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This is my baby that I started writing last month. It already has 4K reads, and I’m wondering why.

Cara, a broken girl is forced to marry Neil Nolland, the ruthless billionaire.
Having faced torturous treatments before, she is sure he is going to hurt her.

As opposed to her belief, Neil isn’t going to hurt her. He might even be in love with her.
Will she accept him, knowing his dark past, crushed by her own?

Will she fall for this self-confessed monster?

He knelt before me, and I froze, knowing just he was about to do.

“Neil,” I pleaded. “No.”

He remained unspeaking, his eyes trained on mine as he kissed my navel. I clenched my thighs, wet heat pooling low in my belly. I gasped as he reached forward, trailing kisses along my waistline, tears leaking my eyes when I realized that he was kissing my scars.


“Yes, goddess?”

“My safe word,” I spoke breathlessly. “Icarus.”

Trope, billionaire cliché?
I think not, Messieurs & Mademoisellez.

Mature Romance - Mature Audience [18+] - Strong Language - Sexual Content - Trigger Warning

#187 in Romance ❧

Burn For You


Title:Fight For Me (Complete)


You have no idea how much I need boring.

Two years after the murder of her parents Caia is finally ready to start anew. New name, new town, new school. Desperately wanting normalcy and longing to put down roots again, she’s determined to stay on the straight and narrow and avoid anything or anyone who poses a threat to her new life. And that includes steering clear of Liam ‘Beast’ Paine. The hot-tempered, adrenalin seeking mountain of muscles is precisely the kind of person she wants to avoid. Should be simple enough. And it would be if only she could keep a clear head when he kisses her.

Run my little Bambi. The beast is on the hunt.

Born with a will of steel and a silver spoon in his mouth Liam Paine is used to getting what he wants, so when he sets his sight on the shy and jumpy Caia he does what he always does: go after her with a single-minded determination and about as much finesse as a bull in a china shop. However, it soon becomes clear that the unassuming girl, who looks at him like a deer caught in headlights, has demons that need fighting. And if there’s something Liam does well, it’s fight.

I’m ready to fight for you.

But the past doesn’t always stay where we want it and Caia’s is always lurking just around the corner. Ready for the next round.


Hi all you mature romance readers!

You might like to check out my new story “All” :blush:

The story tells the tale of Abi & Noah - Abi is a naive but savvy singer at music college, whose life changes when she meets gorgeous blonde guitarist Noah. Things get steamy as Noah teaches Abi a whole world of things she’s never experienced before, but eventually it seems she’s the one teaching him… how to love.

Hope you like it :blush:


:rose: FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Red Rose Romance Awards 2019 :rose:

All [adverb]; completely, without exception.

When 18-year-old singer Abi meets Noah, a moody but beautiful guitarist, she soon discovers the tattoos marking his skin hide more than she first thought.

Thrown head-first into Noah’s world of secrets, passion and excitement, Abi starts to learn things from him that she’s never experienced before. But, as their relationship grows deeper, it seems as though she’s been the one teaching him all along… how to love.

As one person’s career starts to take off and the walls slowly crumble between them, will Abi and Noah ever truly be able to give each other their all?

[WARNING: Contains sexual content and swearing]


Unlawful Temptations

Rules are meant to be broken.

At least that was the motto that Kat Sanders led her life by. She said what she wanted, did what she pleased, and didn’t give a damn who judged her for it. Her home life was less than perfect ever since her father left and her mother spiraled into a drug induced stupor, leaving Kat with the heavy responsibility of taking care of her five year old sister. So, in an ugly turn of events where Kat loses her job, she hurriedly accepts her friends offer to interview for a job as a nanny. Yet, when Kat meet her new employer, all bets are off. He’s handsome, he’s brooding, and enticingly dangerous with a gun tucked into his side and a badge of honor splayed proudly across his blue uniform. Dominic Reed had everything Kat could ever want in a man.

Everything, aside from a wife.

Will Kat be able to downplay her normal, rebellious attitude and attraction to her married boss, or will forbidden feelings bud and temptation once again claim a victory over Kat and Dominic?

Yet, who can tell where this game of Kat and mouse will lead as Dominic’s lethal job intertwines into Kat’s life in a very real, very dangerous way that will leave them both vulnerable and fated for destruction.

Game on.✔️



Lacy Nelson is tired of being ignored by her overworked doctor, husband Christopher. Fed up, she goes to their shared workplace to seek attention from someone who will appreciate her efforts. Her flirtatious smile and killer body are bound to attract someone. It doesn’t take long for her to catch the eye of a new patient in the addiction treatment wing of her husband’s hospital. After one daring kiss, she is hooked. Lacy finds herself entangled in a dangerous love affair where no one will come out unscathed.

Rated Mature
Read This Story Here:Fatal Desire


The Wish:

Sydney Jones, a single mom of nine year old Axel Jones. With her traumatic past, she shields Axel in the best way she knows how. He sees the world in a way she never had, and she plans to keep it that way.

