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The Lonely Love Story:

Romance / Realistic / coming-of-age / new adult / contemporary

This is the story of three adolescents, who have been brought up in the same town but in completely different lives. Watch as they come together to form eternal bonds of friendship and love, both in an ideal world and in real life.


#1: The Rainbow Fantasy

Two childhood friends had been leading separate lives for three years - the longest in their lives so far - and have felt the pain of being apart. But now, when they finally meet again, they each realise that things between them have changed too much to ignore. Will they be able to see eye-to-eye on anything ever again?


Zombie Apocalypse Romance Novella


Get Lit

“It’s the second of January and students are racing back to campus early to make an appearance at the biggest rave of the year hosted by the one and only DJ Sparks.”

College freshman, Lilly Butler, doesn’t consider herself much of a party girl, but agrees to let loose to appease her best friend. Lilly is unhappy to discover they will be attending the bash with the campus bad boys.

Eli and Nico are considered to be the life of the party. Most students have indulged in Nico’s party favors at one time or another, and many are excited to sample Nico’s brand new shipment called Hype.

The joyful energy of the party goes downhill fast as word spreads about a vicious virus that has taken down New York City. It isn’t until people experience the insane crash from their euphoric state that their zombie-like behavior appears, leaving Lilly to fight for her life alongside the infamous duo, Eli and Nico.



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After growing up in foster care, Aurora’s only way in the world is the way she makes for herself. Finally free to live on her own and attend college, she is working hard towards her ultimate goal - becoming a social worker to help other kids like her - when she comes home to find an injured dog in her back yard.

Aurora forms an immediate attachment to the animal, only to be visited and forcibly befriended by its owner - a brash, strange boy named Adam. When Adam and Aurora are violently taken captive by the secrets of his past, Aurora must learn to trust her new friends - and herself - in order to save them all.


Title: Tennis - Legacy War
Username: @genekeis
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: ‘’… Life … Life … Life is a game of tennis.’’
Everything starts and is based on this sentence. Do not mistake yourself! This isn’t a basic story revolving around the sport of the nobles. It’s more of a metaphor. And you’ll soon get why. Let’s enter the world of the 1% of the population and understand. Let’s live with true insiders the ups and downs, the roller coasters, of the life of the golden youth. Without filter, let’s get into a world where all that counts is the bank account and the pedigrees. Let’s share their loves, their battles, their struggles, their sorrows. Let’s live through their eyes and enjoy their world, because everything is not what is seems. With Joan, Ajax, Achilles, Allie, Stallion and Quentin, shall we read through the lines of their story as they roam between responsability, privileges, dreams and expectations. Of course, not without the glamorous touch and the Chanel bags as additions. Get your golden rackets out! Legacies are on their way to the front.

I suck on Tadhg’s neck and enjoy the purr he makes in the back of his throat as his hand slips up my thigh. With a hitch in my breath, I groan and nip the skin on his ear before pulling back.

Tadhg opens his eyes in a daze and looks at me in confusion. I can tell he was lost in the moment. “Why’d you stop?”

I chuckle. “If I let you, you’d have me right here, wouldn’t you, Tadhg?”

“Damn straight.”

“Tadhg!” I reprimand him. “There are kids everywhere. We have to cool it before someone sees and reports us for indecent behavior.”

“I’d like to get indecent with you, Hellcat.”

I lean forward and kiss his mouth, sucking lightly on his bottom lip and then am kissing him again. I can’t help myself and before I know it, we’re right back at it. I needed this so badly. These last few weeks…no, stop, don’t think about it, Caoi. Put it on a shelf; deal with it all later.

Later, later, later."

Oh, but my dear Caoilainn, later is coming sooner than you realize…find out what happens when the secrets are exposed:

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After their engagements were swapped, the stepsisters hatred for each other intensified. Stacy was lucky to finally have Ayo, the only man her stepsister sister Melinda had ever loved, and the only man she had always wanted.
But luck didn’t shine on Melinda. Well, it did but no one knew, not even Mr Henry. No one could’ve imagined that Mr Sebastian wasn’t afterall taking a young wife for his oldself but for his grandson Kevin Sebastian.
Kevin Sebastian, the sole heir of the Sebastian’s generational wealth never believed in love and commitment. His only interest was his work and barely his five year old daughter Kemi whom he kept a secret from the world.
Will Melinda’s love be strong enough to conquer Kevin’s cold heart? Will her love be enough to break down his wall of defense and make him and his daughter happy or will she end up in his fury and live the rest of her life loathing her stepsister Stacy.



Marzipan Bellemy has grown up as a normal girl for 16 years of her life. Her best friends may be a little weird, Karen being a punk rock chick and Sara being totally obsessed with vampires and mythical creatures, but Marzi loves them nonetheless. Plus, vampires don’t actually exist so what’s there to worry about?

But then, why is Marzi suddenly have panic attacks while looking at strangers and hearing someones voice in her head all of sudden? Why are there people breaking into her house to kidnap her from her mother? And what is this strange new school that she’s taken to in the middle of the woods?

Whatever it is, it’s trouble and Marzi needs to escape. Maybe the strange voice is her head can give her the answers and help her learn the truth as to what’s going on.

