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'People become doctor,engineer or a businessman only for earning money but he lives for fashion,his family or his love.'
'God has made a partner for you.She will be equally strong and supportive,just like you.In short,she will be equal to you.When the right time comes he will let you meet your partner.But you have to wait patiently.Everything will make sense after you meet her,'his grand mother had said him once.

Usman Ali khan was a Billionaire but he wanted to live a normal life with his soulmate and his children.
He was not interested in fashion.Love was important for him ,he craved for love and affection as he was an orphan.
He wanted to become ‘One Woman Man’ and he found his dream girl ‘Hayat’.
Hayat doesn’t believe in love after her heartbreak.The man she loved left her when she was in trouble.Will she be able to love him back?

Hello friends,I am a new writer started writing books after being a constant reader of Wattpad since last two years.I request you to please encourage me and my writing.
Please provide me your work and I will read and give you feedback and in return you read mine and give me feedbacks regarding how I should improve my writing skills.LETS HELP EACH OTHER.

Read out -From Apathy To Immortal Love



Teen Zombie Apocalypse Romance Novella


Get Lit

“It’s the second of January and students are racing back to campus early to make an appearance at the biggest rave of the year hosted by the one and only DJ Sparks.”

College freshman, Lilly Butler, doesn’t consider herself much of a party girl, but agrees to let loose to appease her best friend. Lilly is unhappy to discover they will be attending the bash with the campus bad boys.

Eli and Nico are considered to be the life of the party. Most students have indulged in Nico’s party favors at one time or another, and many are excited to sample Nico’s brand new shipment called Hype.

The joyful energy of the party goes downhill fast as word spreads about a vicious virus that has taken down New York City. It isn’t until people experience the insane crash from their euphoric state that their zombie-like behavior appears, leaving Lilly to fight for her life alongside the infamous duo, Eli and Nico.




Behind Closed Curtains

A romantic thriller :sparkling_heart:

Featured in Wattpad Block Party 2017

Acting is Leah Johnson’s escape from a painful reality. Very painful.

Twenty-one-year-old Leah Johnson’s world has become rather isolated since she started dating Zach three years ago. He likes it that way because then the focus is on him, and if her attention to him wavers, his fists are quick to refocus her. Leah hides to survive, hides the bruises and her shame and relishes in those fleeting moments when she’s on stage and deep within the mind of another character. Those are the rare seconds where she feels safe; a feeling that’s become all but foreign to her.

Yet, issues arise when one of her charming co-stars, Kaleb not only has too keen an eye to Leah’s bruises but also stirs something inside of Leah that she had pushed so far down over the years she thought it had disappeared entirely.

Hope for a Zach free future.

But Zach isn’t the type to let go of something that he believes belongs to him. In fact, he’s willing to kill to keep it.✔️

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The Flower Girl:
Know how they say don’t judge a book by its cover? Well, forget the cliché. Dax Rider is exactly what he looks like. An asshole. Dax moves back into town, reconciling with old friend Logan Pierce.

Typical girl next door catches Dax’s eye. Except she isn’t just any typical girl. Her blonde hair and white eyes captivating. She only wishes her pretty hair could sweep away all the bad. Unfortunately it’s not enough to sweep away bad boy Dax.

Her eyes stay glued to the ground, not wanting to see the world for what it is. Dax takes the risk and lifts her chin, forcing her eyes on him. On what a world would look like with him in it.

Maybe Dax isn’t so bad after all…Who knows? It’s your turn now. Read each side of their story. You be the judge.

Updated Ever Monday!

New Adult Romance
Mature Audience 18+
Sexual Content
Strong Language
Trigger Warning



Looking for a light, Studio Ghibli style romance, with just a dash of magic? ‘My Foxy Boyfriend’ awaits!

Olivia, a recent culinary school graduate from Vermont, risks everything she owns to buy a food truck and pursue her dream of creating lunchtime masterpieces using local ingredients. Her best customer is Red, a shy young artist with very particular tastes.

But when their relationship starts to blossom outside of the food world, she discovers her new boyfriend’s amazing secret. Can Olivia handle the pressure of running her small business while exploring the mysteries of Red’s fascinating world?

Read it right here on Wattpad:


Title: Head to Head
Summary: Kylie and Jake have been in a constant prank war since first grade. Now after 12 years Kylie has finally had the last straw. She wants revenge and it’s going to be the last time Jake ever pranks her because once she’s done with him, he’s going to wish he never messed with her.

