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Title: The stalker’s obsession
Status: Complete/edited
Genre: Romance, dark romance, thriller

Natalie Harper has spent the last several years of her life in fear. She hides a dark secret; a grim past that keeps following her even to this day. There’s a monster that’s chasing after her and ruining her every chance of happiness - her stalker.
When a new transfer student befriends her and claims he wants to help, Natalie is
torn between running or accepting his help. Will she be able to overcome her fears and learn to live once again or will she drown even further into her misery? And what if her new friend has a few too many secrets of his own?’s-obsession


>>> LINK <<<

Minjae has been in love with his best friend for years. He also happens to be the lead dancer of a worldwide famous Korean idol group called GRiD. The only problem is, that the said best friend is also Minjae’s bandmate.

Getting back to the scorching hot spotlight after a three-year-long break is going to be tough as is. But it also forces Minjae and his longtime crush to live under the same roof at GRiD’s dorm once again.

The dancer is facing a choice. He must either hide his true self forever or deal with the consequences if he can’t.

Longlisted in the Open Novella Contest 2019
Now a series


(In Progress. Updates every Friday!) <3

When Natara is hired as secretary to a notoriously difficult-to-work-for company heir, she is determined to succeed at her job, no matter the cost.

The idea of working for the first time after high school terrifies Natara. She has never had a job before and with mediocre grades and an average skill set she’s not sure she’ll ever get hired anywhere.

After several failed interviews, Natara sees a “Now Hiring” sign in the window of a local multimillion dollar corporation and figures she has nothing to lose even when they inevitably turn her down. To her bafflement, they hire her, and she wonders what the catch is.

Apparently, it’s one infuriating heir to the company, and she’s his new secretary.

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Book: Keepsake of My Love
Author: @elusive_6788
Genre: Romance, Young Adult crosses to New Adult
Rating: Mature
Status: Complete

This is a coming-of-age romance that raises mental health awareness.


:star:Featured book in Wattpad’s official Young Adult profile (Love, Actually reading list).

First place Romance winner of The Ohana Awards, The Epic Dreamer Awards, The Champs Easter Awards, and The Lollipop Awards (Romance).

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Winners Don’t Have Bad Days

When a total stranger knows what eats you, maybe they are your one true love. Even if you don’t know it yet.

What can an overweight man, a video game obsessed librarian, know about her quitting sport, Daya asks. He needs to get off her case and sort out his binge eating.

What does a celery-chewing skating diva care about his failure as a PhD candidate, Mike wonders. She is just replacing her dreams with his non-existing problems instead of pursuing her one true passion.

Mike and Daya rush in to tell the other how they are wrong and fight to fix the other’s problems. But if they never admit that they both are right, they will miss out on everything that makes life worth living: the personal triumphs, the giddy sense of achievement and the plain old-fashioned love.'t-have-bad-days-heartwarming-romance

Mysterious Forest Thriller Wattpad Book Cover

When story comes alive

FEATURED ON WATTPAD STORIES UNDISCOVERED SAPPHIRE LIST 2019 What happens if your fiction comes true? Eva considers herself realistic person rather than romantic. Her best friend insists that she write about a love she misses in her life to help her open up. She begins writing about her high school boyfriend adding in some fiction. She is in for a surprise when her fictional stories start happening in her real life. She tries to take control of her life by taking control of the narration of her story. But will she succeed in finding love through fiction or will she lose everything?

Love The Lost


Description: Book two of "The Truth Always Comes Out. Please read “What’s Your Deal” to understand what has transpired before this time.’s-your-deal-complete

The Larson family was devastated after Jeff had been removed from their care. Brant quit trying in school, almost didn’t graduated, and stayed at his mothers new home, a shell of his former self. All he can do is text Jeff’s phone, hoping one day he will respond. Jeff, however, has no knowledge of this, and the second he turned eighteen he fled his grandparents home and returned to his hometown to reunite with Brant. Upon arrival, Jeff was devastated to find out Brant no longer lived in their old home with no forwarding address. Fearing the worst he goes to Ashford community college in hopes to find somebody who has even heard of Brant. In his rush to flee, he had to acquire a new phone, leaving him friendless once more.