Sydney hasn’t been with a man since the old flame that burned out before it was even lit. Best friend Chenelle has been by her side since Sydney’s pregnancy in high school.

What happens when MLB player Jason Foreman unexpectedly appears into their lives? Even sexy ball players have rocky pasts, and Jason’s opens Sydney’s eyes to a world she’s never seen before.

Their journey might be a bumpy one, but they always seem to find their way back to one another, even through the toughest times. Is the drama worth it all? Or is she better off alone, like she’s become accustomed to?

Will Jason be safe? Or will he strike out? Only time shall tell. Let’s play ball!

Mature Romance
Mature Audience 18+
Sexual Content
Sexual Language
Trigger Warning



Hi all,
If you are interested in mature romances that centre around characters in their thirties, give my story a look.

The Reason I Exist

Falling in love in your mid to late thirties presents a few challenges. Not least because very few people get to this age without a large amount of relationship baggage. Jude, in particular, has a lot of baggage. Amy, on the other hand, hasn’t had children yet, and with the clock ticking, is Jude really the right man to be getting involved with?

This story spans a number of years and follows the couple’s various attempts at making things work, despite the persistent and sometimes immovable obstacles put in their way.

Will they make it or will it break them?

Find out by reading it from either Jude’s or Amy’s point of view…

Click here

Note: There are a lot of upsetting themes throughout the story in relation to life, love and loss. Read at your own discretion, but please don’t hesitate to PM me if anything comes up that you want to discuss.

Do not read if you are not comfortable with mature themes - strong language, sex scenes, drug use



This is a story about a boy and a girl expressing their feelings for one another.

Riley is 16 and “the good girl”, breaking rules ever so often when it comes to her overprotective brothers. Riley moves to L.A with her brothers. She meets her neighbor and quickly falls for him.

Hayden is 16 and “the player”. Hayden befriends Riley’s brothers, but he loathes her. On the first day of school, all of the boys fall for Riley including Hayden’s friends. But, they are quick to notice something is wrong with him because he plays all the girls at school not matter what they look like. Hayden’s friends dare him to take Riley out, kiss her, and then break up. Hayden never lets down a dare so he agreed.

But, we all know Riley has feelings for Hayden and will say yes. The real question is what is going to happen on the date?

Will Hayden fall for Riley?

Will Riley see Hayden’s true colors and hate him?

What will happen? Just keep reading to find out.

This Story Is Still Ongoing, and has yet to be edited.


Reagan Thompson is a first year law student at the most prestigious universities in the United States. It has been her dream to be a lawyer since she was a little girl and nothing is going to stand in her way. Callum Carter is also a first year law student, at the same university and in the same resident hall. He’s likewise, determined and focused, but can’t deny Reagan’s impact on him. She’s beautiful, intelligent and not at all interested in him. These two have planned out their lives perfectly, but even the best laid plans can come crashing down.



“Nothing serious, maybe we could go for drinks or dancing, I know how you love to dance.” I said stepping closer to her. There was hesitation in her eyes and I didn’t know why. I thought I had been pretty obvious about my feelings and I was pretty sure she felt the same. Bringing my hand up I caressed the side of her neck and stroked a lock of her hair that had fallen down from her bun. We were in a hospital and a glass room so I had to stop myself from doing what I wanted, but I couldn’t stop myself from running my thumb along her jaw and to her lips. “You could text me when you get back into town, I could pick you up from the airport.” Her lips puckered slightly as I traced them. “You don’t have to do that.” Her voice was barely a whisper. “Oh, but I want to.” Moving in closer this whole time my lips were barely on hers…

Eden Matthews loves her life, she loves her job and she loves her family. When she goes out for the night she doesn’t expect or desire to find love, at least not for longer than a night. She’s a modern woman, busy, focused and anything longer than a one night stand is usually too time consuming. Enter Theo Wyatt. He’s gorgeous, captivating and a killer lay. Could he possibly change Eden’s ways?




Sierra Gonzalez’s entire life had been plagued by failure and misery. The agony of her mother’s death compels the quiet, naive Colombian to move to New York in pursuit of a better life. However, misfortune once again invades her life and, a few months later, she wounds up broke and desperate. With the help of her friend, she gets a job as a waitress in a strip club, and there she meets the infamous owner Leonardo De Laurenzo.

His insatiable hunger for sex and control, and her innocence and submissiveness propels the two to start a passionate, sexual relationship. Unfortunately, Sierra realizes too late that Leonardo is not just a simple business owner. In fact, he’s the boss of the Italian mafia that resides in New York. He’s cruel, merciless and, most of all, he’s dangerous.



Title: Making Art

Genre: Romance, Mature, Indie, Post College, Billionare


Synopsis: Vivian is a college dropout struggling with the death of her parents and her place in this world. All she really cares about at this point is creating art. However, she has trouble trying to sell her work and does everything to make ends meet. After her most recent breakup, she writes off relationships as she tries to focus on surviving and getting out on her own without the help of her older sisters.

