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Title: Love Fool
Author: @elusive_6788

Summary: Meet Eva King, a high-spirited manager in an international firm. She scraped her way up from zero to hero in the cold, hard world of power, money, and politics, where nothing and no one was going to get in her way.

Until handsome Sven came along. Now, what was Eva going to do with a muscular Scandinavian university student with strawberry-blonde hair, ocean teal eyes and a heart-warming Colgate smile?

Put Sven into the mix and Eva’s world was about to be stirred, shaken and rocked. Crazy, crazy, love was right around the corner, ready to hit her like a bus driven by a lunatic, and nothing was going to stop it from happening.

Status: ongoing
Genre: Chicklit/Romance
Rating: Mature

First place Romance winner of The Winter Rose Awards 2019.




She doesn’t see him as he creeps in the bushes taking photos of her through her bedroom windows. His friends, family, and colleagues have no suspicions of his sick obsession of an innocent 22-year-old girl on the verge of an exciting career and fulfilling life.

He was to them a handsome bachelor every girl in town would die to spend one night with the handsome rising businessman.

They had no idea how dangerous he was and neither did Claire. He was willing to wait as long as it took for her to become the woman he knew she would be and then he will take her as his own. He will make her a pawn in his psychopathic game.

Even he didn’t foresee the tragedy of events that will break Claire beyond belief and leave her vulnerable. He only sits back and waits. Watches her misery and relishes in every moment until things spiral out of control and even he can’t bear to witness the events as they unfold.

Claire Gaines is a beautiful recent college graduate that returns home in hopes of landing the job of her dreams.

A tragedy, illness and an unorthodox proposal leave her only capable of surviving one more day.

The source of the proposal being a man that loathed her which causes the biggest mistake of his life.

Ethan Gehring, a handsome son of a billionaire is loving and caring until he is betrayed by many of the people he loved. Coldness overtakes his heart and he hurts the one person he ends up needing more than anyone in this world.

Will she forgive him?



‪Getting to Her‬

After Mia receives an anonymous text message from someone she apparently knows expressing their feelings towards her her world is flipped upside down. She is showered with gifts and romantic details but who is this mysterious person who keeps texting her?

This story is based partly on the movie A Cinderella Story staring Hilary Duff, it’s my favorite movie of all time! But anyways in that movie the main characters keep an anonymous text message relationship so that is sort of where the idea for the characters in my story to keep an anonymous text message relationship. But it is also based on my experience with an anonymous text message relationship.

This story is told mainly through text messages and dialogue

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‪All At Once‬
Hey everyone’s my name is Azmarie and i just started this story literally today, I have couple of chapters so far but I will continue to keep updating it as much as I can! Please let me know what you think

‪Veronica spent her entire high school career avoiding the world, she never wanted attention and always stayed away from the populars and she intended to do the exact same in college. After spending three months at in an early admission program at OSU, summer has come to an end and now her real college life begins. On the night before her first day she is caught in an awkward situation involving a co-ed bathroom, a makeout session and a gorgeous stranger. It’s fine though it’s a big school and she will probably never have to see him again or so she thought, he is everywhere turns out Mr. Gorgeous is also Mr. Bigshot on campus and her new roommate’s bestfriend. All she wanted to do was stay invisible and get through her freshman year instead she’s about to be the one in the spotlight, literally.‬



‪The Summer Everything Changed‬

After two years away at boarding school in London, new and improved ex bad girl Alexys Montgomery is back at Woodland Heights High. New kid in town Liam knows nothing about her but he can tell right away that she is different and is nothing like the rumors that he’s been hearing. Will her secrets and her past be too much for him? And an even bigger question will she go back to her bad girl ways or will she show everyone that she has truly changed?

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Multiple POVs, one girl, two epic love stories with a love triangle intertwined through both and two timelines (one young adult and one new adult) I promise it’s not as complicated as it sounds :joy:

Because of You


Hi new to Wattpad, Could anyone with a spare 5 minutes read over my story and leave me some feed back. thank you :slight_smile:

Fade to Black (manxman) by Eli Cartwright (Ongoing)


“You’re the only guy I’ll ever love.”

Gray meant what he said all those years ago while swaying his boyfriend back and forth as they danced across his bedroom floor. Or at least, he thought he did.

Almost five years after Grayson Pierce moved into the house across from Paris Wills, the two are still madly in love and trying their best to keep up a long-distance relationship all while pursuing their respective degrees. After taking a gap year, Gray is majoring in film at RISD with his best friend Maya and hopes inspiration will strike for his final film project. Meanwhile, Paris is enjoying his time learning about journalism at NYU and has kept up a close relationship with his Dad and Aunt Nessie, who are engaged to get married.