Can these lost lovers finally reconnect after all this time, or has the time they’ve lost killed their chances at true love…

Love Struck



Description: “Why can’t we all just stay friend’s?” All Matt wants is his two best friends Marcy and Kevin to be just that. Unfortunately, the two are more than just attracted to Matt, and he is powerless to stop them. Always making moves in attempts to claim Matt’s heart, and sabotaging each other in the process. The bond between the three of them seems to hang only by a thread. Can Kevin steal Matt’s heart, or will Marcy get to it first?

title: 18



After suffering a heartbreak caused by no explanation, Dylan Miller does everything she can to forget about Hunter Grayson.

That all changes after 18 months, when the two finally meet again. Except this time is nothing like the past.

Secrets and lies won’t be able to cover the truth much longer.

“Hello again, Angel.”

title: Headline






Carter Young has spent the past month hiding from the spotlight with the hope of avoiding another headline fueled by rumours.

Betrayed and heartbroken, he believes his career is over and will never recover.

When Carter meets a mysterious girl with vibrant pink hair, he is pulled into her world, and suddenly, the headlines begin to change.

Romance novelette - Arizona Thunderstorm (Completed)


Shenna Brooks drove fast from a family event in New Mexico back to Washington state, where she lived with her boyfriend. Next day should have been his birthday and she promised him to be home on a date of his birthday.
She drove with her brothers and was sure that they would manage to cover the distance through five states within twenty five hours. But ordinary vehicle breakdown threw a wrench into girl’s plans. They got stuck in the middle of nowhere in Arizona.
Desperate to be home at any rate Shenna brought her car to the only car repair shop in the area, while her brothers caught a ride to buy some food.
The thunderstorm broke suddenly. It cut Shenna from her brothers and locked her in the car shop with its only worker, Jack, a tall, young guy with a harsh heart deaf to Shenna’s plea for help.
Several hours spent together changed Shenna’s life dramatically, and it changed again, when the girl failed with her promise to Jack.


Title: Art of Seduction

Status : Ongoing

**Genre: Romance, New Adult Fiction, Erotic Romance, Contemporary


Aurora Collins found Clyde Hawthorne seeking refuge in her father’s garage, eleven years ago, sparking the beginning of a connection which neither of them could possibly deny.

Due to the very idea of not being able to have Clyde by her side twenty-four-seven, the connection Aurora and Clyde once shared became an enigma, leading them to go their separate ways.

Will it be possible to revive old feelings of endearment, when Clyde breezes his way back into Aurora’s life as her come-hither, new English professor?

It is after all illegal for a student and a teacher to have a relationship… even if it is a dirty little secret.

Caught Between Our Worlds

Bella is the most beautiful and popular girl in school. She lives in a mansion, her parents are billionaires, and her twin brother is the captain of the football team.
Dan studies at the same school as Bella, but his reality is completely different from hers. He lives in the most impoverished neighbourhood of the city, and the only reason why he is allowed to study at the private school is that he received a scholarship.
He is handsome and hot but carries a troubled past with him and a very insistent ex-girlfriend.
What will happen when their eyes meet for the first time?
What will Bella and Dan do when they catch themselves between their two different worlds?

This story is narrated by both Dan and Bella! :wink:

This is a new adult drama and romance with mature content.

TITLE: Soft&Pretty!

Who saw these coming? Because we definitely weren’t. Last night, our favorite bachelor, Leo Black, was seen hanging out with the one and only, Athena Scott.”

This may be normal for Leo Black, an intimidating, successful, hardworking and handsome millionaire, and a womanizer on the side, but for Athena Scott, this is as bad as if NASA announced an apocalypse. Athena is the owner of ‘Soft&Pretty!’ She became a successful millionaire on her own in this men’s world. She doesn’t have a problem with her professional life being known by the world, but when it comes to her private life, she is determined to keep it, well, private.

