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Rule zero: don’t mess with them.

A transfer student at most talked about behind her back about her striking looks and striking comebacks to avoid conversation, Brooklyn Hann was the center of attention in her class.

Logan Hayes proved it as he approached her for a mere dare to escape paying on behalf of his friends. Less did he know he was not jut going to end up asking her out but learning the textbook rules of dating a tomboy.


For some, the world breaks them and shackles them. While others shackle and break themselves for the world and others.
Nusaybah has never known where she fits in the world. Her dreams, hopes, wants, needs…have always been someone else’s.
They morph and change to fit her surroundings…and to please others. To try and draw love from her parents.

And yet…she can’t help feeling that a change is starting to begin. And her life begins to lose its mundane meaning.

The walls she has believed in as a child become nothing more than just shadows.
All it takes is searching for the truth and swapping bodies with her college professor to find the light.

It’s Weird, it’s big, it’s a bit of a monster…it’s Chéri!


Title: For The Love Of Chéri

Status: Ongoing, nearing the end

Average Chapter Length: 2k

Genre: LGBT Thriller Romance :rainbow_flag:

Rating: :purelyaliyah: Adult :purelyaliyah:





Mature ● A bwwm story ● Editing

How far can you go with a lie?

Three years ago, FAYE SMITH heart got broken by her fiance, her little perfect life were compromised. So she tries to move on; apply for a new job and move to a new city. A new life.

Easy, right?


When ERIC LARSON, her ex-fiance, resurface in her life, another series of mishap happens and oh, don’t forget about his pretty not-so little lies, too.

As an old adage said; EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.


#25/1.26K in wmbw March 2019
#7/11.6K in interracial February 2019