However, when one innocent kiss rocks the deep roots of their love, Gray and Paris will have to decide if they can make their long-distance relationship work, or if it’s time for them to move on and find other people.

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Can two perfectly fit souls find their way back to each other? Or would their similarities be the one that could retract them away from each other? When two same poles of the magnets collide, would it really prove the scientific observation that like repels like?



Meet Christina Henderson, owner of Sweet Tooth Café where she runs the things she loves. Living her dreams and running her Café is Tina’s priority. Baking and serving coffee are her routines that having a social life is not on her daily list.

Not until she meets Blake Stanford.

Sole heir of the multi-million conglomerate, Blake Stanford runs Stanford Empire after his Grandfather’s wishes. He is New York’s Workaholic Bachelor that whatever he wants he gets.

He never left any work that can be done for the day and that makes his employees fear Him. He loves to be in control both in business and in bed.



The world and more

Twenty-year-old Josie Garica was trying to navigate life at college when she met Mike. What started as an attempt at a normal college experience quickly turns into something more. The womanizer manages to turn her life upside down, as they engage on this roller coaster ride filled with fear, uncertainty and the desire for love.

You can read “The world and more” here.

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There are some games everybody has played at least once. And there is always a winner and unfortunately a loser. Even if that’s a friendly round of poker or a boldy round of truth or dare.

However, Alvina has never played. She has always been a good daughter, following the rules till she finally made her rebellion.

On the other hand, James played repeatedly and dirty till he decided to let all this behind and put his life together.

And then, Alvina met James.
She is like fire, full of life and eager to follow her dream.
He is like rain, living his dream already, although there are some unwanting but obligating distractions.

Who will win in the end?


Florence is a young, adopted woman raised in a wealthy family.

With a first glance, she is a girl full of life who owes everything and everyone.
With a second, she still fights the demons of her past and has promised herself never to fall in love.

And then she meets George, ending up inevitably addicted to each other.

What will happen when she’ll break the only promise she gave herself?

MacAllister pushed himself off from the wall and closed the space between them, “Octavia, look at me,” he gently commanded, his Scottish accent thick.

The sound of his voice affected her in ways that she could not describe. Raising her amber eyes to look up at him, she softly gasped as she saw how intently he was staring at her. The grey in his eyes almost consuming the shades of blue.

It reminded her of the stormy weather in the wake of the yearly hurricane storms that ravaged through the Caribbean.


Meet Octavia, a young, mixed-race woman trying to figure out where she belongs. Meet Octavia, a young, mixed-race woman trying to figure out where she belongs.

Feeling out of place in the Caribbean, she decides to study History in Scotland, her mother’s home. Longing to feel a closer connection to the woman who brought her into this world, she can’t wait to find out more about her Scottish roots.

What starts out as a journey of self-discovery turns into so much more as she finds herself falling in love for the very first time. Not just with the Highlands and old ruins, but with a man whose blood is rich in History.


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I‘m hooked already!



Description: Welcome to the Isle of Trouvaille, where the lost get found.
Evaline Connors hasn’t been back home in over a decade, but now, she decides to go back to find something to inspire her again.
Some things are still the same, the castles, the people, the sun as it sets over the sea. But many things have changed, her home is in disrepair, she doesn’t know where she belongs, and without her writing, it’s like she’s lost herself.
Evaline may have come home to look for inspiration for her next book, but what she finds is something much more.
Enter Maverick “Bugsy” Augustus. In the old days, he used to be the tiny kid with the thick round glasses and a broken camera slung around his neck. But a lot can change in twelve years. He’s come back to the island in much the same way Evaline has, to mend the broken parts of himself before jetting back off to be Hollywood’s favorite leading man. They were the best of friends in primary school, is it so crazy to think that now they could be something more?
The real question is: is love worth leaving everything you’ve worked for behind?

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I would appreciate it if anyone could take the time and check out my story. I’m not sure if I should continue it or not, and honestly it has been a story that has been in my mind since childhood.
Victoria is a child who doesn’t know much other than she loves her doll. She named him Xavier, brought him to school for show and tell, and even refuses to put him down when she is sleeping. The doll is very much alive to her, but the more she tries to tell her family about it the more they cast her off as silly and strange. Growing an obvious and maybe unhealthy attachment to it, she is heartbroken when her Father throws him away. Now at seventeen, she is approaching the end of her high school career. Thinking she is putting her past behind her, Victoria is proved wrong when someone from her childhood comes back to see her.


Streetwise, smalltown Emma meets the love of her life on a trip to New York, and after five amazing days together, reality pulls them apart - to different continents.
Is distance all they have to navigate to make things work?
Travel alongside Emma on her journey not only to new places, but to a whole new chapter in her life.

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