Athena wants the rumors to be stopped at all costs. She can’t process the idea of her being in a relationship with the arrogant, egotistical and womanizer Leo Black. Leo asks her one date so he can put an end to the rumors. To make the matter worse their moms start planning their wedding.
It is just one date. What can go wrong…right? :smiling_imp:

‘Yesterday I called you because I needed you. Three of the most important partners I had, left me. I got drunk since I was in the office. I smoked. Did you know that?’ My mouth forms an o shape.

‘Yeah, I smoke and I drink constantly.’ He grabs the empty glass from his desk and shows it to me.
‘I fuck women every day of my life, hard. Then, I break their hearts and then I throw them out of my life-’ He throws the glass in the direction of the trash can. It hits the wall and breaks into tiny particles. The crash made me jump. ’ just like the glass. They are left broken, miserable and hurt, but I don’t give a damn about how they feel.’ My eyes are full of pools of tears and I squeeze my lips together so I don’t cry.

‘So tell me, what do you want from me, Athena?’ When he mentioned my name, my tears fell on my cheek, making my vision blurry. I wipe them away and stare at his perfect face. Leo grabs my arms with a tight grip and pulls me closer to him. When I felt his skin against mine, I lit like a Christmas tree. My whole body ignited into a new feeling, that not even Elijah has made me feel. Butterflies start flying on my stomach and I stare at his reddish lips.

I lean to kiss his lips, but his hands keep me still in my place and he moves his head back…

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“My dad’s right,” Martha said, sniffling away a tear. “You’re gonna do amazing things with brilliant professors and brilliant classmates and… and beautiful girls…”

“Seriously?” James’ face betrayed his amusement.

“…and they’ll think your clever and you’ll tell jokes and they’ll laugh at your jokes.”

“Would you just stop?”

“Am I wrong?”

“Yes, you’re wrong. You’re very wrong, Martha. I’ve left for college two hundred times – this will be the eighty-third time for Berkeley alone. My days of exploration passed long ago. I’ve seen all of it. Don’t care about any of it. Just care about you.” He took a moment to gently wipe the tears from her cheeks, smiled, then said, “I love you.”

Martha’s inhaled sharply. She hadn’t expected that. James held her addled gaze patiently. From the moment he confided his condition and their history to her, it had been a given. He chose her. He waited for her. He loved her. But on that Tuesday in November, he wouldn’t say it. He couldn’t say it because she couldn’t reciprocate. And then she felt it. As her eyes might well with tears when struck with sudden despair, her entire body welled with… with something for which she hadn’t words. It seemed as if all words had left her – her English, her French, the chunk of Spanish she learned in California. What was her name? What was the name of the boy standing in front of her? Was she still standing? Then suddenly there was a singular clarity within the confusion – an undeniable truth. Suddenly, the words returned.

“I love you too,” she said. A laugh escaped and she covered her mouth reflexively. James smiled and pursed his lips as if her nerves were adorable. She dropped her hand and leaned in. They kissed, in love.'t-believe-in-love-songs

Just One Kiss Cover

Kaelyn was facing a problem that most teenagers had to deal with.

Falling in love for the first time!

To make things even more complicated, the object of her affection was Zayn, her twin brother’s best friend.

Hell, he was hers as well!

The Arnauld twins have known Zayn Maalouf their whole lives. But along the way, platonic love turned into something more.

Kaelyn battles with her emotions as she does not know whether to confess her feelings or continue to admire him from afar.

During their summer vacation, Zayn comes up with a proposition for them both. Would it bring them closer or tear them apart?




Newton needed an apple to discover the Law of universal attraction.
I needed Alex Carter to discover the attraction.

Alex Carter, THE BAD BOY.
Everyone knows him.
Almost every girl drools over him.
Strong, handsome, brown hair, smolder look and tattoos,
He’s the typical bad boy with bad behavior, leather jacket and that dark aura.
But he’s also known for fighting, dealing drugs, vandalism…
So everyone fears him.
He screams Danger, he is Danger.

