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Forever Luminescent (Book Two of The Forever Diaries)


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Gwenn Davidson is the perfect embodiment of positivity. With her bright personality, she yearns to help the people around her. Now going on to her sophomore year of college, she is faced with a new challenge: work. After spending her freshman year with a lot of time on her hands, she wanted a change.

When she meets Ronan King, her boss’s son, fire kindles between them. She is overcome by the wildfire and wants nothing more than to extinguish it.

Will she be able to get Ronan out of her life for good without sacrificing her work experience?

Updates every Friday!



She doesn’t see him as he creeps in the bushes taking photos of her through her bedroom windows. His friends, family, and colleagues have no suspicions of his sick obsession of an innocent 22-year-old girl on the verge of an exciting career and fulfilling life.

He was to them a handsome bachelor every girl in town would die to spend one night with the handsome rising businessman.

They had no idea how dangerous he was and neither did Claire. He was willing to wait as long as it took for her to become the woman he knew she would be and then he will take her as his own. He will make her a pawn in his psychopathic game.

Even he didn’t foresee the tragedy of events that will break Claire beyond belief and leave her vulnerable. He only sits back and waits. Watches her misery and relishes in every moment until things spiral out of control and even he can’t bear to witness the events as they unfold.

Claire Gaines is a beautiful recent college graduate that returns home in hopes of landing the job of her dreams.

A tragedy, illness and an unorthodox proposal leave her only capable of surviving one more day.

The source of the proposal being a man that loathed her which causes the biggest mistake of his life.

Ethan Gehring, a handsome son of a billionaire is loving and caring until he is betrayed by many of the people he loved. Coldness overtakes his heart and he hurts the one person he ends up needing more than anyone in this world.

Will she forgive him?



Hi! I think that most of you aren’t from Germany, but still I wanted to share my story with you (maybe there are also german people here). It’s about Naomi, a woman who loses her stepsister, the person she loved the most. Naomi thinks that she can never be happy again. But then, she gets to know a guy named Lio.
Maybe, if many english wattpaders are interested in the story, I could also translate it into english. Make sure to tap on this link (ötzlich-wieder-scheint) if you are interested, it will lead you to the story.

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April knows exactly what she wants from herself. She is considered one of the smart girls of the school, she is studying in a biology class and is about to study medicine at the university.
It seems that all her future is already known, that nothing can surprise her anymore, but maybe things are not as they seem and maybe she is not as perfect as people think?

Dylan Matthews.
One of the most successful singers in the world. He decides to take a break and finish high school. He didn’t think it would be simple, but he didn’t think it would be so complicated.

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Title: Love Fool
Author: @elusive_6788
Summary: Meet Eva King, a high-spirited manager in an international firm. She scraped her way up from zero to hero in the cold, hard world of power, money, and politics, where nothing and no one was going to get in her way.

Until handsome Sven came along. Now, what was Eva going to do with a muscular Scandinavian university student with strawberry-blonde hair, ocean teal eyes and a heart-warming Colgate smile?

Put Sven into the mix and Eva’s world was about to be stirred, shaken and rocked. Crazy, crazy, love was right around the corner, ready to hit her like a bus driven by a lunatic, and nothing was going to stop it from happening.

Status: ongoing
Genre: Chicklit/Romance


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Title: I Take It Back
Description: Emma has already lived through her fair share of tragedy. After the accident, her and her best friend, Savannah, left for college together. While Savannah let loose and enjoyed her freshman year, Emma stayed focused on her studies and missed out on the college experience. But this year is a completely different story. Bound and determined to actually experience what is ‘typical’ college life now, Emma takes on a little more than expected as two guys leave a mark on her life in different ways.

Story Link:


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Please, keep this secret. For me.‬

‪It all started with lunch. Simple, uncomplicated, and completely safe. Amelia and Lucas, just two work colleagues, having lunch with a side of inside conversations, slight touching, and intense eye contact. There is only them in this moment.‬

‪When Amelia’s heart starts to thud against her chest for another man, she begins to lose herself. She keeps reminding herself: it means nothing. It’s just a crush. It won’t go anymore.‬

‪But hearts beat on their own accord.‬

‪Infatuation, I Hope is a tangled love triangle with heart gripping romance and a woman who’s testing her morals that will have your emotions on a rollercoaster.‬


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The more I try to stop thinking about him, the worse it gets.