Two people with their own demons and the fire to prank one another. Both going through their own battles including secrets and dysfunctional families, how will they cope with their differences in life?

What happens when Jake goes too far and causes Kylie to seek revenge? Will there be blood, sweat, and tears?

Click the link above to find out :smile:


Title: Dionysia
Check out the story here: :sparkles:

What can you do when love is a curse?
My cousin needed help with the business, and it was about time I did my share, plus I had no way to refuse politely when any of my uncles called: that made me expendable.
Touched by Clotho, Moirai-chosen, Indicated by Fate were just fancy cover-ups for their bullshit.

Horror, romance and definitely a lot of angst ahead, with a sprinkle of Greek Mythology. I’d love to hear your feedback!

Work in progress - weekly updates.




“I don’t like you. You’re mean and think so highly of yourself. Don’t talk to me anymore.”

“Cool.” ~Naina.


Different. No matter how many stories you read, movies you watch, love in reality is different. Does love only mean ‘Happily ever after’ with ‘The one’?

Naina, 22, has dealt with intimacy and abandonment issues all her life. She’s sassy, confident and very ambitious even though she’ll run for the hills once you get close to her. She’s the realist, most non-cliched protagonist ever.

Kartik, 23, tall, handsome but stubborn, cocky and narcissistic, changes Naina’s perception of love. Throw in a jealous ex, a mysterious stranger, witty conversations, midnight adventures, tons of confusion and a crazy best friend, what do we have? A disaster.

Does love need to last forever?

If you’re looking for a typical romance novel full of cheesy clichés, this isn’t it.

Here’s the link! Please check it out and let me know how you feel about it! :slight_smile:


Title: Close
By: @TheWritingDreams

Love… Hate… Respect… Disdain

There’s a fine line to draw between each emotion that the human body can feel. Many emotions are the same at their core, they just result in different ways when portrayed to the outside world of the human existence.

Close follows the incredible journey of two polar-opposite young adults, who crashes into each other’s lives with an unexpected bang.

On the one end, there’s Stacy Grey, eighteen years of age, someone who lives a simple, happy life. She has the perfect average lifestyle; good grades, happy family and everything in between. She sets the perfect example, for the perfect girl — an Angel, some might even call her.

On the other hand, there’s Dylan Ramone. His life is far from average, a walking nightmare even. He’s stopped counting the number of skeletons in his cupboard, he’s just determined to keep them there — hidden from anyone. Everyone. He has the reputation around town for being devilishly handsome, but along with that, some call him the Demon of Gastonia. He isn’t someone for facing problems, no, he rather drinks, smokes or fucks them away.

What will happen when these two finally collide?

Will the angel tame the demon, or will the demon manage to devour the angel?



© Copyright Reserved.


Summary: In this unnamed place, no one has a heart. Humanity is dead, and what is left brings nothing but pain, sorrow, and suffering. Isolated from the rest of the world, this unnamed country is notorious for its public executions and for its infamous night snatchings, something that has brought about the deaths of over fifty people in the past two years alone.

Scheduled for execution, a woman is visited by the only person she considers her friend. When he requests that she recount her past, she obliges, despite having told him the story many times before. What follows is a recollection of love and loss, a debate on mortality and morality, and a search for what really makes a person a true human being.

She only has until nightfall before she is burned for her sins





A young financial specialist Dylan Pratt with a gloomy background full of events which usually steer clear ordinary people is finally granted by the life with a girl - his personal assistant, who has mutual feelings to him.
The chemistry roots in their chests, however the mysterious past and present of the girl leave in serious doubt if Dylan’s new crush is really a true sigh of faith.
Within just three weeks Dylan realises what it is - a real love, but apart from this discovery he also finds out how few he knows about his family and people in general, moreover he finds out how it is like to lose it all.

Genre: General Fiction, Romantic Drama, New Adult/Adult, Romance.

Weekly story updates.



Title: Forbidden love.
This story is written in a diary way.

this romantic story tells the tale of a young girl named Alicia (Sofia Carson) and the fathers assistant named Jack (Cole Sprouse).
After all those fights and the terrible divorce, the father decides to take full responsibility for his daughters because he took everything from his wife. And decides to move from London to Birmingham to then by the whole company and move it.

Meanwhile, his daughter Alicia who has gone through so much and falls madly in love with her dads assistant Jack. they try to keep it hidden from everyone with hopes that they can live together forever. She also dreams about seeing her mom again and help her to get back on her feet. They love each other but it’s against the rules.