Me, Elena, on the other hand, I’m a nerd.
Nobody knows me. I’m invisible.
I always play it safe and follow the rules.
I have two friends and I’ve been bullied several times.
I’m shy, awkward, clumsy and I have good grades, attributes that don’t really help in high school.

Everything separates us, or so it seems, but an irresistible attraction pulls us together.

People will say ‘opposites attract’ but maybe we have more in common than we thought, and that’s what draws us together…

Like two free electrons, will our encounter result in a rare, beautiful, perfect balance, or will it cause a ravaging explosion?


She is a single mother in the middle of the worst breakup. He is a Marine coping with the aftermath of war.

Hailie Scott is on the verge of a wretched downfall. She can barely pay her electric bill, let alone keep a roof over her head. She works a dead-end job and studies a full course load to earn a degree. To make matters worse, she is now a single mother watching the father of her daughter run off with the woman he had an affair with.

Ultimately, Hailie is kicked to the curb with only the clothes on her back, a laptop, and nowhere to go. That is until she stumbles into her old high school crush Jace who has experienced hardships of life that left the boy she once knew into a guarded soul. The Marine is battling inner demons that led him to a messy divorce and an internal battle that never heals if anyone can understand Hailies torn heart and turmoil, its Jace.

Either they mend each other’s wounds, or they create new ones becoming each other’s rebound.

Title: Teasing your wicked heart
Username: MissBelleVincent
Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance
Number of chapters: 41 (published 21, can be updated daily, all chapters are up just not yet published)
Book cover:
Teasing your wicked heart

Description: Lady Sarah Jane Riverton continued to live in desperation long since after her father, Lord Rosenberg, fell off a horse and succumbed to a deadly fever. After his death, the vibrant Lady Sarah Jane was continuously transported to be the ward of many aging Lord Rosenbergs. Fortunately and unfortunately, the inheriting cousins and uncles had dwindled to none, and the title is to be relinquished to the crown. She feared for her life as she had nowhere to go in a society that placed prime importance in men.

However, an old document that spoke of an uncommon arrangement between her father and the late Lord Killsworth had been unearthed; and Sarah Jane found herself trapped in the capable arms and mercy of a handsome unmarried gentleman, who was to be her savior, her protector, and her guardian.

Lord Killsworth had kept to himself in his country estate when he stumbled upon a sizeable inheritance that came at the price of an atrociously mannered savage of a ward. But when his ward demands for a Season, he soon realizes that obliging her would become the ultimate salve to his broken wicked heart.



Fallen Angels
24-year-old Avril Lexington believes nothing can make her happy despite living a grand, perfect life. But when she finds herself in the midst of an infamous rock band, Fallen Angels she steps into a new world. Erik Hawthorne, the reserved lead singer of the group seems to have his eyes on her. Now tasked with managing their social media while trying to discover herself, it’s up to Avril to promote the band in time for the last Warped Tour while balancing the turmoil within the band. Avril’s world soon becomes full of hardships she had never experienced before: addiction, uncertainty, and the struggles of finding true love.

Highest Rankings
#1 in New Adult
#31 in Romance

Updated every Saturday

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Superheroes are Stupid (1)

Title: Superheroes are Stupid
Genre: New Adult/Romance/Humour

Meet Valencia Williams, an overworked surgical intern who isn’t the biggest fan of superheroes. In fact, she dislikes them almost as much as a supervillain would.

But one day, she encounters Strong Man: a new, amateur superhero who’s nothing like the other superheroes she’s read or heard about. He’s different. Mainly because his face turned white when he saw her mugger wielding a knife, and because he nearly threw up when she had to give him a tetanus shot.

Strong Man’s not your average superhero, that’s for sure. But this unlikely hero might just have what it takes to change Valencia’s mind about supers like him, and save the world from a formidable villain who’s about to take center stage.