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:star: I currently have a new story I’m working on titled One Night. I would LOVE some feedback on the first 10 chapters that I currently have published.:star:

My story is romance and any sub-genre is fine as long as it is a romance story

:warning:How it works:warning: We can do 5 at a time :slight_smile: You read 5 of mine, I’ll read 5 of yours :slight_smile: Please fill out the form below and I will reply with ACCEPTED. Please be sure to comment throughout the chapters so I know that you read it . I will do the same for you :slight_smile: Once you have finished the 5 chapters, please PM me to let me know. I will form a queue once I get multiple requests.

Please DM me and respond here when finished!

There is a link to my story below the form

Anything you’d like me to focus on?

Current Queue to Begin on 1/13 (I will be getting started on these Monday 1/13. Please be aware that I also work and am a student. I also have a critique thread currently. I will be getting to all of these, I promise. @HeraHarker and @ClauMer79 are at the top of the list because they were first to complete the R4R but got lost from my thread. Thank you! Stay nerdy <3)

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One Night

A Forbidden Romance Novel

Harper Anne Lewis didn’t think an arranged marriage would be something she needed to worry about. But, when her parents wanted to merge businesses with Ryan Hale’s parents, she didn’t have much of a choice.

Harper and Ryan are civil with each other and get along okay; however, they couldn’t be more different in the bedroom. They agree to a private semi-open relationship to fulfill their needs; and there are three simple rules: don’t sleep with someone if they know the family, NEVER sleep the same person twice, and DO NOT catch feelings .

When Harper feels unhappy with her situation, she finds herself at a bar and confides in the tall, dark, and handsome British man, named Jackson Reese, sitting next to her. A connection is made and the two get lost in what was meant to be only one night of passion.

But, when Harper goes to a family event the next day, Ryan introduces her to his estranged half-brother. Jackson Reese. Even though they pretend not to know each other, it’s not long before they give in to their desires and break every rule; risking it all.

Unable to resist the deep connection they share for each other, they head down a dangerous road. How long will they be able to keep up this illicit affair without being caught? Or worse…fall in love?

Ranked #2 in Sinned!

Title: Tainted Hearts
Genre: Romance, dark fantasy
Link: To come
Username Ellenfairyblue4
Anything you’d like me to focus on? The story as a whole like what you liked and disliked.


I’ll read all ten of yours now

Okay great! Once you start commenting I will also start reading yours. Also please include the prologue. So the prologue and the first 10 chapters. I forgot to include that in the above topic I will add it now :slight_smile:

Your story is good so far so I’m keeping it^~^

Haha! I’m so glad you like it so far. If you continue reading past the 10 chapters of course I will do the same. I’m excited to get started on yours

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Title: The Art of Her
Genre: Mature Romance
Username: f3th3rA
Focus: General stuff, also flow.
I’ve been already reading yours :slight_smile: I’m on chapter 3!

Haha awesome! Let me know when finished :slight_smile:

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I’ll finish the next two and let you know! :slight_smile:

Hi, I read and commented your story “What if” on your previous thread, but it appears you forgot to do the same with mine. :slight_smile:

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Hey im so glad to hear from you! Some how my original thread got deleted or something. I lost the list of the readers. Im glad you found this :slight_smile: I will go ahead and read yours!

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Complete. When is the next update?

Hey! I think I’m also still “left over” from that other thread. :smile:

Yes! Thank you. I was hoping the ones from that lost thread found me lol sweet :slight_smile:

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You have romance in the title. :slight_smile:It always gets my attention. Btw I really liked your first five chapters. :slight_smile:

Title: The Story of Sekhet

Genre: Historical Fiction

Username: @AAmaunet

Anything to focus on: I only have 3 chapters! Just a general review of the book! What you think of it etc. Hopefully you can give it a go! Thank you! x


Title: Hell’s Smitten
Genre: Fanfiction
Username WhatItShouldveBeen
Anything you’d like me to focus on? Anything and everything! The more detailed you are, the more detailed I’ll be. :smiley: I take critique very well so don’t be worried to tell me if something isn’t great, I’m always looking to improve!

Hi, I am a bit confused! I am not sure if you edited your post but I completed reading the prologue & chapter 1 of your story ‘What If’. I think you told me to do so, I don’t know if I imagined it haha, I can’t find the post anywhere xx