Jack looks at me, actually stares at me. He takes the hair in front of my face behind my ears. “Alicia, you are so beautiful” he says and looks deep in my eyes. “we can’t do this, you will lose your job” I say, turned around and is supposed to leave, when suddenly he grabs my hand place his other hand on the back of my neck and kiss me. “I love you,” Jack says with a sparkle in his eyes. “Run away with me” he whispers and smiles.
a link to the plot :wink:

currently, I’m just posting the plot, with reasons that I don’t want a full story out and no one wants to read it. I love this story I’m writing new chapters every day, I have four chapters done already. so if you like it I will gladly post the rest <3

please check my story out, like and vote :slight_smile: and give me feedback if there is something to change :slight_smile: xoxo Storiesirl


If you check it out, let me know and I’ll return the favor!

Elizabeth Greene is perfect.
Perfect family, perfect boyfriend, perfect grades.
She has it all, though this facade couldn’t be farther from the truth. When Elizabeth embarks on her first day at Princeton University, it never crosses her mind that her perfect life is about to come crashing down, especially when there’s a certain rude green-eyed boy who’s hellbent on ruining her.

Daniel Hawthorne has it all. Money, the latest cars in the market, any girl he wants. His brothers and him live fast and hard, without a single care in the world. Princeton is his playground and he knows how to play it well. When a certain brunette fights him for a parking spot on her first day, he is bound to let her know the rules of the game.

Even if it takes one parking spot at a time.



Iris Hoffman and her sisters decided to go on a vacation to the world’s most beautiful country and city: Rome, Italy.

Two weeks wasn’t enough time to do everything, and it certainly wasn’t on her list to fall in love. But Dante De Luca changed that. She was now on a wild goose-chase with her heart to figure out if it was true love, or if he was just another pretty face that she fell for.

Read the COMPLETED STORY here: Taste of Italy.


I used to think us twins could feel each other’s pain and that if something ever went wrong we would come to the rescue because that was our job. That’s how we would play when we were younger. Twin telepathy maybe.
Now I’m sure it didn’t work that way because surely, he would have felt my pain the day I tried to kill myself. But he didn’t. Were we even twins?

Devon Blue grew up in sunny L.A. with her twin brother Chase. Once the new boy, Ryan Housley, moved next door her world was turned upside down facing the relentless bullying, betrayal, and heart-wrenching consequences. After a cruel prank by her twin Chase and his friend Ryan, she leaves after spinning into a dark abyss until she jumps and her family sends her to a rehabilitation center in London. Three years later Devon Blue returns with healed wounds and a heart on the mend. However, her transformation both physically and characteristically is totally unexpected in her small suburbia L.A. town and the kids she grew up with especially her brother Chase.Preformatted text


This is beautiful! I love Italian culture!


This looks so interesting. I love your title!


I will check yours out for sure! Mine is Devon Blue!


I can not upload my cover for some reason, it won’t allow me to upload an image it says can anyone help?

A chance meeting, becomes an immeasurable timeline

A beginning with seemingly no end

A beautiful girl, unsure where the ideas of this boy can take her

My thoughts fall into actions

Actions turning into memories

Memories are no longer just mine, but ours

The first date, full of uncertainty

The uncertainty that breeds curiosity

The curiosity that creates foundation for the unknown

I pick you up, for the party

Your dress made of silk, weaves memories in my mind

With colors to match your personality better than words

I am in awe

Into the night we go

The darkness is our destination

Everything is unknown, til it is too late

We dance, we drink, we dream

In a pool i meet you, not to swim

But to let emotions flow between us

As a hopeless message in a bottle travels from a shattered soul

To the person that will bring redemption

We are lost in time

But found in spirit

Entering a room, my hands fumble through your hair,

Fingers trembling to remove your clothes

With each article of clothing, comes a new experience

Something I have never felt, and will never feel again

Your body

Our memories, though happy between us

Now mean nothing

Am I forgotten

What once brought us happiness,

Brings sadness with the smallest of smiles,

And the fullest of tears

Foul words hurt more than the sharpest blade

the loose tongue of adolescence

A relationship ended by more than time

The darkness that was our destination,

Becomes emptiness, nothing more to discover

I only regret the end,

Seeing you succeed from afar

Is akin to our memories

Though great to experience

They would be so much better

Sitting next to you, sharing a smile

Rather than sitting alone,

As drops of water cause the parchment to curl

This is young love