Kurt is trying to break away from his family’s affairs as he begins his new company with money raised on his own. And he’s done very well for himself. He believes he has it all: friends, career and girls on call. He never wanted a relationship, he doesn’t like the drama because at the pace he is going, he doesn’t have time.

One night at a local gallery opening, Vivian and Kurt meet which will forever change their views on love. But will they give in to their feelings? Or will the keep true to their no relationship rule?

Warning: Occasional mature content and strong language

Story ongoing, posted weekly on Mondays.


Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home

“Don’t touch me when we’re out in public.”
“Don’t openly say that I am your wife.”
“Don’t let people know that you and I live together.”
Alexander Smith and Isabelle Davis were forced to marry as a result of their parents’ arrangements. Isabelle thought their marriage would be loveless and inescapable, so she gave Smith three don’ts on their wedding night. Alexander looked at her, expressionless, and blinked his eyes.
Can’t touch her in public? …He’ll do it in secret.
He can’t say that she’s his wife? …He’ll say that he’s her husband.
And as for the final don’t… In an interview, he declared to the entire world: “Every night, I share a bed with Izzy.”

This is the official English translation of the book by Mr Ye Fie Ye… This account will be accessed by his manager/assistant… This account is still under a trial purpose.



this is my story, inspired by the faces of Barbara Palvin and Harry Styles
it’s about a british turned american soldier that’s coming back to his
hometown and messed up family after almost two years in Syria
please check the TWs in the description before you read <3




Title: Forbidden love.
This story is written in a diary way.

this romantic story tells the tale of a young girl named Alicia (Sofia Carson) and the fathers assistant named Jack (Cole Sprouse).
After all those fights and the terrible divorce, the father decides to take full responsibility for his daughters because he took everything from his wife. And decides to move from London to Birmingham to then by the whole company and move it.

Meanwhile, his daughter Alicia who has gone through so much and falls madly in love with her dads assistant Jack. they try to keep it hidden from everyone with hopes that they can live together forever. She also dreams about seeing her mom again and help her to get back on her feet. They love each other but it’s against the rules.

Jack looks at me, actually stares at me. He takes the hair in front of my face behind my ears. “Alicia, you are so beautiful” he says and looks deep in my eyes. “we can’t do this, you will lose your job” I say, turned around and is supposed to leave, when suddenly he grabs my hand place his other hand on the back of my neck and kiss me. “I love you,” Jack says with a sparkle in his eyes. “Run away with me” he whispers and smiles.
a link to the plot :wink:

currently, I’m just posting the plot, with reasons that I don’t want a full story out and no one wants to read it. I love this story I’m writing new chapters every day, I have four chapters done already. so if you like it I will gladly post the rest <3

please check my story out, like and vote :slight_smile: and give me feedback if there is something to change :slight_smile: love Storiesirl


There’s nothing like being loved by a sexy, mature man you know will protect you and pleasure you every way he can. . . .
She’s given a trip to Paris by her lover for a birthday gift. But when she tries to thank him, he reminds her that a mature man really knows how to please his girl. After all . . .Daddy knows best.




Summary: Joseph was always the boy who dreamed - his imagination took him everywhere. Working at a small coffee shop in a nice part of town was one of those dreams, and he was living in it.

Of course, until the apple fell from the tree, and Joseph bit. Enter Damien Huffman, fancy suit, gentleman, all that. He was mysterious, eccentric. Joseph was stricken; like boy meets girl, except this time it’s boy sees man.

The phrase “curiosity killed the cat” has never become more real. After finally being just slightly involved in Damien’s life, Joseph’s sweet and simple life begun to form into a whirlwind of drama, chaos and pure ecstasy. Damien was there to save the day, but Joseph always wondered how, and why? Can satisfaction bring him back?




It’s Weird, it’s big, it’s a bit of a monster…it’s Chéri!

Don’t know how I think this sick sh^t up but hey…

Come have a laugh and see how long ya last :slight_smile:


Title: For The Love Of Chéri

Status: Ongoing, nearing the end

Average Chapter Length: 2k

Genre: LGBT Thriller Romance :rainbow_flag:

Rating: :purelyaliyah: Adult :purelyaliyah:





Give me a read and I will return the favor!

Elizabeth Greene is perfect.
Perfect family, perfect boyfriend, perfect grades.
She has it all, though this facade couldn’t be farther from the truth. When Elizabeth embarks on her first day at Princeton University, it never crosses her mind that her perfect life is about to come crashing down, especially when there’s a certain rude green-eyed boy who’s hellbent on ruining her.

Daniel Hawthorne has it all. Money, the latest cars in the market, any girl he wants. His brothers and him live fast and hard, without a single care in the world. Princeton is his playground and he knows how to play it well. When a certain brunette fights him for a parking spot on her first day, he is bound to let her know the rules of the game.

Even if it takes one parking spot at a time.