Charlotte Jameson has experienced her fair share of hard times, but when her most recent attempt at finding love takes a nosedive, her mental health spirals out of control. Her anxiety and paranoia take over, and Charlotte has the unshakeable feeling that she is being followed.

At the suggestion of her quirky friend Julia, Charlotte becomes the newest patient of Dr. Liam Covington-an intelligent, wealthy, and drop-dead gorgeous psychiatrist. From the moment she steps into his office, there is an undeniable spark between them, and as Charlotte opens up to Liam, their attraction for each other ignites. Despite the ethical issues of entertaining a doctor/patient romance, they find themselves unable to ignore the fire burning between them.

But their relationship is far from perfect.

Charlotte’s best friend, Andrew isn’t afraid to voice his opinions about her new boyfriend. The divide between them quickly turns into a chasm, leaving her to wonder if her oldest friendship will be added to the countless losses in her life. Or worse, is he behind the mounting dangerous occurrences happening to her?

Torn between the two most important men in her life, Charlotte discovers they all have their secrets, and not everyone is deserving of her limitless trust.

Read 𝒯𝓇𝓊𝓈𝓉 Now





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Click on the cover to read the story.

Well, what exactly is TRUE LOVE?
Simple, when someone just can’t think about anything else other than SEX.
Cut it, That’s LUST. I’m talking about the romancing of the eyes, skipping of the beats, that soul mate, eternal, forbidden kind of love.

Oh that stupidity.
Hey, mind your tongue.

Well we share it remember.

So, you keep quiet then.

Can someone love me genuinely, the way I am? Despite the fact that I’m old-fashioned, messy, complicated and stubborn…can he ever fall in love with my crazy yet first-rated heart?
Only a creature from another World can fall for you.

You spoke again!
Ok ok.

Can men really love someone like women do…sacrificing everything for one, just one. Forgetting their own-identity,own-wishes… just for her…
How can you even expect something like this from MEN, they don’t even have the ability to understand such kind of love.

You can’t be quiet, can you?

I always wonder, how Juliet had felt when she decided to die for Romeo. Is love between two people so persuasive that even death seems small in front of him? Several dictums predict ‘if it’s meant to happen it’ll happen’.
That’s definitely written to treat someone’s depression. Don’t scowl at me.

Wish not…as I myself, a strong adherent of such stuffs. But I still think…
Think? That’s my job baby. You just stay out of it.


Can I forget myself just to remember someone else? Can such intensely-passionate love happens outside the stories too or is just possible in some crazy-writer’s uncontrollable-fantasies?

Of course, only in stories.

You are a practical Idiot.
And you are an emotional fool.

I’m fine with it.

Then Die!
You can’t survive without me.
Ok agreed. But you can’t run without me either.
Screw you!

Yeah, that’s what you do every single time.

I hope this practical idiot is wrong as I’m so enthusiastic to feel passionate love myself that I’m even ready to die for it, comfortably.
Hey hey hey, don’t you scare me now. We have to stay away from this LOVE business ok. I really don’t want to screw up my functioning.
But that’s my Primary job, how can you forget.

O yes, Shit.


A Gemini mind is full of questions, the world may end but they will never run out of questions. I can surely guarantee, I’m a GEMINI myself.

This is the conversation between Kavya’s mind and heart. Sweet, dreamy comments are from heart and sarcastic, practical ones are from brain. Go back and read it again, you will understand better.

Book Two in Coffee Shop Romance Series (But can be read as a standalone)

Two bright futures over in the blink of an eye.

One through foolish choices.

One through a tragic twist of fate.

Kirsten once believed she would design clothes for the stars and live in the big city. With her bubbly personality and boundless optimism, she looked forward to the challenges ahead to make that dream a reality. Until, one choice stole it all away.

Nothing in Campbell’s life came easy. Everything he had in his life he earned through hard work. Until he met Marcie. She was perfect- the sunshine in his cloudy skies. When she agreed to marry him, he knew he could face any challenge with her by his side. Only fate wasn’t so kind.

Two broken people.

Two new beginnings.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Maddie a highschool Junior, gets a strange device one day, that can create the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend. Is this technology to powerful? Can love be made by choice and not chance? Find out, by reading "How to make the perfect lover

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![newtemplate_1_original|512x800](upload://z7SUuy8gfr2jvM4ZGnZy4yZOJMR.jpeg) storylink:

Get a front row seat!


