happens when he is given the wrong number, that just so happens to be Fallon’s?

This story contains strong language and explicit sexual content.

Read at your own risk!

Title: Come into the Water


Genre: Paranormal Romance


“What do you want?” Silas asked in a low voice. His blue eyes raked over my frame causing me to lose my breath momentarily.

“You,” I breathed, my eyes darting between the two men in front of me. “I want both of you.”

Aries smirked, a smug look on his face. “And who are we to stop you?”

Twenty three year old Natalia Maruo moves into a new apartment not at all aware that her two ‘roommates’ are incubi fresh out of hell.

Warnings: mature content, explicit sexual scenes, strong language

Status: Complete

Roxie Jones is a twenty-seven-year-old divorcee, with blond hair, violet-blue eyes and plenty of curves. She once was a budding artist, until her ex husband Mitchell destroyed her confidence in herself. He left her for his thinner, younger secretary.

Xander Austin owns Dragon Lore Art Gallery and is searching for new talent. He discovers Roxie and to his surprise she tells him no to showing off her art. Even more surprising, she is his mate. The second his eyes land on her at his sister-in-law’s launch event for her new match making business. His dragon roars to life, yelling she is their forever mate.

Roxie is not convinced they are mates and doesn’t think her work is good enough to showcase in his gallery. Xander has his work cut out trying to convince her she is the one, and her work is worth showing to the world.

#1 BBW 10/26/19
#1 adult themes 11/3/19
#1 Artist 11/17/19-11/30/19


Status: Complete

This is book two in the Mate Me series, please read Loved by a Dragon before starting this book. You can read this book without Loved by a Dragon, but you won’t know who some of the characters are.

Eloise Rucker is a thirty-year-old fourth grade teacher and bartender. She works at Club Cerulean and Josie Austin is her best friend. Josie runs a company called Mate Me held at the club. Unfortunately, Josie’s Mate Me events have opened Eloise up to being hit on regularly. One particular man wouldn’t take no for an answer and tried to drag her off. Now she has a stalker who leaves her notes everywhere she goes, at school, the club, her mailbox and front door.

Enter Marcus Zephyr bear shifter. At thirty-three he owns his own protection agency, Rhett Austin hires him to supply extra bouncers for his club on Mate Me event nights. The first night he meets Eloise a curvy teacher and his bear goes insane yelling she is their mate. Marcus argues saying they have no mate, she rejected them fifteen years ago, he’d been an idiot at eighteen. When she rejected him he joined the marines and left his little town in Texas.

Now he was living in White Valley and unable to get Eloise out of his head, he offers to help her track down her stalker and protect her until they catch him.
Will the two be able to find love with each other? Can Eloise learn to trust a shifter and can Marcus accept he has found his true mate?


Harper Talbot is a painfully shy bookstore owner in the town of Black Wood Falls. She has built a name for herself among the rare book collectors as the one to go to when searching for a rare book. She befriends a wolf shifter named George who gets sick and dies, leaving her his entire book collection. The wolf pack George belonged to are unhappy she is getting his books and start to cause problems for her.

Regal Murphy is the alpha of the black panther pack in Black Wood Falls, he also owns a website building company and has been hired by Harper. The instant he meets her he knows she is the one for him. Unfortunately, she is painfully shy and has a hard time talking to him at first and it takes some convincing on his part to get her to go on a date.

Together they have to figure out who is attacking Harper and trying to get their hands on George’s massive book collection.

Marcus is a volser – he signed up to have his debts wiped out in exchange for going into voluntary servitude, but his debts aren’t the only thing that get wiped. No, the contract comes with a steep price tag of its own: a permanent neural installation that blocks out the recipient’s memories and punishes the host if they reach for them.

His first day on the job, Marcus is hired by Lord Quinn, a nobleman who mistakenly believes him to be available for “homosexual encounters.” What starts as an awkward misunderstanding opens doors that threaten to answer questions Marcus can’t ask without triggering his buzzchip. He tries to run away, but finds himself pushed back toward Lord Quinn’s offer of help.

When told there’s a significant chance that he was forced into this life, Marcus is terrified to entertain the thought, but the discovery of a tattoo on his right hand – a symbol that belonged to the now-extinct Te-Qai clan – has made a lot of people very desperate to track him down.