Uploading: 20190414_221115_0000.png…
Jasmine moves to a new town to start a new careeer.she also gets a short at love read you to find out more about her new life,friends and a complicated love triangle…

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The Pineapple Fountain

The story of a college graduate who decides that there is more to life than just living after an accident almost kills her. Mia decides to take risks and drop everything, including her family, her friends, and her boyfriend to pursue the life full of excitement she has been craving. Mia’s adventures take her on a trip full of self-love and growth. But is this fantasized life worth the sacrifices she has made? After months of meeting new people and experiencing all life has to offer, Mia must choose between the life she has always wanted and the life she has always had.

~Save me~

  • Hey everyone! My name is Azmarie and this my new story that I just started, it popped into my head and I just had to write it down lol. Please please check it out and let me know what you think I really appreciate it!! :blush:

After two years away at boarding school in London, new and improved ex bad girl Alexys Montgomery is back at Woodland Heights High. New kid in town Liam knows nothing about her but he can tell right away that she is different and is nothing like the rumors that he’s been hearing. Will her secrets and her past be too much for him? And an even bigger question will she go back to her bad girl ways or will she show everyone that she has truly changed?

Here’s a little excerpt from one of my favorite scenes…
“Why do you go here?”
“You mean to high school? Uh well because I’m kinda required to by law.”
“I mean to this high school, why do you go here.”
“It’s the closest to my house,” I shrug.
“So you’re telling me mommy isn’t on the board of directors of some prestigious non profit organization dedicated to saving some sort of rare endangered species she doesn’t even care about but she has nothing else to do with her life. And daddy isn’t the CEO of his own company or just rich because he inherited his family’s money? And you don’t just go here because you’re not another privileged elite socialite who thinks having money makes them better than everyone else?”
“My mom is a nurse…she got transferred to this city’s hospital two years ago. And daddy as you called him, lives in Arizona with his new wife Angela and their dog Nacho. I live about 15 minutes away in a small house that my mom can barely afford so she has to work extra shifts at the hospital and because of that I barely get to see her.”
I look back up at her, she looks at me with confusion in her eyes and maybe even a little bit of sympathy but it’s quickly replaced by the guarded expression she always has on her face.
“Nacho is a stupid name for a dog,” she says and I can’t help but laugh.
“Yeah, yeah it is.”

LINK !!!
Gage and Breyden haven’t seen each other since sophomore year of high school when Breyden got sent to military school for “unacceptable behavior”. Now about to graduate, Breyden’s back in town and things seem to be going quite well.

Until Gage gets a repeat of the beginning of ninth grade; being ignored and talked about behind her back.

Will Gage tough it out long enough to stay with Breyden, or will Breyden’s cherishing of his reputation as “dangerous and ungodly” drive her away the way it did three years back ?

#1 in 17+

Ella Andrews, finds herself newly single on Valentines Day, after she finds her “boyfriend” in a compromising position.

With her best friend in tow, she heads out on the town, determined not to wallow over- just another asshole.

Cian Mulligan, the sexy Irish Musican…he’s not looking for love, but when “the beautiful girl in the red dress,” comes barreling into his life. Things change.

“All we need in this life is Luck, Love, Hope and Faith and Ella, you gave me every single one.”

Complete (unedited)


Bad At Love (Story In Progress)

This is a story about a boy and a girl expressing their feelings for one another.

Riley is 16 and “the good girl”, breaking rules ever so often when it comes to her overprotective brothers. Riley moves to L.A with her brothers. She meets her neighbor and quickly falls for him.

Hayden is 16 and “the player”. Hayden befriends Riley’s brothers, but he loathes her. On the first day of school, all of the boys fall for Riley including Hayden’s friends. But, they are quick to notice something is wrong with him because he plays all the girls at school not matter what they look like. Hayden’s friends dare him to take Riley out, kiss her, and then break up. Hayden never lets down a dare so he agreed.

But, we all know Riley has feelings for Hayden and will say yes. The real question is what is going to happen on the date?

Will Hayden fall for Riley?

Will Riley see Hayden’s true colors and hate him?

What will happen? Just keep reading to find out.

Remember nobody has edited this story. So, there will be some mistakes.:yellow_heart:

Hello all you romance readers!

You might like to check out my new story “All”, which has only been completed for a little over one month but has racked up 15k reads already - I hope this must mean there is something enjoyable about it! :joy:

The story tells the tale of Abi & Noah - Abi is a naive but savvy singer at music college, whose life changes when she meets gorgeous blonde guitarist Noah. Things get steamy as Noah teaches Abi a whole world of things she’s never experienced before, but eventually it seems she’s the one teaching him… how to love.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


:rose: FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Red Rose Romance Awards 2019 :rose:

All [adverb]; completely, without exception.

When 18-year-old singer Abi meets Noah, a moody but beautiful guitarist, she soon discovers the tattoos marking his skin hide more than she first thought.

Thrown head-first into Noah’s world of secrets, passion and excitement, Abi starts to learn things from him that she’s never experienced before. But, as their relationship grows deeper, it seems as though she’s been the one teaching him all along… how to love.

As one person’s career starts to take off and the walls slowly crumble between them, will Abi and Noah ever truly be able to give each other their all?

[WARNING: Contains sexual content and swearing]

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She was self-destructing and I was the only one who noticed. She was everything I thought I had lost and wasn’t prepared to find. But fate had other plans… and when we collided nothing could stop us, but ourselves.

Vanessa… I thought I had my future figured out. Then I met him. He turned my world upside-down. Nothing has been the same since.