Get a front row seat!

After a disappearing act she pulled two years ago, Alyson Court joins the living in the Manhattan high society with a big bang after the echoes of her getting into Harvard MBA program at age twenty reach the metropolitan island.

The young socialite makes her way through designer-wearing wannabes, exams, high-profile parties, rumors to fulfill her mission to right the wrongs that had happened to her.

Keeping her family out of the loop, she exacts her revenge while keeping everyone else at bay.

She is smart, she is beautiful, she has God’s money, she is emotionally unavailable: she is Alyson Court. Think of her as a mean version of Karma, but with shinier hair and health insurance.

Her journey to get what she wants the most is marked by scandals of national scale, impeachments, blackmail, betrayals, divorces, marriages, careers ruined, failed businesses-- Page Six should sponsor her.

Follow the young heiress, Alyson court, as she avenges herself in a crooked society, armed with an iron will, a steel heart and a diamond mind—oh and red bottoms.

Get a front row seat!


Come, get a bite!

Vee’s twisted wit and sharp remarks leave Theo Lancaster, a well-reputed lawyer with a whimsical sense of humor, wanting more.

Their journey begins with chance meetings, toiletries theft and a wet blouse, and continues to creepy stalkers, trespassing, walks of shame and half a million dollars, and doesn’t end until ugly buried truths about their respective heritages come out.

Follow Vee, the young ceramicist, as she wades through life with dignity, strong will, self-deprecating humor and a knuckle duster she found near a bloody dumpster when she was a freshman in college on her delivery job.

Come, get a bite!


First come, first served!

Come Join The Mavericks!

Dumped and cheated on, Sawyer makes a shy comeback into her social life after the world finds out about her boyfriend and sister’s affair.

Since she has a Friday-the-13th luck, the notorious chef she was supposed to interview, happened to be the same half-naked guy she ended up smooched against his window on the tenth floor.

She gave him a headache so he made her a deal: Participate on the daring treasure hunt he’s already part of by becoming his partner and in return, she gets to ask everything she wants.

Come Join The Mavericks!

¡Aquí os comparto mi primera historia de amor! Espero que os guste.

Trata de una chica con un pasado traumático que conoce en un accidente de tráfico a un chico que esconde secretos, pero que tienen una gran conexión desde le primer momento. Tendrán que superar muchos problemas e incovenientes en su relación. ¿Podrán?

hi im having issues uploading my book image and link. Help me:weary:

Please read my new book The Thought of Loving You.
L’Orelle and Kwame are like bread and butter. Their love for each other is so powerful that they’ll do anything to be together. But is that a good thing. Is loving someone with every breathe in your body a healthy thing. We’ll find out these two journey to finding love in The Thought of Loving You.


Title: Love Is Only Fiction
Genre(s): New Adult, Rom-Com, Sci Fi
Mel is like most 20 something adults: She is more than desperate to get her life going. But her dreams of becoming a published author seem impossible as all her books are rejected. When she decides to take the risk and write a romance novel for the first time, her life gets turned upside down.
She wakes up to find herself stuck in a world where the characters from her romance novel are real! And to make things worse, she starts to have romantic feelings of her own.

Will Mel choose to stay or leave this world where fiction becomes reality? Will she end up with some super handsome cool dude? Will Quinn find the perfect doughnut? Who the heck is Quinn? Will BTS make an appearance to lure the fangirls in? Will I ever find that $5 I lost? Am I asking way too many questions?

Find out next week on- I mean find out in Love Is Only Fiction! <-------- Click to read!



All My Best Days Happened at Night


LINK -->

Genre(s): New Adult, Romance, Fantasy

Blurb: It’s summer in the greatest European capital, London. Robert Cheshire is twenty one and he after meeting her sister’s mysterious new best friend, he quickly falls in love with her. She’s Camille and she’s a perfect contrast to Robert’s shy personality. Besides her gorgeous appearance with blonde hair and pale skin, Camille has the rock’n’roll party spirit that Robert so badly likes.

Camille likes him, too. Soon she starts inviting him to her endless lavish parties in one of the wealthiest parts of the city.

The more time he spends with her and her friends, he notices that she is not as happy as she appears to be, but he can’t comprehend why. She seems to has it all. But after she reveals him her big secret, he realizes that she might have too much of it all.