Why you should read:

  • ginger contrarian MC :man:t3:‍🦰
  • nobleman love interest :gem:
  • M/M high heat :sweat_drops:
  • age gap (no teens) :wine_glass:
  • deconstructed master/servant trope :exploding_head:
  • amnesia plot :brain:
  • ANKLE WORSHIP :foot:🏼:interrobang:

Updates are ~2k each, posted every Sunday + Thursday.


Caleb Hughes has done his time; he’s paid the price for his mistake. Now, all he wanted to do was discover the man he was meant to be, before he lost it all, before he became less of a person. But in that search, he never intended on discovering who he found. Caleb was still piecing himself together. How can he help another, when he alone was lost?
Alexis Laurent was running from a marriage that was doomed from the beginning. Placed at a crossroad, she headed back home to find solace. It was supposed to be just her and her son, but there he was. A man who intrigued and scared her at the same time. Soon, she found herself relying on him more than she should. Neither of them was ready for what they’ve discover, but he did something to her, flipping the switch to a part of her that she’s hidden.
As extended friendship turned to trust, then desire, their rules evaporated. They found themselves risking their free will to protect the other.


[This contains mature situations and language]

She is a single mother in the middle of the worst breakup. He is a Marine coping with the aftermath of war. She is trying to rebuild her life. He is trying his hardest not to lose his.

Hailie Scott is on the verge of a wretched downfall. She can barely pay her electric bill, let alone keep a roof over her head. She works a dead-end job and studies a full course load to earn a degree. To make matters worse, she is now a single mother watching the father of her daughter run off with the woman he had an affair with.

Ultimately, Hailie is kicked to the curb with only the clothes on her back, a laptop, and nowhere to go. That is until she stumbles into her old high school crush Jace who has experienced hardships of life that left the boy she once knew into a guarded soul. The Marine is battling inner demons that led him to a messy divorce and an internal battle that never heals if anyone can understand Hailies torn heart and turmoil, its Jace.

Either they mend each other’s wounds, or they create new ones becoming each other’s rebound.

It will leave you feeling hot :slight_smile:

Born in France raised in London, Equinox LeBlanc is one of the most open guys around. He’s proud of being a vampire, he’s proud of being a warlock, he’s proud of being gay. He’s open that he has a mischievous dark side, and he has no problem going against all the rules his sophisticated family enjoy laying down. He even finds it amusing.
When people look at Equinox they think he has no secrets. But they’re wrong. He has one secret. One secret he doesn’t even let posses his own mind too long. He’s in love with his best friend Bay McCraw. Bay is Irish, human, and a warlock . . . and Equinox has loved his adorable face since Third Year Magick School.
But Equinox smoothers this longing and affection to a minimal in his brain. He’s afraid Bay may not have the same feelings, and he’d rather have the tawny-haired warlock as only a friend then lose him entirely. But after all these years, Equinox is finding it hard to keep lying to himself about his feelings for Bay.
And he’s afraid he can’t keep them a secret from Bay much longer.

“Come on, Lena,” he said, his eyes darkening in desire, “Be my dirty little secret and let me be yours.”
“Dirty little secret?” I asked, desire sliding through me.
“Let me do dirty things to you,” he said, his mouth hovering over mine, “And you’ll do dirty things to me and no one will ever know.”

Asher was in love once, but when she cheated on him with his best friend, he swore he would never fall in love again becoming a notorious playboy who kicks girls out of his bed before his sheets are warm.
His neighbor, Lena is a good girl but when her best friend dies, she decides to experience everything she has avoided her whole life.
When Asher and Lena strike a deal to become friends with benefits, will their dirty little secret become more or crash and burn into a complete disaster?


Lacy Nelson is tired of being ignored by her overworked doctor, husband Christopher. Fed up, she goes to their shared workplace to seek attention from someone who will appreciate her efforts. Her flirtatious smile and killer body are bound to attract someone. It doesn’t take long for her to catch the eye of a new patient in the addiction treatment wing of her husband’s hospital. After one daring kiss, she is hooked. Lacy finds herself entangled in a dangerous love affair where no one will come out unscathed.

Warning: Contains Strong Language, Adult Content, and Violence.

Rated Mature 18+

Fatal Desire